Is Venus Neptune Getting Married? It’s Not Like She’d Know

Astrologer, Madeline asks:

“Is there a wedding happening???? sorry to be nosy.”

I presume you mean the soldier and I? Yes, we a planning to get married as soon as we can provided he can get me to do it. We plan to get married when he gets vacation but he’s not holding his breath and I can’t reassure him because I really am broken on this front. Things just come out of me and I swear it’s not intentional!

For example, his son is coming back to the states pretty soon, so perhaps it’s more important they see each other – “We can get married anytime,” I told both of them with a straight face.

And then a couple days ago the soldier hurt his knee.

“Sounds like you need knee-replacement to me,” I quipped, teasing him for his age. “I guess we’ll have to take you in for surgery on your vacation,” I said with a wedding not even in my consciousness.

“NO! DAMN IT PANIZZON, I KNEW YOU WEREN’T GOING TO MARRY ME! WE’RE NOT GETTING KNEE SURGERY – YOU ARE MARRYING ME…” he dropped his voice to normal. “Dagnamit, P. I knew you were going to try to avoid this. You’re goin’ do it to me again. Damn you, P, damn you – why won’t you marry me?”

I couldn’t even answer him because it’s not even conscious. I just automatically try to avoid (Neptune) marriage (Venus).

However, I am intending to marry him very soon and as far as I know, I mean it and regardless of that, I will never leave and on this front I am certain and he has faith as well. I just don’t know how to do that bride thing… the whole thought of it = day of horror. I’d rather dig a ditch, I’ll tell you that.

As far as I am concerned I am already married to the soldier. I would actually like to marry him in the real sense but have no idea how this might be accomplished.

“We can’t invite anyone,” I told him a couple months ago. “What am I supposed to say? Come to my wedding… travel there on the off chance I have one? You can’t do that to people…”

I realize people plan these things to the nth degree and actually manage to marry on a day they set a year in advance but how this is accomplished is outside my realm.

I tell you people I am from the desert all the time but I really don’t think you understand.

24 thoughts on “Is Venus Neptune Getting Married? It’s Not Like She’d Know”

  1. I don’t feel as strongly about it as you do but I just don’t get the whole planning a wedding thing. I’ve been married twice. Once was in a church courtyard on a whim. Well I was engaged. We just upped the date for fun because I wanted to avoid the expense and effort of planning it. Then I got married in a sort of pagan ceremony in my home but that one didn’t stick long.

    I’ve been planning to marry my current man since the day we met. We just never got around to eloping. I THINK we have a date. How does a back yard pot luck bbq wedding sound? My daughter says I can’t wear my stompy boots but she’s a prissy Virgo and far too bossy to be 15 years old.

    Just do it quick Elsa! Or get your sister to plan it and wear her clothes. You are so crafty I’m sure there’s a way to make trick your Neptune/Venus into cooperation.

  2. Yes, I’d do it quick before you have time to think about it much. And could you go with the Soldier to see his son and get married there? (oh shoot no, the Tombstone plan.)

    Venus-Neptune avoids marriage?! I don’t have a ton of Jupiter nor do I have Venus-Neptune on the angles, but I think I have a streak of marriage avoidance. I stalled for two years before I did it the one time, and when I did, it was a Venus-Neptune visual fantasy (definitely like a trick). And now, I feel like I never want to get married again in my life, but I was attributing that mostly to Sun-Uranus. Eureka!

  3. I like the valium and the hannibal lector strapped to a board idea.

    Or best would be if someone just came by and married us at a stop light.

    It really pissed me off because he married his wife with a justice of the peace on whim but did I get to do that? NOOOOOOOOOOO! I was supposed to do a whole Catholic shebang and I’d never so much as been to mass! Who can fake that, hmm??


    Life is so strange.

  4. I asked my husband to marry me, and planned the wedding in 6 weeks. It was like “bam!” We discovered that almost all weddings are like water – they spread to fill the space, so if we’d had a year-long engagement, there would have been a year-long wedding planning ordeal.

    Hehe, Elsa, if you need a wedding planner, I’ll have it done before you can sneak out the back door.

  5. “Can’t you just get married at your house, the only people there: you, the soldier, the kids and the dogs?????????”

    I wish. I really don’t know what to do. If anyone is there, others will wonder why they were not. His side, I mean. My people know me. I don’t have that many of them but they do know me and they understand this.

    You sort of have to know my background and then everything makes sense.

    Anyway, we can’t get anywhere because I tell him this and he says he doesn’t have any fuckin’ people which is not true. I would really like to give him his wedding I just don’t know how so just wish for a miracle.

  6. aHA! “I would really like to give him his wedding I just don’t know how” This tells me more than I knew previously.

  7. Well if you look at the picture of me standing in the desert when I am a kid surrounded by nothing, that’s a big clue or at least I think it’s a big clue. I have no idea what people see when they look at that.

    This is the picture I mean:

    Does that look like someone who knows how to get married? Someone who has ever had the thought in their life?

    Also, do you know how many men have proposed to me? More than 20 who were serious. Another 20 or so who may have been serious and the most recent proposal came guess when?


    And I’m not talkin’ about the soldier either.

    This shit is high comedy. You can’t make it up, I’ll tell you that.

  8. Elsa P., you are lucky (unlucky I mean) that you are not in my vicinity. I’d get your ass in gear, for sure. I’d put together a nice tasteful and small wedding. I got a bunch of organized Virgo and determined Scorp and enough goofy Pisces to make it happen..and in a very pretty way. I could cook you an unbelievable Italian feast and you could have it on long white tables under some desert-y trees like a Fellini movie. You could have the various antipasti all out on platters on the table, and bread and olives; the thought of people waiting and having to eat will distract you and make you want to hurry up and get it done. You stand at the head of the table with the soldier while some nice friendly priest or whomever does the ceremony under a bright blue sky. Everyone sits around the table beaming at you. Vid stands next to you and the soldier’s son and DIL stand next to him, with Dora all dressed up as your bridesmaid and Cluck the best man. Short and sweet, you say your “I Do”s and kiss. Raucous cheering ensues, the dogs start barking, and the glasses of wine and champagne are lifted in celebration. You walk around to kiss and hug everybody and the food gets passed around. Lots of flowers on the table. You and your new hubby sit down next to each other and look down at all of the loved ones on either side of the table. Course after course, glass after glass of cheer, lots of glass clinking to make you kiss. The sun goes down, candles and lanterns are lit, you have some music and a little dancing if you’re so inclined. The time flies by because everyone has been having such a good time and reminiscing and telling stories; the moon comes up, then some people start getting a little tired and it’s time to wrap it up. The bride and groom retire to their bubble bath and wedding night, and a few helpful and romantic types clean up under the stars.

    Everyone is happy. The End. I mean..

    The Beginning 🙂

  9. Well, when you get married there are two options, either the relationship continues as it was before, or it changes after the marriage. If it continues as it was before, it really doesn’t matter if you get married or not. So, I think the fear is that it could change, and with Venus-Neptune specifically that it could disappear. It’s a distorted equation: if the dream is real, reality (as a form like marriage) must be a dream and end. That seems to be the problem, and maybe we can only solve it through the sacrifice of our dream – out of real love. Venus-Neptune myself.

  10. ‘Also, do you know how many men have proposed to me? More than 20 who were serious. Another 20 or so who may have been serious and the most recent proposal came guess when?’


    What is the astrology for that level of proposal mania? That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard! That is just brilliant 🙂

  11. Togi, I have a 7th house uranus and Venus sq Neptune on the midheaven. I habe to dodge weddings like bullets… and fuckin’ A it’s true. I was 12 years old the first time a man tried to marry me and like I said, 2 days ago a man asked me to marry him.

    They don’t even know who they’re talking to, they just want to get the ring on finger and start livin’ their delusion!! It’s my hologram they’re after and WHO knows who she is?

  12. I understand, Elsa. I don’t know what my own astrology is on this, but apparently since I was age 8 my father reported that I told him I didn’t want to have a wedding. When I got engaged a few years ago, people looked at me longways (and, it didn’t work – they were right). Now that I’m pregnant with my bf’s child, I’m still in no rush (age 37). And I know once we tell people, the pressure will come from both our Catholic families. I def. want my child to be legit. but we both love it already and he mentions the “m” word, and I’m like, “Um. Later? We got enough on our plates?”

    One day I’ll get down that aisle!

  13. I should send you the link to my wedding photos, Elsa. I just got married (2nd time) in October. I wore a red dress, my man put on a suit, we dressed up the kids… And got married in my grandparents’ living room. Because they offered their house and it’s a nice place.

    Then we all tromped out to the backyard for BBQ. And cupcakes. All photos were taken by friends, the music was a stereo in the corner of the tent… It was just a nice day. We didn’t worry about that something borrowed, something blue crap, nor did we fuss over whether he saw me on the wedding day.

    Check out There are TONS of couples who ditch tradition, and the only common theme is that they did it their own way.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth… When my 40 or 50-something uncle finally decided to marry his gf of 20+ years, they just went to the courthouse. They had a picture taken outside the courthouse of the two of them holding their marriage license, and sent the photo to my grandmother. She’s a Cap and a Catholic, but she giggled over that picture!

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