Is There Karmic Retribution For Cheating On Your Spouse?

Green vintage zodiac plateDear Elsa,

What happens to people, karmically, if they cheat on their husbands or wives? I know a woman with whom I work with, and she has 2 kids and she cheats on her husband with multiple men and he has no idea. Like, is there anything karmically that comes around to people?

She justifies this because she feels her husband is apathetic towards her. She does it, I think, like a drug addict. She likes the chase, the catch and then the conquer. Okay so I have a confession. I know all her secrets because I was checking her email and I can see the men she emails. She plays the victim, like “oh poor me I work so hard, my husband doesn’t think I’m sexy.” But, I can see emails from him to her saying hello beautiful, gorgeous, blah blah blah. Anyways, whatever. But it pisses me off.

She is sleeping with the president of my company, and she has also slept with other men who work in it, too. It’s just SO slimy! And she won’t leave her husband. She was also sleeping with another man in the company, but then when the President hit on her, she dumped the sales guy & went for him.

She has her same story that she tells these men. She tells them she is married and her husband doesn’t pay attention to her. Two of these men, the sales guy & the president LEFT THEIR WIVES FOR HER, and then she goes, no, I’m going to give it one more shot with my husband. She blames it on her strict religion (she is from Iran) and says she doesn’t want to break up her family. So she just goes around playing these men & they fall for it.

Anyway, I guess I just needed to vent. This woman is 36 and she is acting like this. I guess she is unhappy inside & sleeps with these men for a feeling of power, or I don’t know. It just bugs me, it’s slimy.

Are there repercussions karmically for stuff like that? Or it is just her own battle, we all have our inner battles, and this isn’t any worse than being an alcoholic or cheating on your taxes?

Office Snooper
United States

The writer is a 27 year old woman. Click to see the chart full size

What do you think? Is there karmic retribution for cheating?

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  1. Dear Office Snooper,whatever karmic retribution may await this woman, that will be her own business. Sorry for being harsh, but you shouldn’t be minding other people’s private business and especially not reading their mails.
    Why are you so interested in this woman? Perhaps this can be a good moment to ask yourself what is so lacking in your own life right now.

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      Sagirah Weidman

      Youre the one who is lacking, lacking in any moral fiber, character, or sense of right and wrong. People like you are the reason, are what is wrong with the world. You’re just as bad as the whore of a wife is, you’re worse, you allow it to happen.

      1. lol i remember reading words from a scorpio astrologer that scorpio is not the sign of “morality” if they feel something that will change their world,like a phoenix rising from the ashes…hard to explain, morals is not the first thing that is relevenat to pluto. i think morals is an earth sign thing.

  2. There are no shortage of people like this. If you spend this much energy on each one of them, you will have no time left for your own life.

    As for karmic retribution, I don’t know. We would have to live the same life for thousands of years to be able to answer that question with any satisfaction. Maybe her relationships will be tainted because she is not a very good partner, whether that is “karma” or just personality, I don’t know.

    I think the more important question is – why do you care?

  3. Yes, there undoubtedly are karmic consequences for cheating on a spouse. Karma is quite simply “what goes around comes around” or the natural and logical consequences of one’s actions. However, as the previous commenter has noted what is more of a concern here is Office Snooper’s interest in this woman’s business. OS has the modern ruler of her 8th, Uranus, in Scorpio conjunct a Scorpio Moon, an obsessive interest in other peoples’ business. With Mars, Moon, and Uranus in Scorpio in the 4th, I would advise Office Snooper to look within for her (or his) own subconscious motivations, perhaps rooted in her own family history, concerning her interest and attitudes about this other woman’s affairs. Yes, this does sound harsh, but when other people trigger such strong reactions, it’s in our own best interest to look in the mirror. Once Snooper has dealt with her own projections, there are many constructive outlets for her intense curiosity and probing mind.

  4. Maddelena is right, you shouldn’t be reading other peoples emails. Its just as icky and her icky behavior doesn’t justify it.

    That being said, she has to live with herelf, which if there is no other karmic retribution is still a pretty stiff punishment. I’m sure you aren’t the only one who has noticed how this woman operates and I’m just a sure that those who have are repulsed. Further, anyone who gets close to this woman is going to notice. And either she is unaware she is operating like this and will never get any better, or she is aware of what she is doing and she has to get up and look at herself every day.

  5. It depends if she’s actually happy with it all. If she is then there won’t be retribution. In that case she’s just an instrument for other people to examine their own involvement with her – including you! lol.

  6. A Scorpio Moon in the 4th House indicates that the charted person would very much like matters of one’s home and private life are not only very intense but to be hidden to the outside world. Definately not for the office, right??
    But…a 1st House North Node person would definately be much happier if she CONCENTRATED on her OWN affairs, and her own way of being in the world, and not be tempted to grind an axe for the people who piss her off.

    Never mind the cheating lady (because it could be all talk and innuendo anyway, for all you know) because my friend, you have your own future to think of.
    What kind of life is worrying about the wrongs of others? This cheating wife could be criminally insane, for all you know. Don’t waste another minute of your time or integrity on the matter.

  7. It seems to me this woman ‘office snooper’ is hardly on high enough moral ground to be judging.. given that she is a self confessed snoop… and if there IS such a thing as karmic retribution well then it probably applies to her too…

  8. i understand the distaste for the cheater’s behavior, but office snoop has her own issues to deal with.

    on the cheating…well, what you do has consequences, yes? call it karma or call it logical consequences, things happen when you treat others poorly. one thing, obviously, is that there are others, like OS, who think pretty poorly of her behavior, eh?

    But how about looking for ways to direct your own energy more productively? you have a drive to know the truth and a talent for investigation? find other ways to use energy that besides risking your own job by reading someone else’s email!

    you want to be really happy, direct your energy towards yourself, your own needs, and ways you can make the world a better place. there will always be people who behave reprehensibly. why use your own energy to magnify her behavior by feeding an obssession about it?

  9. Snooping aside for a moment, I’m curious as to why the Snooper is concentrating solely on the actions of the woman in this scenario. From what I read here, there are several married men getting involved with a married woman. Both sides, it would appear to me, are equally at fault in that they’re all choosing to ignore the commitments they have to spouses in order to jump in bed with each other (assuming here…I’d be surprised if people were actually stupid enough to admit such a thing in a workplace email. Then again, stupidity abounds where hormones overtake common sense).
    Are there consequences for playing games with other people’s affections? Absolutely. Karmic? Dunno. Any of the Snooper’s business? Nope.

    Like everyone else who’s responded so far, I think the Snooper would be better served by looking at her own actions — she is looking into other people’s private lives without permission, making judgements based on limited amounts of information, and projecting all the “evil” of the situation onto one cheater (the woman) while seeing the other cheaters (the men) as victims. I don’t know enough about astrology to address this from that point of view, but from a pyschological perspective, I’d have to wonder if she feels threatened somehow by the office soap opera. I’d also wonder if she’s been in the role of someone whose husband/sig.other cheated and blamed the other woman for seducing him with a story, much like she’s detailing here.
    Now that I’ve written a small book here..yikes, sorry Elsa!

  10. i guess in every relationship both parties have to honor commitments to each other. an ‘apathetic’ partner isn’t really honoring his commitment to his partner is he? if it is true that he neglects her, he, in his own way has already voided his commitment. what’s the retribution for that? it’s hard to define who is at fault when one person’s bad behavior dovetails into the other’s bad behavior. having said that, cheater’s behavior is deplorable and if she is so unhappy she should leave honorably instead of dragging herself and everyone else down to such shady places. interesting point Carielle – what about the other cheaters? there are always two sides to every story. perhaps cheater’s husband is ‘apathetic’ because he is in fact cheating on her as well? and as for karmic retribution, Happily_Insane is right…it applies to everyone, including office snooper!

  11. I think yes, people get what’s coming to them. If you put out negative energy in the world, it will come back as negative energy to you. Cheaters get cheated on – perhaps not the same way, but at least in feeling worthless or unloved. If you hurt, you will be hurt.

    I’d take a lesson, though, and not feel righteous or smug or “better”. Everyone has issues of some kind. Karma’s a bitch, but the bigger bitch is the one who tells everyone karma is coming. Keep your head down and don’t worry so much about what other people are doing.

  12. Karma isn’t about “retribution” it’s about learning lessons and transformation and transcendence. Probably through the infinite ages “we” have all done what both of these women are doing and wherever we are is where we are. The language for describing this feels very limiting.

    The snooper needs to stop snooping, the cheater needs to stop cheating. Something may happen between them with the information they have to push them to transcend where they are now. If it doesn’t they will work it through until it does. There’s no retribution involved. It’s unlikely the cheater will “come back” as an ant that gets stepped on or anything. But she might have to deal with being cheated on; the snooper might find someone that betrays her. And there’s no reason it can’t happen in the here and now, either. It’s all working to creating understanding, in ourselves and of others.

  13. Yes the situaion sounds slimy and with no morals just ignore them and do your own thing.But it is suprising how some people are so casual about afairs these days.I guess i am from old school.

  14. As long as no one is harmed, there is no karmic paybacks… The earthly rules are very different from the spiritual rules. harm no one,, but it is like telling a white lie,,,no crime is stronger then another,, just different in the type of crime, and what drives us to that behavoir,,, some women cheat because they have had bad sexual experinces in their current life,, and are confussed between love and sex,,, is that a crime, i think not,, we are here to learn, on this earthplane…..

  15. Some women use any kind of excuse to cheat.However you excuse the action it is not a good one.Marriage is a commitment period.

  16. life is a commitment!!!
    no one ever told a lie, no one ever done anybody wrong to benifet themselves, no one ever hated anyone..
    marrage is a commitment, but so is everything we do,, and it is impossable to be perfect,, it is hard to balance our physical urges and are spiritual life,, this is a balance that has to mastered…..
    don’t be to quick to judge others!!!!

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    Every one has thier own set of values,,,,

    problem with values is that most are learned from the society in which we live,,, the people in china have a whole different set of values, for example,, not wanting daughters,,, and muslims have an entirely different set of values… be your self not fake,, and live your life the way you want, and let others do the same…

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    our spiritual being is in contesnt computition with our physical being…with over 50 % people cheating on their spouse, i think as a society we have lessons to learn and as a universal intelleagence we have evloving to do…i am here to better myself, and if that means learning from experinces and making bad choices then so be it. there is a difference between cheatig for sex and cheating in trying to find out who you really are!!!!

  19. Yes, I agree snooping is wrong but did anyone here wonder how she got the passcode to the email?? For all anyone knows it was given to her by the cheater and then she herself opened that door to exposure and yes it is truly amazing that people cant see the difference in hurt that comes from the snoopers actions versus sleeping with people outside your marriage.Also, marriage vows are not about what you ‘think’ or want values to be.They are an agreement to be faithfull to your spouse.

  20. you can not judge some one, where have not walked in her shoes, how does one know this person may be a victim of abuse and is looking for a way out,,, or maybe she has mental disorders which she acts too implusivly,, no one knows,, people need to work out there own problems and find what is right for them,,, they may make wrong choices at times, but haven’t we all.. i know i would not my life details of all my mistakes up for every one to see,, cause my mistakes are not who i am,,, it is what i learn from them that make s me who i am….

  21. It doesnt matter what you have learned or who you are, you had a conscious when you made those mistakes and if you ignored your conscious, it is karma and it will come back to you. You have to learn not only by your mistakes, but the mistakes you have made will come back for you to walk in the other persons shoes. Mental disorder is no excuse as almost all disorders dx’d today are from people who are angry and hold on to anger far too long after it should have been let go. Now we have labels to call it something because it messes up our brain and chemical function.

  22. Nothings wrong with snooping (coming from the Scorpio) as long as the snooping is kept to yourself. Why Judge? who says getting your kicks on with a handful of guys is slimy?…ya ya ya shes got two kids and a hubby. so? maybe she is in a “open” relationship or maybe her hubby is an old school Iranian wife beating prick. What about the men who fuck her and leave their wives? you KNOW they KNOW she’s banging the office. I see it like this, if its not hurting you then leave it alone. A woman who is comfortable with her sexuality is a woman closer to empowerment!

  23. Oh ya…as for Karma check where her Saturn is…Pretty Close to her Sun and Mercury. Then I like to look at Neptune. Usually those planets love to deal with Karma in some way.

  24. What if the karma was for her to be living exactly how she was – cheating on her husband – it may be his and her mutually agreed karma before they were incarnated -Way too hard for us to judge and not our place anyway – True about looking at yourself though –

    Something to think about……

  25. wow..this whole post freaks me out. The behavior of the snooper, the behavior of the woman, the behavior of the men she’s involved with.

    I’ve got such a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing that I have to go brush my teeth.

  26. Hey, I’ve done bad shit too. Just sayin’. LOL!
    But at least I didn’t justify my actions and at least I didn’t do them again.

  27. Karma is a fuzzy term. If you’re asking whether immoral or cruel behavior is always punished, you need only glance at the world around you to see that the answer is no.

    I second what’s been said above – drop it and focus on your own life. A little introspection into why you’ve become fixated on something that has so little to do with you (and let it lead you into immoral behavior) might be worthwhile

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    fyi. Most companies have a policy, that is backed up by law in most parts of the US, that anything on the company computer is theirs. That includes your email. So if you’re using work email or your work computer for stuff like this don’t think that you have a right to privacy. Don’t think that you have a right to remove all copies of the email on the server etc. etc.

    Additionally, if you think your email is private in any way shape or form, bwhaaaa haaaa haaa. Your IT dept. can pull a backup copy off the server any day of the week, can read it at will, and has all of your passcodes and can reset your passcode at will. That is, there are rules and expectations that they will only reset your passcode if you’re fired, or request it etc. etc. but the ability to do so is readily available.

    That’s not to say that the questioner has done anything ethically right by reading another’s email and there should be some boundaries respected by the IT dept. But, don’t assume that it’s private. It is not.

  29. Oh, and just to clarify. I DID get kicked in the butt by karma for those things that I did! What I did to them happened to me. Sucks for me right? Maybe it’s not karma, but a coincidence. But who knows? Maybe it waaas karma!

  30. this woman is not snooping!!! she is merely being inquisitive into human behavior and wants to better understand why we do things….just like the rest of you on here that constantly comment!!! many of these comments are judgmental towards her inquiring mind, yet seem to be able to voice your opinions quite readily.

  31. Just a thought… what if office snooper and the cheater are one and the same person, just looking to know what the consequences of her actions might be, down the road?

  32. You would think there’s karma for this kind of behavior but I just have never seen it. I tend to punish myself for my bad behavior so I get all kinds of karma, but other people..especially *unfaithful* people, just seem to skate on through and often can improve their lot in life by sleeping around.

    Like if you’re sleeping with six guys that’s six more people you can get free stuff from and ask for money. I have personally never seen sexual comeuppance. Maybe these are invisible or something.

  33. The cheater has Neptune in the 5th and all of her planets are in the lower part of her chart. That doesn’t indicate to me that her actions would be known by one and all, as stated.

  34. I believe we later receive whatever it is we have previously given, whether it’s called karma or reaping what was sown. I think they are the rules of life.

  35. I believe what ever you do to another you are also doing to yourself, betray someone you are betraying yourself at the soul level, it stays in the subconscious even if you dont acknowledge it or reason away why you are justified to have done so and it “colours” every choice you make. I have saturn in late degrees cap,conj IC, ethics rules everything i do… thus i was no doubt one who betrayed many in past life and paid for it, now i often feel retricted to being ethical and have had to work hard to be trusted in this life or trust myself for that matter.

  36. Deeply insecure women like the one sleeping with her entire company for recognition and (highly likely) a promotion do concern others who work hard to climb up the professional ladder. It is not weird– it’s natural.

    I do not blame this woman for bringing up what I call the official office-stank. But in my opinion, the stank is dealing with a lack of self-respect and integrity and independence every day of her life.

    What punishment is worse than that.

  37. eva said “Like if you’re sleeping with six guys that’s six more people you can get free stuff from and ask for money.”

    Bingo. This woman is never going to feel independent– not financially, not mentally, not emotionally. When she reaches an older age and she’s miserable and no one wants to sleep with her anymore, because they can have a younger lay, whatever will she do with herself?

    I don’t envy her choices. Not one bit.

  38. I agree with myself from 4 years ago! That’s nice. That’s my Uranus talking. Live your own life and stop worrying about someone else’s karma. Someone else’s karma is none of my business.

  39. I’m glad ro see someone with a conscience out there give a damn. The repercussions on a lot of lives is significant – not just emotional pain but physical health from stds which can be fatal. I’m biased as I pretty much had the concept of “all it takes for evil to triumph is for a good man to do nothing.” pounded into my brain all my life. If I were the wife of one of these men, I would be grateful to know there was an office snooper standing in my corner.

  40. As for the karma I’ve had a number of girlfriends cheat in their 20s and 30s only to be cheated on by their spouses in their 40s and 50s.

  41. In buddhism the law of karma says that anything that causes pain or suffering for someone is a seed of karma that demands retribution. There is undoubtedly a retribution for cheating on a husband if it causes him pain and humiliation and if it is not something they have agreed to for some reason not mentioned in her emails.
    Simarlarly, there is undoubtedly a karmic debt to pay for meddling in other people’s affairs, being jugemental and bringing it all out in the public with a view to humiliate someone.

  42. Everyone is blaming the snooper for being concerned. Yes, she did bad by snooping and went too far. But she was concerned. Evil is evil. The snooper pointed out an evil. She is a normal being that is unhappy with the cheating, but did bad by taking it too far as to read her mails. You need to stop snooping.

    I think what goes around comes back to haunt you.

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