Mars Square Pluto: Coiled Up Serpent Power

drill downMars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn at 27 degrees, tomorrow! Can you feel it?

This is a potentially explosive, dangerous combination but energy is neutral until directed. You can easily channel this powerful energy in a positive way.

Mars aims, directs, leads, acts.
Pluto is focused, deep and potent.

Mars in Aries wants to win.
Pluto in Capricorn is ambition for power and control.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Having the power to control yourself is priceless!

This combination can also manifest as sexual obsession. You find yourself on fire with desire. You want to penetrate, deeply. Or be penetrated for that matter.

Bottom line this energy can heal or kill. It can also kill to heal, like killing cancer or lice for that matter!

It can cut to heal, like surgery. Or you cut off the person(s) who are sucking the life out of you.

Mars Pluto fights instinctually. This is also the kind of energy that sees a person run into a burning building to saw someone, or to jump onto train tracks. They risk death, sensing the dangerous action is within their purview.

Attack (Mars) on the power grid (Pluto in Capricorn) also fits here as does rape (sorry).

If you have planets in the late degrees of Cardinal signs like I do, it makes sense you stay on heightened alert. I think about drilling.

You know how people say “deep dive” all the time? This is a drill down.  It’s much hotter!

Will the Mars Pluto square hit your chart?  How? What are you expecting or hoping for?

28 thoughts on “Mars Square Pluto: Coiled Up Serpent Power”

  1. It’s in my angular houses and forming an exact yod with my own natal Mars in Scorpio. I don’t know what to expect but some of the healthier sexual expressions you mentioned would be great!

  2. July 2nd Pluto will form the EXACT square to my natal 8th house Pluto in my chart.

    I already saw the article about the new moon in Cancer. Yikes. This is going to be a wrecking ball!
    But like a ball – it can go either way!

    I also think about Miley Cyrus’ song “Wrecking Ball” – it’s very fitting I have to admit.

    *Gone to Spotify to add Miley Cyrus to the Playlist and buy some new sex toys*


    See you on the other side!

    1. Could be either or both. But you can also just focus your effort… commit to some course of action.

      It could be a simple as opting to diet… and meaning! 🙂

  3. My Venus (around 25 in Capricorn, 4th house) will be activate. Nothing new with my Venus, transit Pluto was hitting her the past year. Mars will be in my 7th house. Oh, and Saturn start a conjonction with my Sun and Mercury. I feel like change is the only option. Can I have I break? So tired.

  4. Mars in the 4th house, with Sun 28’46’ square Pluto transit in play. The tension is palpable already at work and in my home.

  5. Pluto in the 4th and Mars in the 7th house, both will be friendly to my Sun at 25 deg Sag, I am not worried. I found out that the days I really hate are the ones without potent aspects. I met a guy 20 years my senior (I am 64 :-)) and he really makes be laugh and be happy. An Aquarius who’s sun sits on my Aqua Venus in the 5th. Jupiter in my 7th really does its thing, thank you Elsa for the prep. ALL my 7th house stuff is lit up. ONE DAY Pluto will leave my 4th house and I am really looking forward to it. But that Mars/Pluto square doesnt bother me. Pluto has been conjunct everything in my chart except Venus and Uranus – and I mean everything – and I survived it all.

  6. Mars square Pluto rings bells, if nars has a 2 year orbit, it would be a few years back? … oh gosh it’s coming back to me … didn’t Mars get stuck in aries during a covid summer?😱 … could it be in any way related to this- like the next episode in the story? Or not really for this type of transit because it will have moved on and be on new degree points? But then Pluto is so slow… will last times and this times degree points be in orb so still hitting v. Similar point in peoples charts?

  7. Transit Mars (28 degrees), is conjunct my natal Mars. That makes my natal Mars participates directly in this highly explosive aspect.
    On that exact date, I am flying to see my immediate family where massive explosion is very likely.

    Really frightened.

  8. The only fight or explosion to happen will be with the weeds in my vegetable garden and nothing will get between me and every damn preserving method in know.

  9. I’m scared. Going to be visiting family that day. It activates my Venus /Pluto opposition in Aries/Libra. At least I have Venus involved. Maybe it won’t be too destructive if I can stay balanced.

  10. I am a little excited about this transit. Pluto is in my 6H and Mars in 9H. I wonder if my philosophy will conflict with my daily affairs? I can kind of feel that and with uranus in 10 its making me crave a career change. Hopefully an opportunity will present itself to me

  11. Interesting to me because my pars fortune is 27 Capricorn conjunct this Pluto transit. My DSC is 0 Taurus, 7th house cusp, conjunct this Mars transit, 3 degree orb. My (7th house) partner is going thru an office move on this day. The reason for the move is related to his and our finances. I suppose when Mars opposes Pluto by transit there will be more unfolding. My Venus is 21 Cancer, fairly close to these aspects. I have the time right now to observe and assimilate….which helps, am curious to see.

  12. I am just going to leave this here (bottom link)….I feel this kinda sums up Mars Sq Pluto but maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll all see what happens!

    Link is the Cern press release from their site

    Run 3 is expected to start on *** July 5th ***

  13. Avatar
    Suzie Guillette

    Thanks for this. Transiting Pluto is conjunct my Mercury (and in a wider orb, my Venus) and opposite my moon-Saturn conjunction (exactly opposite moon). Mars is conjunct my Chiron in Aries and Jupiter, too…yikes.

  14. Mars will closely square my Jupiter, and Pluto will closely oppose it! I will further study this tonight. Thanks Elsa!

  15. My father is a Pisces, birthday around 20th, and he’s an abusive person. He’s received so much grace and blessing from my mom and the rest of my siblings throughout his life, but he continues to feel victimized. He is threatening to kill her right now. I’m keeping an eye out for her safety.

    There’s not many folks I can confide in about this situation. This is such a typical situation in my family, that I don’t want to alarm the few friends I have.

    As for me, I have it in the 6th house but it rules my 7th. Dunno if that means my work and health is good.

    So this is a reflection of the previous posts on the Pisces stellium, New Moon in Cancer (both mom and sis are Cancers) I also have a Cancer Mercury/Mars conjunction in 10th house opposing Neptune.

    This is in my 4th (Pluto) to 7th house( Mars). I have natal Jupiter and Chiron here too.

    Not feeling too blessed at the moment. Hopefully everything will be ok.

    1. That’s Spiritual 👹possession! I know Pisces really well, no boundaries, many are irresponsible magnets of Entities, demons. They need to learn and train to control their mediumship. But I guess that’s too late for your dad.

      What you can do is, being his daughter thus inheriting the traits, is to learn the skills yourself, how to remove demons from yourself, your father, the house, etc. You’ll end up thanking your father for giving you the motivation to learn and train it!

  16. Thanks for this so informative and easy for my brain to understand 😬 make sense why I’ve been aggressive aggressive.

  17. I have been extremely obsessive sexually yesterday – I just wanted to drill someone.

    I decided on something healthier – joined an intense 3-month 1:1 coaching instead. Time to be me fully! No more fucking around(pun intended), no more playing small!!

  18. I have pluto coming into conjunctiin with my moon at zero degrees aquarius and can feel it already, Opposite my Mercury, both squaring Mars. Eeeeeeekkkk! I trust the potential for transformation with this one, my last Pluto transit was opposite my sun and destroyed me. I think this is the rebuild and heal phase. Fingers crossed lol!

  19. I fell down a flight of wooden stairs on my buttocks bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
    The bruise and the pain are impressive.

  20. Hi Elsa, thanks for this post. I have Aries Midheaven at 28 degrees. During 3 years (1993) I was home invaded and sexually assaulted by my landlord’s son after a fire in the home the day before. Then in 2013, my car got stolen in California and a rental car ran down my steep driveway and almost killed my two kids a day later. I have a couple of years of Mars square Pluto starting 1/13/23, and I am afraid to even go outside. The astrology says to guard against violent attack. I am moving around that time to a gated community and I am just worried. Thanks for listening

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