How To Tell Where A Full Or New Moon Lands In Your Chart

This is a bit of a chart. The houses are numbered on the inside wheel. In this example, the 5th, 6th and part of the 7th house is shown.

The lines that separate the houses are called “cusps”. A planet falling between the boundaries of a house are said to be in the house.

In this case, Mars, the Sun, Uranus and Mercury are in the 6th house.

cuspHere you see the numbers on the house cusps highlighted. Check the top one. 27 degrees, 21 minutes, Cancer.

The middle cusp is 27 degrees, 21 minutes, Gemini.

Now lets say there is a new moon @ 29 degrees Cancer. It would fall in the 7th house!

It would not fall in the 6th house with the other planets in Cancer, because it’s on the other side of line / cusp / boundary between houses!

Now here comes your test. See if you can figure out where these transits would fall in the chart shown.

  1. New moon @ 15 degrees Leo
  2. New moon @ 3 degrees Gemini
  3. Full moon @ 26 Virgo
  4. New moon @ 29 Aries

Extra credit, trick questions, advanced so you know you’ve got it for sure!

5. New moon @ 29 Libra
6. Saturn transiting mid -degrees of Leo lands…where?


1.7th house
2. 5th house
3. 8th house
4. 4th house
5. 10th house
6. 7th house

How did you do?

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18 thoughts on “How To Tell Where A Full Or New Moon Lands In Your Chart”

  1. I just realized what I am getting me for Christmas ,you to do my chart,
    Call after weekend, after an early mainland boat, and books for grandson, then Me-time, I am soooo

      1. Better late than never! I might have missed the post anyway, not on purpose of course, but I don’t read EVERYone always but glad I did today! ?

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    100% Im used to reading on a different chart style (see I find this type initially more challenging to read but I have a better grasp now.thanks Elsa!

  3. Do I look for a new moon in the natal chart?
    I have a solar return chart but it doesn’t provide a wheel so its hard to tell which house the moon is in.

  4. Is there a quick tip on knowing if planets or houses are sextiled and trined ?
    Are all fixed signs are sextiled?
    0r 1st 3rd 5th 7th houses all trined? ?‍♀️

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