Past Lives Redux: Old Souls, Young Souls, Medium Rare Souls Or What?

kindergarten-kids.jpgAmber writes on Perspective Of A Past Life Soldier:

I think you got a fair share of misery, as a ‘young’ soul- if that’s what you are. I always thought the young ones had it easy (just kindergarten for them, they’re still being looked after).

Well I have no knowledge whatsoever of having a past life or not and in fact the soldier is the only person in my life who I have found credible when talking about having a past life although the concept is reassuring. In his case I have no doubt whatsoever what he says is true. He told me the same (crazy) stuff 30 years ago and his entire life from the time he was a little boy, supports (it damned near proves) his claims.

Some of this stuff is coming up. I have written it at least in outline, I just have too many docs going at the moment! Perhaps Saturn will go direct and I will methodically untangle, you think?

Do you believe in past lives? What about the idea of a young soul having it easy?

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  1. I am not closed to the possibilities of past lives…. Some things like weaving, and working metal and finding, cutting and polishing gem stones, is second nature to me. I feel like I have always had these skills. I also have a similar connection with plants, identifying them and using them medicinally…

    As a child(5 or 6) I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt, and would save all my money to buy scarabs and books about ancient Egypt… I remember it all feeling familiar to me….

    If I were to think about this rationally I would think a younger soul would have less experience and life would be harder…. but then you might say and old soul has more karma built up for better or worse, and that could be what makes an old soul suffer more……

    Maybe I will KNOW for sure when I’m dead….. 🙂

  2. I believe in past lives. it makes sense to me. it makes more sense than the other scenarios I’ve entertained. still, I’ve really got no grasp on what the “rules” might be.

  3. Who in this life has it easy?
    We’re all here to get something done; whatever it is may change from person to person, but surely, we’ve all got our work cut out for us.

    Old soul, young soul – frequently these terms are used to describe a person’s emotional age, level of maturity (in spite of numerical age). I don’t discount any possibilities, but how can some souls be “older” than others? Sure, there is a tangible difference between people who have, say, meditated or prayed for at least 2 hours every day for the last 25 years, and those who have instead used this time to watch television. Similarly, kindergartener’s are working on things very different from graduate students. But what lesson is more valuable than another? What experience is more challenging, engulfing? Who is measuring and with what unit of measurement, anyway?

    Terms terms, words words. Easy to get stuck on ’em.

    I get the old souled line a lot. I think it’s bc I tend to act responsibly, seem a little more serious than other 20-somethings, try to distill the crap from what is important in this life. I don’t know if past lives exist, I don’t know if future lives exist either: so I make sure to accept every invitation this life offers me, whether it be to shovel shit or drink champagne, in my youngest and oldest souled duds.

  4. yeah, cw, I have that sort of connected feeling too. as a little kid I used to run away to the natural history museum where I felt most at home, particularly around the native american exhibits. I was fascinated by the kachina dolls in particular.

    I spent a lot of time learning about shamanism. while my ancestral history is mainly celtic, celtic shamanism does not really resonate with me: north/south american shamanism really does. which is odd, cos I really WANTED to be connected to the celtic stuff.

    I’m not asserting anything. I just find it interesting.

  5. I once went to an astrologer who described my chart to me in a past life scenario. What he was describing was like the old one, lineage, being what sign your moon is in, and a new lineage. So to say in this life you have many of the talents and skills that you had from your past life lineage, or tribe, and you have a new set of skills and lessons for this current life.

  6. Yes, but only because I think I had one. I haven’t considered it much on a theoretical, religious level. Basically I had very vivid memories and dreams when I was extremely young (2-3) about a certain time/place/event that had happened to me (and family members), but when I talked about it, none of my family knew about it. Because the memory has always been so visually vivid for me, as an older person I’ve “looked” at it and I think it may be something that happened around the turn of last century.

    So I don’t have any fun historical correlations, and in the memory I was also a child so I don’t have past careers to report, but from a very personal perspective I do feel that it’s possible and so I’m absolutely inclined to believe the soldier, too.

    Wonder if there’s something in a chart that would make past-life memories more accessible to someone?

  7. I HOPE past lives do not exist. The very concept depresses me.

    That said, about the one thing that ever convinced me otherwise is studying karmic astrology, and noticing how I relate to people with certain karmic placements. Eeek.

  8. I believe our soul is carried through our blood–how else to explain the deja vu we feel when we come across certain places and people whom we feel unexplicably linked with? It’s an instant flash of recognition. My SO and I come from the same tiny village in Europe. I believe, as does he, that we “inherited” our relationship from our ancestors. We recently discovered that his great-grandfather had a secret relationship with my great grand-mother while both were married to other people. And despite the passion and romance, our relationship feels very destined, very familiar, as if we have known each other before we met as teenagers so many years ago.

  9. Most definitely I do believe in reincarnation.

    With regard to the second question, I can’t say much about people who have it easy. But speaking on behalf of one who has had it very rough [even by any typical societal definitions], a terribly challenging lifetime has been (so far) extremely conducive to spiritual enlightenment which [otherwise] would never have been forthcoming.

    Life is Suffering, more for some than for others, but what of a person who has a smooth, flawless life (filled with Denial) until the end, until the terminal diagnosis or the signs of impending death? Will the person who has had a smooth, flowing (denial filled) life necessarily have a smooth flawless death process?

    Or will it be time for a rude and shocking awakening then?

    I feel blessed by having the gift of the harsh life with the spiritual awakening earlier. Denial is not bliss, and that is my opinion.

    Says –> just another Taurus preacha ;-=).

  10. I believe I exist in a “simultaneous” time continuum. There, I coexist with past, present, and future selves that make up a larger identity I know as “Me”, in the largest sense. All these selves are in a state of “becoming” and interact on both subconscious and, if I make the effort, conscious level. I find tremendous satisfaction and comfort when reassuring past selves that “it all really does turn out ok”, as well as asking future selves for guidance in what I’m dealing with today. Is it all my imagination, this internal conversation? Maybe. I don’t think it matters one way or the other.I am only a dream in the mind of All That IS.

  11. All I know is that if there are past lives, I was most assuredly almost always a man, and certainly one in the most recent past life. I won’t explain why I believe that because it’s creepy…and makes me uncomfortable.

  12. I’ve had some very credible stories told to me about past life stuff, and I’ve also seen some dreadful things done with the idea.

    I have always had a strong, inescapable feeling that I am a one-shot deal. At least in this place.

  13. i’ve had vivid weird memories and even weirder inexplicable emotional responses to odd things.

    i’m not sure how to define “easy” and “hard” as lives go.

  14. I like the idea of past lives. I want to believe in it. But I just have all these logicistical question (some of which *could* be explained somewhat by Jana’s explanation). For example, why do so many people who claim to remember past lives seem to only remember lives that sound some how glamorous? Why does no one remember, “I was a poor coffee bean farmer from a land no one even knows the name of any more”. Everyone seems to remember something that is modernly well known and somewhat romanticized – like ancient Greece. What about a life as one of the early human residents on Easter Island or some lost civilization of mud people in Africa?

    Anyway. On young souls / old souls. I’m told I’m a young soul, and I believe it if there is such a thing. I think easy is relative. I think younger souls would not have the benefit of experience – and so they would have a tendency to not know to avoid somethings or how to deal with them when they come along (they may worry or panic more easily, for example), as opposed to a soul with more experience.

  15. I have never really had memories/impressions of living any other lives. I have experienced feelings of deep connection, to points in history that are difficult to articulate, because it’s familiar yet I don’t know what that familiarity means…

    I have been thinking about this question all day and wonder if it’s natal stars at the time of birth that determine what we have access to/are drawn to, in the collective human experience/unconsciouses…

    do we resonate with “past life memories” because that is what our being is keyed to through our experience and our natal chart??

    are we drawing those memories out of the collective possibilities that have been experianced?

    and then there is the idea of genetic memory….
    It seems possible that resonance for aspects of reality and experience could be transmitted through DNA….

  16. Copperweaver – that really speaks to me. I haven’t thought of it that way. (Not necessarily that you were replying to my comment …)

    I do have a deep connection with two locations like that, one in particular … a place I must visit in this life time. The connection is not with its modern state, but with a particular event in the history of that place.

    I did not have a sudden realization out of the blue that I was connected to it – more of a really strong attraction to similar events and places early on and then one day when I saw show recounting the event (which I didn’t hear about until I was in my 20s) it was life changing. I remember sitting in awe with the feeling “I know you, I know this place, I know this thing”.

    I don’t know what my connection to it is, but it feels so familiar I would call it “home”. But I don’t know how likely it was to have been a home of my genetic ancestors.

    I like that idea of resonance through DNA. Or maybe there is some karma associated with places or events we seem to remember (whether it belongs specifically to our individual being or not) that our souls either got entangled with or agreed to bring into being to resolve. I wonder something like that could be seen in a north node ….

  17. Yes, I believe in reincarnation.

    I recently began working with a spiritual teacher and was given new-to-me information about SOUL. I sought out this information, knowing that there were aspects of me that I was missing. Like…after decades of playing the hands I’ve been dealt I knew cheating at solitare doesn’t do it, and there must be at least one card missing in my deck!
    What this teacher has suggested to me rings true. Old soul/young soul … in the scope of physical life this teacher is saying I am a very young soul. And, like Althea said the challenge is that knowing the ropes/rules isn’t there yet. I worry and get confused in relating to people who have the ropes wired. I’ve met and lived with many Taurus who fit this ‘ropes wired’ character … and have learned a lot from them, only to become very frustrated by their judgment of me. I do things they would never do. I’m crazy! I am after all just a kindergarten soul, even at 60. Whew…where did this come from?

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