Virgo Woman In Long Distance Love With Pisces Man

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Hello Elsa,

I have been chatting over the phone and internet with a double Pisces man for over a year. We hope to meet in a few months. Up until recently we have felt completely in love. Lately however, I feel the gears have switched and he is more fixated on the erotic aspect of our relationship. Though he is still naturally sensitive and kind, I find myself angered and at a loss when he is more intent on asking for “kisses” than I am comfortable giving. I do feel turned on by him, but when he is slightly demanding in his want for kisses, it makes me feel used. Am I being moody and irrational or is there something more behind this feeling?

Virgo In Long Distance Love

Dear Love,

You do not sound moody or irrational to me and while feelings are transient and do change, I don’t think they should ever be ignored.

Now unfortunately I can’t tell you precisely what is going on with you and this man but it sounds as if you are feeling some trepidation and perhaps what you’ve got here is a red flag? Perhaps as the real life meeting draws near, what is revealing is you are not as compatible with this man as you once thought. And there is no way I can tell you this for sure but I can tell you this much:

If it is a red flag, you are bound to see more of them so if this starts to happen I would absolutely pay attention because a man who goes “beyond your comfort level” is just that. He is a man who goes beyond a woman’s comfort level and when you are with a man like that, as far as I am concerned you are in danger.

I would also add if it is him who is telling you that you are “moody and irrational” I would certainly begin to rethink this if I were you.

Good luck.

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