Is There Hope For A Person, Unlucky In Love?

love vintage magazineDear Elsa,

I’ve lived a very humble life for the most part. I had my son as a teen, and I worked while going to school to get college educated…the result is I’ve worked myself into a position that is quite impressive within my company after 28 years. The one thing that still eludes me is love… I know I have walls up because of my painful past. I’m hard to get to know (scorpio rising). That said, I have Uranus conjunct my Venus coming up in May-Sept and I’m wondering if that could be a breakthrough for me? Is there hope for me in love?

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Of course there is hope!. But I don’t think one transit is going solve this. Transit open doors. It’s our job to push through those doors, to go beyond where we are today.

There are keys as to what’s causing your problem in your short note. You’re holding onto a painful past? If this is preventing you from relating to others, it’s up to you to let go. Same with being hard to get to know. Is there something you could do to make it easier?

You want a breakthrough but you need a breakout. You’ve got to breakout of your relationship pattern if you want a new result.

The Uranus transit to Venus will provide you a chance to reinvent how you relate to others. Maybe you’ll do this or maybe you won’t. But you’re not actually unlucky in love. You have a 7th house Taurus moon. You may just be stubborn!

Good luck!

Do you feel you are unlucky in love? What’s your evidence?

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6 thoughts on “Is There Hope For A Person, Unlucky In Love?”

  1. Right transiting Uranus squares my natal Venus. Same problem… I have Venus (in Cancer) and Chiron (in Cancer) in my 7th house. (It starts at 23degree Gemini) I’m hoping for good changes.

  2. In recent weeks, Tr Venus was conjunct Tr Uranus in the Aries portion of my 2nd House. Taking advantage of this and all the retrograding planets, I contacted my ex-boyfriend to discuss a possible reconciliation. He said, “Yes!” Cancer Sun that he is, he was waiting for me to take the initiative. I hear you, “Transit Coming,” saying you have walls around your heart – so do I with an Aquarius ASC, loaded Virgo 7th House, and 7th House Venus square Saturn. But as Elsa says, you can have love is you make a concerted, unnatural effort. It’s worth it!

  3. bothered that I have been treated kind of like an ugly wallflower since fifteen and don’t think I’m that bad. I’m not sure if im playing the victim only that my ego can’t get over it and I have various excuses not to change. Rarely has it ever coalesced that someone I had noticed and liked wanted me back. I also have some hurdles when I’m in a relationship because of my hard venus Mars
    I’ve reconciled myself to being OK with being this way but I want to transcend this dependence on others but I can’t reconcile with being uglier than I feel. There’s a lot I can’t reconcile with. I just don’t want to be crying every night I try to go out. And come home after being actively ignored by anyone good. I found out that a lot of low self esteem people seek out the approval of strangers and have this desire to win people and then no longer want them.
    I heard a neurotic celebrity discussing this and it broke my heart.

  4. I have a fixed grand square involving my moon and venus huddled together squared off by Mars on one side, Saturn on the other and with Pluto opposing. It is hideous. I have never been in a long term relationship. I can start them but once the initial set up has occurred then my unconscious programming starts to wind up and nothing is remotely natural about any aspect of it. Too much, too little, wrong timing, no trust, too much trust, obsession, detachment. I can’t stand myself in relationship and neither can anyone else.

  5. Hi Elsa, thank you so much for addressing my question. I really feel like this up coming transit is my last chance for love and I don’t want to blow it! You mention I have a 7th house Taurus moon, but everything I’ve been told is that my Taurus moon is in my 6th house. Not sure that makes a difference? I know Taurus rules my 7th house (no planets present) which should be positive… But it simply hasn’t manifested into anything other than falling for a flaky Taurus guy who would never commit to me… (As you know, I’m no spring chicken!). I’d really like to get a consult from you to make the most of the upcoming transit, can you help? Without knowing me, you’re advice is spot on. Guess I shouldnt be surprised 😉

  6. I’m always stuck in composite sun in 12th house relationships or men with their natal sun in their 12th house. It drives me insane. I have Pisces as my natal 5th house ruler and I don’t find any attraction or magical chemistry unless I get a connection with someone who enjoys the arts or the same kind of music. It’s like I go into a relationship only to watch it slowly disappear while I’m sacrificing my own self/ego/vital solar life force trying to keep it from sinking. I’m a person who loves children yet fall in love with men who want nothing to do with children. I fall for relationships where the pieces don’t fit. I don’t get my purpose in these relationships. Do I only exist to help people heal or deal with men that no one wants to ever deal with? I’ve dealt with the two extremes of men with 12th house Suns. I dealt with the ones with no ego/identity that do nothing and live for nothing and the ones who sacrifice themselves and their identity for the entire community or for a greater cause. My relationships are always hidden from the public eye and nothing is ever solidified or acknowledged. I can’t tell if I’m a girlfriend or just a date? I can’t tell whether I’m in an open relationship or not? I’m always driving myself into exhaustion helping these men deal with their issues while I just feel lost and unable to understand why I’m even feeling obligated to do this with no benefits in my favor. I’m so in love with mermaids, Pirates, Greek mythologies and the deep sea….is my love life just a myth? A dream?

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