Scorpio Mars Hot On The Trail Of The Enemy

I have a friend, she’s very sweet. She’s too sweet actually, but she has a nemesis and she also has a Scorpio Mars. She’s been slayed by this person more than once, she’s decided to fight back and it’s been a real education to watch.

Because my Mars is broken in Libra! If you want to fight me, I will probably make you a cake or something. I will try to placate you with some sugar, but she has a different method.

First she researched. She was exhaustive with this, too. She educated herself around this person’s psychology and long story short, she has become able to predict his/her moves weeks in advance. She actually has the timing down, nearly to the hour after studying past patterns of behavior. Can you believe this?

So today as I was listening to her explain what had happened and what would be happening next, I was thinking, please, please shoot me if I ever become this predictable.

Are you predictable?

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  1. ‘she has become able to predict his/her moves weeks in advance. She actually has the timing down, nearly to the hour after studying past patterns of behavior. Can you believe this?’

    Well, yeah, if he/she is a HE. lol

    Don’t know if I’m predictable. My life – and therefore sleep, eating, exercise, and most other type of patterns (like, I miss most holidays when others are having them) – is unpredictable, so I’d assume others couldn’t predict how I’d be. How I behave is dependent on how I feel, how I feel is dependent on the factors listed above…

  2. Her nemesis is probably a fixed Sun sign and acting unconsciously. It almost won’t be worth getting revenge over, since they won’t remember / it won’t crack through their compulsive thought patterns and actions, the memory of what they did previously to burn her. What she does *may* only keep the wheel spinning.

    (She says with strong firewall to protect her from Scorpio Marses…).

  3. In my experience, Oblomov, the person/thing that’s more predictable would be one who intends to bash or insult another. In their passion for smug cruelty they tend to leave out a verb or otherwise use poor sentence structure.

  4. I like to think of myself as reliable and yes I am a Taurus. But to be more serious, I think a person is as predictable as he lets his habits and kneejerk reactions to make him.

  5. I would love to say no, I’m not predictable. But every time I answer one of the questions here I spend the rest of the day second guessing my answer.

    Hell if I know. And I think I’m a little bit Hoffman too because I sure as hell am learning alot of astrology these days. :p


  6. Oblomov- I identify with your name and what it stands for. I’m Oblomov too (I actually told my professor that today/brought him up as an example). Anyway, see, the thing this Scorpio Mars woman did is why I’m scared of pissing off a Scorpio.

  7. No I am not predictable. I thought I was predictable for years until someone pointed out they couldnt figure me out at all. They said I had no for sure plans, thoughts, schedules.. I just float where I feel like going.

  8. Avatar

    Terribly predictable, horribly predictable, usually. Then, sometimes, when I start to notice how predictable I am or how predictable I seem to be, I break something apart and start right over. Wheee~ =)

    So, am I predictable? Yes, and yet, no. Who can tell anymore? *wide grin*

    You know… having a Mars in Libra isn’t broken. I don’t think so at least. Sometimes, it’s exactly what people need you know? How would you be able to maintain a connection with people? How would you be able to create this advice blog?

    Libra, a pair. You and the person who asks for advice! You guys work together and isn’t that what Libra does best? —- Finding a partner and fighting the problem *with* them in the most diplomatic way possible! =) You might shift back in forth on some issues, but that’s why you can see both sides and maintain some clarity for that person. Especially when they can’t see it for themselves. There shouldn’t be a hierarchy for certain planets in signs… It should just be that people have different talents in what they fight for! Sometimes, the best way to get something to happen is to diplomatically go about it. And, have someone else to talk to, in order to make a decision.

    Also, with this whole mini-community of commenters, look how this place is growing! And people commenting, helping each other out! I guess you can say that this blog, is a play of mini-partnerships yeah?

  9. What the hell is a hososcope?
    I am not predictable. I never even take the same route home every day, so I don’t know where this comes from.

  10. What I really meant was:

    BUT I don’t know where this comes from. Then I read Lovelylife’s comment and laughed. Then I read my own again and thought: jeepers I am a total space cadet.

  11. Probably, but eh? Who’s going to bother studying my behaviour to that degree? I’m massively self-involved, but doing that kind of research would bore me to tears. Who has the time for that anyway?

  12. I so agree with CK…unconscious, asleep, what they do, what they say AND how they say it…fixed, repetitive, automatic pilot mode…and then when you direct their attention to it, their predictable reply is: “But I didn’t MEAN to hurt you…” One has two choices: either understand that you’re dealing with someone whose intentions stem from a deeply miswired hard-drive and distance yourself appropriately, or fuck them where they breathe. With regard to the latter, if you want your karma to be okay treat them compassionately in the wake of whatever devastation you cause,(which ultimately might help everyone concerned develop more generosity of spirit), because no one is ever really assigned the job of punisher…and the universe/life/laws of cause and effect do a much better job of it anyway. Me? These days I feel flattered when someone observes me well enough to make the call as to what’s predictable about me. Trouble is, being a crab(Cancer), I’m a zig-zag artist, always when least expected,(Sun and Mars in Cancer in the 11th House!). So…I’m a good poker player.

  13. Right on,…!! I actually just read your post out loud and I’m sitting here by myself crying from it…so great!! Gotta love those Mars in Libra angels!

  14. Predictable? In a general sense- I think probably not. I think I am pretty consistent in certain areas, but noone else ever seems to see that. I sometimes make up my mind overnight without telling anybody, I sometimes can’t decide for months, I sometimes do what I say, and sometimes I change my mind, and sometimes I follow my gut, and sometimes my brain.. Overall, it seems that I am not internally ruled, but ruled by the situtations I find myself in.

    But then, all five of my personal planets, two of my outer planets, and three of those other thingy-bobs, are mutable. and if those personal planets don’t aspect uranus, then they aspect neptune. So… it’s to be expected.

  15. I try very hard to make sure I am not!! whenever I feel that someone has me ‘all figured out’ it completely freaks me out. no matter how close i am to them. then i have to, HAVE to break away from that image. But to do that, i actually have to affect a change in myself.

    i had such a paranoia of routine, that it ended up messing with my professional life. in the end, i decided that the most unpredictable thing for me to do was to actually build a routine for myself! 🙂

    but it pisses me immensely when someone – anyone, tries to put me into a cast. 🙂

  16. Observing someone and fighting back doesn’t have to be a karma issue! It can be as simple as knowing someone is an asshole and keeping out of argument with them. I have an acquaintance who currently hates me (don’t worry–one day she’ll love me). Nothing pisses her off more than me being courteous to her and ignoring her crappy attitude.
    It’s called killing someone with kindness. I don’t want to fight, but am perfectly aware of the desire of this person to fight me. People who can’t live without some real OR imaginary adversary–now THAT is predictable. And seriously boring.

  17. “Are you predictable?”

    I wish I wasn’t but I am.

    Knowing your prey is important. All good hunters will tell you this. This Scorpio Mars had an enemy and did what she should do – learned her prey. That doesn’t make the prey predictable, just the hunter very skillful.

    Good for her.

  18. Most of the time, yes. Every so often I do something that other people clearly regard as unBeccalike, although it always makes perfect sense from inside my head.

  19. Well, I want to be the one that people can rely upon, right up until they get toooooooo leany. Then, yeah, I bust an unpredicted move and topple ’em!


  20. No not really–my Scorpio Mars usually shocks people. But with Aries moon I fail to plan so thorougly, though I certainly shock and amputate pretty well!

  21. This reminds me of that Golden Girls episode where Rose had to work with this guy who hated her and she absolutely couldn’t go on with her life until he did. I think she made him a cake or gefluderfloffin or something. She was a woman obsessed even though Blanche and Dorothy were all “wtf, not everyone can like you Rose”. Finally she went to his house and he said if she really wanted to be his friend she’d do anything for him, including leaving him alone. Typical Rose, she fell for it. Problem solved!

  22. Peach Cobbler Elsa! Now that’s not something someone sees coming. Kudos!

    Uranus 7H – I don’t know if it’s me that is unpredictable/unusual or if I just attract unpredictable people, and am thereby unpredictable/unusual by association… We get into unusual/unpredictable situations together.

  23. My Mars in 9H is “broken” in Libra too! To top that I read that the most a Cap Sun will do is ignore you when they are upset. This holds true for me, when I am seriously upset with someone, they simply cease to exist. There are no raging battles and elaborate revenge plots, just apologetic or curious “what happened to you?” type voice mail/e-mails in my inbox. As a Cap I’m much too concerned about my good name to muck it up on revenge. I have enough work to do as it is!
    I can’t help but believe in the Karma Theory. When someone does me wrong, I like to move out of the way so they can get what is coming to them.
    Anti-confrontational = Mars in Libra.
    Anti-drama = Sun in Cap
    Not “feeling” what you are expecting = Moon SQ MH

  24. Note to self, never accept a cobbler from Elsa.

    I think I am predictable, but in order to be predicted someone would have to understand me. I’m not sure anyone does. I’m not whining about it. It’s the cost of having an exotic personality.

  25. Another Mars in Libra here! Explains a lot why I’m always giving people who have kicked the living crap out of me just One More Chance to prove they didn’t mean it.

    I am making note of the cobbler idea, however. I am a terrible bitch once pushed to the point of retaliation!

  26. Haha! Peach Cobbler indeed. My Mars in Pisces sister (Moon/Neptune in Libra) once got fuming mad with a neighbour who kept leaving her dog alone, and constantly barking. She stewed and she fumed and she badmouthed (to me) that neighbour for weeks, then one day she went and bought gifts for their kids, took them over and offered to look after the dog if he was going to be alone for long. She isn’t really a doggy person, nor did she really intend to look after the poor pooch, but she got the message across and they take the dog out more now, and there’s only good feeling left. Result for the underDog, eh!

  27. i dunno. maybe. with some things.

    mars is pretty broken is pisces, too. but it works out all right over time, if i do my best to keep in touch with the unconscious…

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