Leo Sun vs. Virgo Sun

When I first started practicing astrology, I rented space from a Leo woman who did henna tattoos. In addition to being immersed in the heavenly smell of henna, I got a real education in the Leo mentality. I’m a Virgo. My education began immediately upon meeting her. The day I walked into her henna studio and asked if she was offering any space for rent, she looked over at me from where she was applying henna to a client, put down her henna cone, stood up and said “I have been WAITING for you!”

I came to know the signals of when she was demanding that the Universe provide: she would proclaim that this or that would be so, and as she was talking, she would wave her long, long, loooong finger in the air and as she finished her proclamation, she would draw her finger DOWN, as if pulling the thing right from the ether. Damned if it didn’t appear, one way or another, eventually. She was just so positive that it would be so! To me, this is the epitome of Leo. It Creates. It Manifests. Because it knows it CAN.

One day she and I were talking and she said to me “You know the difference between Leo and Virgo? Leo says (now she’s standing up and roaring): “KRYSSSSSSTTTTEEEEEEEEEN”

Virgo says (she makes her voice go teeny-tiny-squeaky): “Diane”

I fell on the floor laughing. Yup. Virgo sees the vast, vast universe and knows that we are an infinitesimal grain of sand; Leo thinks it’s the whole dang beach.

Do you agree?


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  1. Super funny & really made me laugh!!!!
    I’m a Leo and wish I were like that “KRYSSSSSSTTTTEEEEEEEEEN”, but far from it.
    It’s difficult to generalize, but it does seem that Virgos are rather more discrete than Leos. I’d guess there are planetary influences though that can turn a quiet Virgo into a screamer (i.e. my mother).
    As for being positive, I agree, from Leos I know/have known. Lots of Leos have self-confidence or at least try to make it look that way. Virgos are probably more realistic, or practical or cautious. So that could temper their enthusiasm, and so express themselves with less flaboyance.
    Now that you’ve mentionned it, I’m trying to imagine an exuberant Virgo… it doesn’t really fit the ones I’ve known.

    1. Glad it made you laugh. Let’s see… what would turn a Virgo into a screamer? I think Virgo could SHRIEK, definitely…. especially if Sun is square Uranus or Pluto, even Mars! You might be a Leo, but do you have other inner planets in Virgo? I don’t think Leos fake their self confidence one bit. I used to laugh at Krysteen and tell her that she couldn’t care less if people fake their admiration for her, as long as they admire her, one way or another! She totally agreed. Didn’t matter a bit if they were faking it. Just bring it.

      Now a Virgo…. she’d rather you take your fake admiration and put it where the sun don’t shine! I have known some exuberant Virgos, but they had other inner planets in Leo!

      1. Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto here with Mars conjunct my Mercury and with a Gemini Moon squaring my Sun/Pluto. I am am motormouth who puts my opinions out there, consequences be damned. But I have a Virgo friend who is very quiet and any sort of confrontation makes him sick to his stomach. So very Virgo of him. Leo rules my 7th house, so I like a person to be bold and not wimpy.

        1. Tonya! Just reading your post, and realizing it’s all my planets/aspects you’re mentioning…I was born on Sept 22 1970. Is that your birthday too?? Amazing! Asc Leo in my case 🙂

  2. I can’t think of any exuberant Virgos, but I know one who is quite happy. He has a great Sabian symbol…I also know a lot of Leos, and I completely agree with DianeO that ‘never the twain shall meet’….

  3. lol I live next door to a Leo sun woman, who is with a Virgo sun male for decades.
    I can tell she is a strong little thing(When I say little, she is only like 4’10) so she’s really short, I am thinking she has some Capricorn. lol She is generous and kind and always giving too! Just yesterday she came over to give me one of her plants, as she was putting some new plants into new pots. today i’m thinking of giving her some of our left over cake, and maybe if I make it to the supermarket, a bottle of wine (as they always have a buy one get one free wine!!) lol I always tell her don’t worry! I get the buy one get one free offer so don’t feel bad. 😀

    1. Yes, Leos are totally magnanimous unless they have been horribly disrespected and become grumpy lion with thorn in foot! Otherwise, no wonder Leo rules the Sun! When a Leo is shining down on you, there’s nothing like it. I always say that in my next life, I want to come back as a Leo. Then I will get on stage and sing my heart out like I never could as a Virgo!

  4. Chalk and cheese. Love the Leo charm and warmth, hate the arrogance and overbearing self-love that they can display. Love Virgo descretion and precision but loathe the silent critical analysis (of me)! Like all the signs that are placed next to each other they are so totally different. (Thinking of pisces and Aries!)A great read, Diane.

  5. Very spot on and funny!! As a Leo, I sometimes forget that I can come across as a bit much for the earthier types. My daughter reminds me of this from time to time. Personality differences make the world a much more spicy and interesting place! Thanks for the story.

  6. I agree.

    One day when I was in a group chat with my cousins I talked about how different sun signs were like (there were some Cancer and Leo birthdays in a week), I said that Leos have an innate self-love, self-respect and self-dignity that is just so natural to them. Some Leos push it up several notches (the roar! the arrogance! the self-important!) yet in general, self-esteem tends to be there – even in the shier and quieter Leos (I’ve met some shy Leos.)

    My cousin and my father are Leos so I have experienced this energy in them all my life. Leo rising and leo moon people are similar in energy yet it is different with the Leo suns – it is just there and feels well-rooted.

    They like themselves – just as they are 🙂

  7. I live with both in me. My Leo Moon/Ascendant wants to be all that, then my Virgo Sun (square Saturn) plus Virgo Mercury, Venus and Pluto all cut me down to size (and then some, sometimes!). Always a pushme-pullyu.

    1. aaargh!!! No fair, to have Leo Moon/Asc. and then Virgo sun square Saturn!! But what an *interesting* chart!!

    1. I think they have a sense of entitlement that allows for those things they desire to enter, that people with other energies have a harder time accessing. In this case I think having a sense of entitlement is a wonderful thing. They really know how to receive. It’s an art that their souls have mastered. It’s one of the cool lessons that Leo’s have to teach other signs.

      1. My north node is in Leo, so it’s been a lesson for me. It’s funny that I gave birth to a Leo. (But not surprising, knowing how astrology reflects the universe.) I tell him all the time how much I learn from him.

  8. Hi Diane! As a Virgo with mercury, venus and jupiter in Leo – I definitely relate to that Leo woman. I have that inner unshakeable faith that I can manifest what I need and it will come just at the right time I need it. A faith in the Universe. This rarely has failed me.
    And I will call people’s names from farrrrr away with great energy a lot of times – but my Capricorn + Saturn rising has to be aware of the environment! 😉 (P.s. I will email you my feedback soon! I’m sorry!) This post made me laugh for sure at how I can relate to it by having energies of both signs! 😀

  9. I have all my personal planets in Leo (Mercury, Venus and Mars). I find I am highly creative. I think creativity is a way to manifest what we want in life. You want what you desire, but you need to create the pathway first. We use our ego for that. The needs of the ego. I may be a Virgo sun, but my Leo planets set the stage. I direct the cast to “clean up and sort through this junk” and I get creative doing it.

    And as much as I have a difficult time from Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio, I am still grateful for my Leo planets. I have some nasty aspects in my charts including a Venus/Pluto square and Mars/Saturn square, but I never regret what God gave me. I just hope I one day preserve through my difficulties without living my life in vain.

  10. Know what’s weird? Many current comedians are Virgo with a Capricorn moon (Louis CK especially!) Or generally have a capricorn moon (Marc Maron, Jessi Klein, Larry David). Louie certainly harps on how entitled we are and how the world doesnt owe us shit.

  11. I have a Leo 7th house and Pallas in Leo. Also Virgo on the vertex.

    I feel like a Virgo is like a water sign but with more emotional self control :p

    Like a more interesting water sign with plenty to say

  12. I have Sun + 2 planets in Leo, and Moon + 2 in Virgo, so the Leo/Virgo combination always interests me. I love the Leo, the Virgo not so much, though it comes into play mostly in my work. I have a knack and dedication for detail work, which my Leo sun thinks is demeaning, but it pays the bills. Plus I have zero neatnik tendencies in my life, the Leo lazy slob is much more dominant and I enjoy it even though the Virgo disapproves (both internally and from Virgos in my life). I read in an astrology book that Virgo moon can be called “the medicine chest moon,” and I have abiding interests in natural medicine and obscure folk remedies that work well for me.

    I recall Michael Lutin on Leo/Virgo combinations, I think it was in Childhood Rising; paraphrasing because I don’t have the book anymore, I believe he said that you’d want to throw yourself a ticker-tape parade but then feel compelled to clean it up afterward.

    Not an easy combo, and I often don’t get on well with Virgo suns, but I grudgingly have to admit that Virgo is grounding and helps to get the jobs done while Leo would rather just coast and take a bow. An astrological counselor told me recently that Virgo was taking over too much and I needed to feed my Leo side more and bring out the sun, and that’s been very healing and empowering. I think the Leo power can get tamped down by Virgo, and a stifled lioness is not much fun to be around (especially for the lioness herself!).

    As for comedy: interesting since that’s been a thread in my life and work too. Maybe the Virgo moon provides the cutting quality and incisiveness for comedy. I’ve also studied charts of many famous comedians (when I was preparing a class on the subject, comedians not astrology that is), and so many of them had very close Mercury/Jupiter aspects.

  13. Funny! I couldn’t help but comment on this. I am sun sign Virgo with a Leo Venus and Aries Moon and 1st house Mars. Most of the time I feel the fiery side takes over:) no matter Virgo I am but I simply ADORE Leo women and they tend to bond with me very well too. It happens instantly! And the funniest thing, I fund Aries as mu as sexy but I tend to dislike Leo men because in my experience they can be very self centred and pompous. have a good day peeps!

  14. anonymoushermit

    I like this type of Leo that’s written about! She’s confident without demeaning people. Unfortunately, for me, I had to face two shadow Leos (Pluto conjunct Sun in Leo) for parents. Yikes! Domineering and tyrannical as heck. And very ego-based and dictating. It was like living with Stalin.

  15. Great, funny post Diane! My son is a 5H Leo Sun. His Sun is conjunct his SN; trines his Aries ASC; sextiles his Libra DC. His Sun/SN and DC form a yod with the apex hitting his 12H Neptune. I feel he’s not living up to his potential yet (SN – past lives) as he’s joined his father’s (Sun; 5H of family) business as an associate (Libra – business partners). His Aries ASC hasn’t been challenged (yet) and the yod’s Neptune apex has diffused his perspective of hard work. Of course I want the best for my son, but I think he’ll be in for a rude awakening once he experiences his first Saturn Return in April/May and December 2019.

  16. Double Leo –Leo sun with Leo rising. More planets in Virgo than anything else though (Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus). While (mostly) humble and self-deprecating my big Leo ego still believes I can have anything I want just because I say so, and often find myself flat on my ass because of it.

    Leo is wonderful sign — courageous, honorable, generous, etc. but it’s gigantic ego is often its downfall. When I need to muster up more confidence than my Virgo planets can provide, I always remind myself “Be more Leo than Virgo!”. It can come in handy. But learning to balance out that Leo ego will likely be a lifelong journey.

  17. My mother is a suncjmooncjneptune in Virgo.But with a cartload of planets in Leo, she’s more like roaring.As a double sag, we don’t get along very well.

    1. @kri, according to astrotheme.com for all the celeb charts, she’s virgo dominant. I think it’s because of her tight Uranus/pluto Virgo. she doesn’t have a rising though. I really like her spunky music, pizazz, flair, very brave especially for that time, a couple decades ago. lol

  18. I think about this post and I gotta say, I read it as somehow ‘down on Virgo’.. yet i see such value and.. interest in both signs. I find both so magnetic. Maybe just havent spent enough time examining the dark or annoying side of Virgo.
    I would love to be listening to a Virgo guy talk right now. Sigh. Or smiling at something a Leonine guy is doing.
    As a somewhat Cancerian/Piscean chart person.. i see these as the higher expression of me. Where i can be… distracted, irrational. They experience emotion and do something with it. They dont chase comfort or hide.
    In the past i dated a dude with mars in virgo who was hyper critical of me in the wrog ways. But it was the libra in his chart that made him say it.

  19. if you want to see the sexiness and inventive majesty of Virgo, google Joseph Marazzo. Hes very inspiring and sexy

  20. 12thLeo sun, ASC, Venus and Uranus. When I come into a room…I make sure to smile and greet everyone I see :)…I love making ppl laugh with stories, when I am in a group setting, I am “on” ..but really most days I love my time alone, my cozy time reading about astro and lurking on boards 🙂 oh and I hate confrontation of any kind.

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