Is He My Soulmate? Pisces With Venus in Aquarius

neptune7Dear Elsa,

I am lost. I lost the man I loved. I felt such a connection with him. I want to know, is he my soulmate?

My heart is crying and aching. My mind said to stop talking to him because he doesn’t know what he wants. He is confused. But I can’t keep up with this friendship, because I have feelings for him. Please I need your expertise. What should I do?

Thank you

Dear Pisces,

With your Sun in Pisces square Neptune, I don’t doubt you feel lost so I’m going to try to clarify this for you. No this man is not your soulmate. He is also not “confused”. He knows exactly what he wants. He does not want to be your man.

Now I am sorry if this hurts you, but it’s really not my point. You see, it’s the lack of clarity that is creating the pain. Is he? Should I have? Shall I wait for him? Pine for him? Be a Pisces doormat for him? (All your Pisces sisters nod. They know, they’ve been there).

So here is your answer: No. Let him go. And you know what? You’re good at this.

You’re good at transcending – that’s Pisces. But beyond that, with Venus in Aquarius square Uranus, you are prone to sudden attractions, and relationships that go from 0-50 in fifteen minutes… so don’t worry. Let him go. With Venus rising in your chart, I bet you have another man in less than a week.

Good luck.

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