Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Abundance Sustained

patioVenus and Jupiter have been conjunct for several weeks. They’ll stay that way more another month.  Most everyone is enjoying luck, abundance or grace in some form.

Personally, I’ve had the opportunity to buy very nice things for our new home…at prices I can afford.  It’s been utterly magical.

The people who have sold me the stuff are benefitting as well and I’ll give you an example.

Yesterday I bought this fantastic patio furniture, used, at a great price.  Typically, to get a deal this good, someone has fallen on hard times. That was not the case here.

The man was selling the furniture because he has a large deck, a wife and four children. He’s going to enclose the deck and make a sun room so they’ll have more space.

Now this was A LOT (Jupiter) of furniture. Top of the line dining set for six, huge umbrella, gliding love seat, glider chairs with ottomans, various tables. It’s more than most people want or have space for so you can imagine what happens on his end. People wanted him to split it up. They want to come over and see it. Disrupt his family life, try to lowball him, etc. But no…

I came in, happy to buy it all. It’s exactly what I’d have wanted other than we can’t afford this. But we could afford it, one year old.

So this man loaded all this stuff up in his truck and trailer and delivered it along with a gallon of Mean Green so I could clean it up! I thought that was funny.

I’m sure you see the deal here. That guy got rid of the furniture that was in his way. I no longer have a large deck, with nowhere to sit.  I no longer have to try to figure out how I am going afford outdoor furniture that will last more than a season or two without extraordinary effort.  I had a great time yesterday, scrubbing down my new patio furniture, that will probably last the rest of my life!

What’s working out for you these days?

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  1. This made me think of the upcoming Venus Rx, some Astrologers say that when Venus is in Rx people tend to “give away” material goods that they no longer want or need.
    Those red pillows on the deck look cozy, and inviting. Generally speaking there’s a lot of red in this picture, very Leo-ish and welcoming. I know maybe it wasn’t planned to be this way but I don’t think it’s without a reason!

  2. Congratulations on the furniture! That is a very nice set.

    I’m really enjoying the friendliness and warmth of people.

    1. I agree…! Nice to hear of friendly, fair, good-hearted people on both sides of the equation. Happy entertaining, Elsa.

  3. I don’t know about what’s working out for me. I do know that it is not not-working out. It is an uber creative time for me. I know you have written about your passion for building. To me, it is the sheer drive to create. It feels discriminating. Focussed. Like this is what I am doing and these are the tools and materials I need to do it. Because jupiter is what jupiter is in my chart, there are times when abundance overwelms me. I don’t know what to do with it all. Too much coming in. I get confused. I feel more in the driver’s seat at this time.

    1. That’s wonderful, because creativity is abundance; one, because you have that gift to create, and secondly, it enhances others’ lives because you’re not only a vessel, but a conduit to send it back out to others. I can’t wait to clear the decks of the paper work and phone calls, to step away from that part of life and get back into “the zone” of my real life of creativity. All the best to you.

  4. That’s wonderful! You’ll have so many good times entertaining or just spending time with your family there.

  5. I ordered some mini soap bars to donate (our church participates in a program to house homeless folks) and mistakenly received TWO HUNDRED TWEEZERS instead haha.

    1. Same here, DarkAquarian. If what I’ve got now is the best I can expect from Venus-conjunct-Jupiter-trine-Uranus, then things are bleak indeed…

      Congrats on your nice furniture, Elsa.

    2. Gotta agree with DarkAquarian. Not a damn thing has changed, as a matter of fact, things suck, even with these planets in my sign.

      The only thing I’m holding onto is the fact that things can change on any given day. There’s that new moon coming up which is almost precisely on my Venus, so close to the minute that I don’t know how something couldn’t get kick-started.

  6. Perfect for entertaining! I did get an extra $100 on my child support deposit which is the beginning of a little extra each month to try and collect some of the $7000 back support that is owed. I will take it for sure!

  7. Serendipity! It does seem that the world is bending over backwards lately to supply your needs and wants. But you went through a lot to get there! Really great patio furniture. Happy for you and your family.

    1. Me too! I just read Elsa’s post and drew in a breath, because I told someone yesterday that it’s always a good idea to wish prosperity on others, because that keeps the energy going…and then maybe they’ll come buy some things that I have to sell, and need to sell. I inherited some things of value from a very much loved one, and I need to translate that into things that I very much need for my life at this time. Some people are interested but holding off b/o $ concerns. It would do me well to wish them well.

  8. the patio furniture looks luxurioius and beautiful. what luck! we have one too, but it was given to us by my husband’s grandma before she passed on. it’s like her piece of memoribilia from her. All her children and grandchildren have somethng of hers. The universe is very very generous and kind.

  9. It is Winston Palazzo. The other pieces are cushioned. It’s quite something. Totally comfortable. I could sleep in one of the glider chairs, with my feet up.

  10. My mom gave me her flight points and it was enough to buy air and lodging for me and my daughter for a week in San Diego. And then, yesterday morning, she said she had tickets for opening night at the opera, which included a FANCY dinner and a car to take us there and back. Wow. These past two weeks (and my mom!) have been very, very good to me. I expected none of it.

  11. It’s been a great weekend. While I’m sort of heartbroken, I was in a parade today and got to pass out candy to little kids– was really fun to see their excited faces. Going to an outdoor concert tonight.

  12. Avatar

    Lovely furniture. 🙂

    Now that Saturn is no longer squaring Leo planets in the 4th, Jupiter is bringing a sunnier outlook. Am buying a few things for the home just to brighten things up. Earlier, Jupiter conjuncted Leo stellium also trined by Uranus transiting in Aries, and my blood pressure surprisingly went off the charts. This was a complete shock (Uranus), as I’ve never had problems with blood pressure in the past. Venus, Leo, Uranus, Aries–heart, blood and circulation. I needed to get my confidence back in my emotional 4th house, and now things are back to normal. Another Jupiter blessing…family is leaving me alone.

  13. Hahaha! I am the one giving stuff away here! I am at a place in my life where I need simplicity and order. I have divested myself (for free) of an exercise bike, a 5 foot tall wrought iron bird cage (worth a tidy sum, donated to the local Humane Society Thrift Store) bags and bags of really nice clothing and shoes that no longer fit my lifestyle (nearly living outdoors….all I need are tank tops and shorts and flips flops when I HAVE to wear shoes). I have lots more to go! I will have boxes of good dishes and small appliances to gift away soon. I need space and ease and so much of this stuff was stealing my time with storage and maintenance. Happy to be on the giving end of the equation this time around; when and if I need something I know that I will swap places in the future.
    Happy for you!

  14. Oh, two different friends have sent money to my PayPal and I’ve sold a few items at eBay…so I’ll be able to pay bills this month. Had a good time watching Twilight Zone marathon with ex-husband tonight. Returning to the novel I started writing last summer. I have a high GPA and am set to graduate from college next spring.

  15. Money coming in. New job is looking do-able and sustainable. Found about an easy research study in the area and made an appointment (survey). I cant help but reflect on the past and the rotten things that have happened. 2013 man, i was thinking about it today. Well i dont know how to reconcile with it or anything. I dont know how to fix the poor prognosis of being diagnosed bpd at 22. And finally reading about it today, the prognosis has so far been accurate. I dont know what resources i have to fight this, if there are any. But i dont want to be a downer. My hair is growing finally. Leo!

    1. Sounds like you’ve set some good things in motion and that positive things are beginning to come in for you. All the best to you.

  16. Good for you Elsa! His abundance helped create your abundance. Your photo of the patio/deck just makes one think aah…what a lovely place to just sit and relax, look across the yard out in the distance…happiness!

  17. As for Venus conjunct Jupiter, I’ve had my eye on that, indeed, keep staring at it…so far nothing yet, but the Universe changes every second. Right now I’m hoping for some extra dough to come my way because I’ve been wanting to call Elsa for a consult. I know there are wonderful aspects out there and more to come, but every time I look at my chart it’s like I just hear old rusty train wheels grinding to a halt(ha!) Seriously, I know we need to look at what we DO have, even enjoying the moment, like going to the outdoor event or watching good stuff on tv, taking a positive look at the here and now, and that just might open the door so to speak.

  18. Well, yesterday I started a new business, locked in the name with the state and bought the domain, etc. Today I realized this Venus Jupiter conjunction is right on top of my ascendant. Hopefully this will be an auspicious start! 🙂

  19. What a crazy coincidence with patio furniture!!! I ordered some patio furniture online and they sent me the wrong set. When I called to tell them about the mistake they said to hold on to the mistake for 2 weeks and if no one calls to have it picked up, I can “do whatever I want with it.” And then they shipped my new set. Now I have 2 sets of furniture for the price of one. I’m moving soon so I will be passing it along to a neighbor who has always been there to let my dog out or pull my trash to the curb when I’m away…It’s so fun to be able to be generous when good fortune comes your way!

  20. That’s wonderful! And I love the way it looks, comfy and substantial. A glider you can fall asleep on on a pleasant balmy afternoon? that’s a gift in itself. It’s like the whole Universe is nodding and showing you that this move was meant to be!! 🙂

    My bit of Venus conj Jupiter luck: our older cat needed a special sort of endoscopy to help figure out an ongoing problem and rule the worst causes out. It costs a fortune and we were worried about the stress on her, but we said ok as it’s needed. Then the vet calls and says, “Hey, a partner vet is doing a study and article on this and is willing to do it for free, you just pay for the anesthesia. if he can write her case up. I thought of her, she’s the perfect candidate as she is otherwise healthy, the right age for the study, etc!” So that saved us $2000, and she came through it will with flying colors, the worst problems ruled out and just a change of diet or simple medicine needed. Such good fortune.

  21. Although the June-July opposition between Venus & Jupiter (in Leo) didn’t include the square (t-square) to Pluto that we have, currently, I’m going to be keeping a mental picture of the photo up top there, to inspire me to look at the bigger picture… and the missing-leg sign, Cancer.

    Funny, I described that kind of wash tub, a few weeks ago in conversation, as an analogy to how I was feeling (water sloshing, without spilling, when shifted from one situation to the new one) – takes a little while to get settled.

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