Venus vs Mars – Hunting vs Attracting Men

Vintage Sagittarius broochHi, Elsa

You recently did a post which mentioned women “hunting.” Are you able to shed some more light regarding how you see the difference between hunting and say attracting? I have Mars in Scorpio in the 12th house so I feel I can easily attract by doing just about nothing. However, I have Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st and I also have Mercury in Sag. So, I can also go a hunting.

When I hunt I have disastrous results. I snap up predators. When I attract I get the very opposite type of man (i.e.: good men). Anyway, the results should speak for themselves I guess but I find that I’m compelled to hunt which makes me feel “proactive” and like I’m doing something to meet my needs rather than waiting which attracting sometimes feels like.

So, my question perhaps is do you have any tips regarding how to stay in attracting mode and not switch over to hunting?

Attractive Huntress in Australia

Dear Huntress,

Here’s what I read in your post:

  1. Mars in Scorpio hunts effectively.
  2. Venus in Sagittarius seeks fun, adventure and experience with men she’ll ultimately leave.
  3. Venus in the first house wants a challenge.
  4. Mars in the 12th is confused.

To solve your problem, you would have to desire (Venus) a good man. At this point you don’t want that because if you did, you’d attract one in your usual way and be done with it.

Your real complaint is with your Venus. It also sounds as if this might be more like predator meets predator as opposed to prey meet predator. You’re making a choice!

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15 thoughts on “Venus vs Mars – Hunting vs Attracting Men”

  1. Is Mars in the 12th confused? I also thought it was attracting type energy.

    I’m going to test and see if I attract an answer… ?

  2. Yeah, I’ve always wondered how this applies to me, since my entire chart is Mars-ruled. But, with Mars Chiron in Gemini opposite Saturn… it doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I’m always running against walls, spin out, and get no where. I have found lately that yielding, and balancing with more yin in my life seems to allow me to open & learn to receive.

  3. I don’t find them if I go get them or if I wait. Lately only men fifty and up check me out. I feel a bit thrown out and hopeless. I know that my destiny tends to be different from what I really like but I’m still not satisfied with what happens. I don’t want to be some kind of acquired taste

    Venus tightly opposed to Mars in the twelfth house.
    But when I sit and wait for the fish to come in I don’t like them. I might be punching above my weight but I like what I like

    I just tend to fight things when they do become good as well…

  4. Ha Ha! Thanks Elsa. All this time I thought my Mars was the predator but it appears Venus is the culprit. Has give me much food for thought. Thanks.

  5. Avatar
    10,000 daydreams

    Hunting versus attracting?! God, am I working on that! I have a huuuuge problem with being a huntress.

    I need to figure out a way to be strong and let myself be hunted!? Here’s what I have learned, forget feminism (beyond equal pay for same job) most men want to hunt. If they like you, they want to hunt you. The trick is letting them. Sigh. Am not there. Yet 😉

    Elsa, please have you got a link for the mentioned post, ie. women who hunt? I soooo need to read it!

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t know where she read that. She sent this awhile ago…I have been slow answering questions lately. Had to get my garden in. 🙂

      But maybe she’ll stop by again with a hint you could search. 🙂

    2. I sent the question to Elsa on the 5th March and I think Elsa’s post I was referring to was posted the week before that but I don’t remember the title.

  6. Elsa, I’ve been wondering if the reason this doesn’t work for me (having Venus in a Mars-ruled sign & using my Venus) is because I have Pluto on the ASC in Scorpio? Attracting to me? The receptiveness I spoke of above… I don’t know I guess I’ve alway been interested in what you meant by this, because there was an article you posted a while ago about Venus in Scorpio & using your Venus to attract. I have Venus in Aries squaring Neptune & Uranus. Amongst many other Aries placements, but with a thwarted Mars, I don’t know I guess it just feels like I run up against walls as I said above. (Mars Chiron opposite Saturn in 2nd)

  7. I think what I’m getting at is – my need to control – Cardinal & Pluto struggles – ends up leaving me defeated. Which ties into – yielding as opposed to going out and getting what I want. Magnetizing instead to receive.. I don’t know though! My moon also squares neptune, so what’s new … confused confused

  8. 2. Venus in Sagittarius seeks fun, adventure and experience with men she’ll ultimately leave.———-Gosh I hate you said that!

  9. Because it’s true and because I want fun, adventure and experience with a man I will ultimately stay with, but so far it has not happened. But maybe soon because do work on balancing energies of attraction and magnetism.

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