Speaking of Heightened Sensitivities… Plus Depression Update

I am on my 3rd day with no sugar and all symptoms of depression have lifted. In my case it seems a very simple Saturn Moon equation: Control the diet, or feel depressed!

The problem now is I am just a like alcoholic 3 days later. I feel no problems at all and there is a risk of telling myself, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad. I’m sure a cookie won’t hurt…” ::rolls eyes::

It actually was that bad, it’s been devastating and as a reminder to myself I am writing this blog because as I have suffered, Dora has suffered.

Sometimes this house is bustling. When the solider is here with his pile of gear in heaps in two rooms, when Vid and Cluck are here along with Dora and I… well this is a small house so it’s very busy. Quirky Aqaurian is around a lot too and while Dora likes everyone – She is always happy to see people, she is also somewhat relieved when they all clear out and it is just her and I. That is until I started feeling like crap.

See, Dora can’t see very well. She nearly completely blind and nearly completely deaf so as you can imagine her other senses are very heightened and she very much picks up on your mood and I am pretty sure it amplifies inside her.

For example if I am afraid, as I was one night when I heard all this noise and banging around, she becomes completely terrified. She really relies on the people around her to know what she supposed to do and how she is supposed to feel. So when my mood dropped her mood dropped as well and it dropped dramatically.

I think this is worth noting as Dora is akin to a very sensitive child and it’s bears keeping in mind your children absorb your moods. Knowing this is motivating to me. If I eat a bunch of Oreos, we are both going down.

Today, Vid and I had to take Dora to get her tooth checked by the doc. It was supposed to be 2 minutes in and out, which I told her but instead we were detained because her eye is red.

She’s walked into a door, see, so they wanted to check her out and she was entirely unhappy about it. She thought she was going to be left there again for another tooth pull, see but she was not and I was able to hold her and keep her very reassured.

That is she went from shaking in fear to knowing she was in good hands but I’d have not been good hands if I’d have not got off the shit 3 days ago.


Nothing is better than sanity – Period.

Do you pick up on other people’s moods? Where is your Moon?

13 thoughts on “Speaking of Heightened Sensitivities… Plus Depression Update”

  1. Good for you!!! (((Dora))) I’m so glad she’s in a good home.

    I feel people’s moods so easily it can be a curse or a blessing. When I was small my mum (moon) had a nervous breakdown. That was really hard on the whole family, but seeing I was the youngest kid and home alone with her while the other kids were at school I felt her moods deeply.
    In fact when I was older (11 years old) and she was receiving counseling I remember her telling me repeatedly I thought her moods were my own, and I had to find a way to stop that.

    Capricorn Moon in the 1st House.
    The thing that finally set me free was astrology. Feeling other people’s moods are your own is apparently classic 1st House mon.

  2. All the time. Pisces Sun 12th house Libra Moon. I try guarding against this because I am not a human sponge. I remind myself to check in with how I truly feel.

  3. Yes totally, totally totally, but I blame it on the Pisces rising more. My moon is in the 5th in Leo tho. Nice post, very sweet how you are caring for that baby.

  4. Yes, I have a 12th house gemini sun and 9th house aquarius moon. Sometimes I have to stop and check in with myself to see if the feeling is really mine or the others around me. Weird I know.

  5. Yes. My mom and I pick each other’s moods up all the time, on the phone, even miles away with not a word exchanged. 4th house Pluto, Capricorn Moon conjunct Neptune (me), Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn and Neptune (mom).

  6. Yes I pick up others moods very much. I have a Virgo Moon in the 12th conjunct my Leo Pluto.

    I have found the interpretations concerning seeking solitude for 12th house planets really do apply for me.

    Energy leakage is something I have thought about for years and years, both my own and others. I have actually meant one psychic vampire long ago, and it was so creepy that I remember saying to my husband, I don’t ever want to be alone around that person ever! The person wasn’t just mentally unstable but also had the most negatively power energy I had ever encountered and I have met some dillies in my lifetime LOL

    I realize that the above likely makes me look like some paranoid psycho myself, but I have learned the hard way to trust myself, and to explore shielding techniques… this being a two way deal, since I think I leak a lot as well.

    I recall reading, and I can’t recall what author atm, saying that 12th house planets are like a collective clearing house for society’s negative emotions as well as the scapegoat position and I think that may well be applicable. If we incarnate with what the soul needs and how best we can serve.. all I can say is wtf was I thinking before I incarnated. Next go I want all the good stuff and fuck the crap! LOL

  7. Completely pick up on other people’s moods. Have to be very careful to stay away from negative people.

    Moon is cap in 2nd house but I see this more as neptune in 1st house and mars/pluto in 11th.

  8. Moon in 8th sq. lots of things, so growing up I had Dora’s problem. I’ve just now been able to guard myself rom my Cancer/Pisces moon mothers’ moods! Now that I know I”m affected, it’s easy to go home and shield myself–but growing up, i didn’t pay attention to how I was affected by others’ moods as much, and so I was probably ignorant to the reason behind much of my moods. My doggie is also sensitive- I feel sad when I go home and she matches my mom’s moods also.

  9. I do, but I think it’s a survival technique I picked up over the years. Cap moon, 5th house.

    Poor pup… Dogs are a hell of a lot more sensitive than the average person, especially when they start to get older and become more reliant on their pack.

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