The Other Side Of The Story

zodiac puzzle brightFirst, this is not intended to be political at all. I have been thinking about this for a few days but I have not been able to figure out how to write it without it being interpreted or turned into some political and/or without seeming to be passive aggressive. This is just an observation, or maybe it’s a conclusion I’m coming to after a lifetime of observation.

There are a lot of people, maybe it’s most people, who only want one side of a story.  I will make this personal just as an example. Let’s say someone says something about me, let’s say it’s bad but all of this can be turned inside out.  The person could be saying something good and it would be the same result, flipped.

So a person or people believe this bad thing; they come around to broadcast the bad thing about me. I say, “Hold up a minute…”

But they keep coming. They have their story and they don’t want it changed.  If I even slightly challenge it, it will have the opposite effect. The person(s) with the one-sided story will double down on their position.  It’s at this point I know I am being used. My energy. My hologram. Whatever. There has to be a bad guy and this may be the point!

When a person refuses to hear your side of a story, the most obvious reason would be that they want to feel and think whatever it is they feel and think about you.  The most important thing, which eclipses all else: their thoughts and feelings remain in tact.

It’s a little weird. Taurus is known to stubborn but clearly this phenomena is more widespread. What about myopia?

I wrote about this in 2016:

Might Viewing Small Screens Create A Myopic Worldview?

That’s related but let me be clear, it’s not just “younger” people who are disinterested in the other side of the story. My point in linking that post is, if you limit the stories you’re willing to listen to or entertain, you are going be limited. It’s an anti-Jupiter thing, really.  You don’t want the full story from multiple perspectives.  You definitely don’t want the truth.

This may also be tied to a fragile ego or  the total opposite – an inflated ego.  Can’t handle being less than 100% right?  I really don’t know.  There’s probably a large number of reasons or combinations of reasons because this kind of blocking is also a defense!

You’re reality is defended all right, but at great cost, it seems. Too high a cost for me, that’s for sure.

There’s another angle here. I have seen this with older people as well and considering this might give a clue as to why the happens. You get to a certain age; some don’t want to know anything new.  They may be set in their ways or, “you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks” may come into play.  Your brain may not be willing… or capable of overwriting what’s already burned into the hard drive.  But here’s the terrifying thing. You can be twenty-five years old and you’ve already reached this stage?!  Now that’s scary!

If there is a sign least prone to this, it’s got to be Libra, who can’t help but see both sides of an issue, particularly when it comes to relationships.

Intelligence is also a factor. When listening to a story, thinking people will be well aware there is another side but this isn’t helpful when they refuse to hear the other side!

Have you noticed this phenomena? I notice it so frequently, I pretty much set aside anything negative that anyone says about anyone else (in my personal life), because I know I’m being groomed. I’m more likely to feel sympathy for the person being badmouthed, who doesn’t have the opportunity to defend themselves or perhaps explain their behavior.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Elsa,

    A similar theme has been on my mind last few weeks. What struck me was the natural inclination of many to want to be good, right – ‘light’. The trouble is in order to maintain that belief or make it appear ‘true’ something/someone needs to provide contrast …the dark. And so, to distance ourselves (from ourselves -a balance of light and dark) we end up casting shade on others.

    I also wrote an article mainly about Jupiter earlier this week. The basic sentiment is a desperation to believe ‘we are right’ turn needing others to be excessively wrong. Listening to the ‘other side’ is admitting we really aren’t who we want to believe we are – ‘the good ones’. Just wanting to be an ordinary human seems to go against societal constructs where achievement, being somebody is an unconsciously assumed purpose of life.

    Love your blog Elsa…

    1. Well here is a twist for you, steering again to the personal, mostly to avoid the political divide which I don’t even believe in.

      The chances a person is right about my view or my feelings about something is pretty small. To marry this idea with yours, the idea a person must be right about how I feel or what I am thinking, is borderline strange. Especially when they would do anything but ask me directly.

      It reminds me of algebra class, I took when I was 11 years old. I was taught to check my work. This suggested to my kid self, I may think I am right, but be wrong! To avoid cementing my wrong, I should check my work!

      1. On same page with avoiding the political mess.

        And yes, very small chance of someone else being right about how you feel, or what is at the heart of your views. I don’t know if it’s all that strange though. I travel a lot…always have. Who I am based on what someone else believes is often frozen in that time and place. Can totally relate when others don’t bother to ask directly (check their understanding) but rather skip to assumptions based on who they believe you are. I guess it throws them off? Sets off an uncomfortable sense of disillusionment?

        To be honest I think most just want a simple outline of who someone is – the actually getting to know someone is work never ever complete. Again, I agree we change our opinions, feelings, experiences that reshapes us on so many different the second.

        It sucks, but understanding really doesn’t seem high on the priority list for so so many…in my experience anyway. I think it is the reason almost everyone would be able to say in their lives that they feel misunderstood or state ‘I feel lonely even in a crowd’.

        1. “To be honest I think most just want a simple outline of who someone is – the actually getting to know someone is work never ever complete”

          I’ll have to think about this. I know it’s not the case for me. I’m always looking for a new wrinkle. Clearly, this is the case, seeing as I’ve spent 24 years, blogging. trying to dig at what people think and how they feel. It’s exciting!

          There are people around here who have been here for YEARS. I have learned all kinds of unexpected things from them.

          I had a client about ten days ago. She’s a doctor. She told me she’d read my blog since she was fourteen! I suspect she’s changed quite a bit, lol.

          If you keep your friends, family or other relationships (neighbors even), you get to know them better and really, I think it makes *YOU better. More sophisticated.

          Also, I think most would agree, we’re hugely self-centered in this day and age, at this time. Not that it’s going to stay that way, but this would explain the lack of regard or interest in other people.

  2. Here’s another angle – you know how someone feels… and then ten years pass. Do you still know how they feel? I doubt it!

    I have had my feelings change in sixty seconds and I know others are similar. But a person will like their story – like knowing something they actually don’t know.

  3. Well said Elsa…My goodness more people need to say this all around.

    We are on the precipice ULTRA HUMBLING times (just starting) and people refuse to see the other side on so many issues because it challenges them and their steadfast glue-like beliefs. Who benefits from that and who will reap the disadvantages of that?

    I have never NEVER understood why people get so attached and identify with their beliefs and guard them with picks and axes…I just cannot for the life of me comprehend how people cannot see/accept other sides of what is presented to them. I thought this came naturally to folks but boy these last 2 years I have been proven very wrong.

    An FYI on “Your brain may not be willing… or capable of overwriting what’s already burned into the hard drive”

    …for those who do want cultivate a more Jupitarian approach, I strongly suggest understanding NEUROPLASTICTY, interaction of nervous system and brain

    Great book~ The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge,M.D

  4. I’m open to change and just ordered The Brain That Changes Itself to my Kindle – thank you M and Hazel.

    When I first studied astrology I felt my 4 planet Libra Stellium was terrible. I was afraid I could never make-up my mind, and it was often very difficult. I discovered I don’t to have all the answers. What would life be without questions and challenges.

  5. “I have never NEVER understood why people get so attached and identify with their beliefs and guard them with picks and axes…” @hazel A person’s belief structure is securely attached to their sense of identity. If a person’s identity is constructed as a result of repeated experiences of trauma (at essence, loss), which is most humans, then to unpick/un-do the belief system means uncovering the trauma. The underlying trauma glues rigid personality structures into place, but also, given the right circumstances and dependant on what remains of the person’s soul/spirit it can conversely be the source of transformation if the person can step into the unbearable feelings (often best to do that with someone else for a time). @Elsa what you are describing is known as ‘splitting’, a defense mechanism which protects the constructed psychic structure (which is protecting the person from the awareness of their traumatised self which is largely unconscious) and utilises projection. ie., The other person becomes the vessel for what is denied in the process of splitting, either good/bad. At the root of what is denied and projected, the particular thoughts or ideas, are always emotions and they will always refer back to loss. Even knowing this and being empathic, it is hard to deal with. With Pluto in 1st a person tends to attract the projections of others as Pluto triggers the other person’s unconscious self and thus their defense mechanisms which are holding back their awareness of trauma. It does allow the Pluto 1st h person to figure out who they are more deeply, especially about their own traumatised self, which is the only way to integrity and true power. Understanding trauma and psychological dynamics is essential to get through the relating minefield of this placement. Hope this helps.

  6. I’m getting the nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius for the last 18 months having much to do with the other side of the story being shut down and more apparent. It has been endemic in every interaction. Fixed in belief like Sagittarius with Jupiter, which also rules media. I’ve heard recently Gemini can be skeptical, wanting more information. I can attest to that with Venus in Gemini, a 3rd house Mercury and Sun and natal Gemini-Sagittarius nodes 1st-7th. Yes to neuroplasticity! “Making a Good Brain Great” by Daniel G. Amen M.D. is good too.

  7. My Son and Mother both Librans’. I have learned never to tell them of any personal difficulties with others, as they immediately take the others side without listening to the facts. They see it as a way to disempower me, or something, but they see anyone who gives me grief as ‘having the power’ and so jump aboard that ship. I feel so betrayed.

  8. I thought of something else… a person might do this if they were hanging with someone they’re dependent on. Basically, they’re in agreement in their life and they want to keep it that way. A united front with their friend or their spouse.

    This reminds me of a very old post – not sure if it still exists but this friend and fellow astrologer told me once, I had the ability to live in world of disagreement. This was a novel thing to say. Claire is her name. Double Gemini. She left astrology because consulting became to intense for her. This was like, 15 years ago or so.

    Anyway, I didn’t know what she was talking about at the time so I asked for details. She said that most people have to live in a world of agreement – almost everyone is like this, according to her.

    I was dumbfounded back then but I’ve since learned that she was right.

    She had a great interest in Mercury Mars conjunctions and felt this explained my situation, I think. I can go back and forth. I like to go back and forth.

    Anyway, this is another aspect which I can understand.

  9. They need an ally. If they can get you to agree with their opinion on someone or something, it confirms that they are 100% right. I have Libra rising and listen to all opinions, but I refuse to get in the middle of the argument. I’ve been there many times and most often tell them they have to work that one out with the other person. When I was younger, I was always in the middle of arguments between my two sisters and you’re right, they were grooming me to be their sycophant.

  10. The timing of your post and me reading it couldn’t be better. I have wasted my day TODAY with this very issue you describe.

    My Mercury is 7 Cap and I was wondering if Chiron squaring is the reason I’m experiencing this. Neptune is also squaring my Sun and Jupiter at the moment. I don’t know, but I wish I didn’t care so much about being misunderstood. I have Mars in Libra. My biggest issue is someone basically withheld information from me about how someone else felt about me until it was too late for me to actually address it. Then when I tried to reach out, the person who withheld info says I can’t handle constructive criticism. Really, I’m more upset that they prevented me from being a better version of myself if I had known there was a problem. Instead, my behavior is “who I am” or a characteristic of me, which I won’t accept. I am not a two demential person, but complex person. Nome of the people involved really know me well enough to draw conclusions about my character. And me calling that out, well just made me a bigger jerk.

      1. ‘being a better person’: Elsa, this is on troubling terrain, like all value judgments are when we veture to assess another mind/person, or, for that matter, our own. Good, better, best … who provides the distinguishing criteria?

        1. In my world, the individual assesses themselves.

          My comment was in regards to this:

          “Really, I’m more upset that they prevented me from being a better version of myself…”

          He/She is stating they desire to improve themselves.

          Further, this used to be a normal thing… very common that a person wanted to improve themselves / their character. But the criteria is internal.

          1. I didn’t doubt I hurt this other person’s feelings, and if I could have addressed it in the moment I could have not only made things right by apologizing, but I could also have learned something about how other people experience me and decided from there if I could use the info to work on myself or discard it as “noise” somebody put on me that is more about them than me. Or, it could have been a mix of both! But, the one person kept me from this info because they decided they figured me out even though their version of me is a caricature. There is a Brene Browm quote I like and it’s something like, “it’s hard to hate someone up close.” So, when someone makes assumptions about who you are without the context (all assumptions) and you lean in, and get closer so they can see you more clearly, but they refuse to see and listen or lean in too, they don’t want you to be anything else but an “other” to them.

            I have a stellium in Sag including Jupiter, and I know I accidentally hurt people. I also know some people are impossible to please, but if they are honest with me I will try to understand their position. I’ve worked on this! North node in Gemini (trying to stop and listen) opposite my Sun stellium in Sag. I agree this issue is in some ways anti-Jupiter (not carrying to explore the big picture and other perspectives) but it’s also unhealthy Jupiter in that their version of truth is cemented dogmaticly in stone and they aren’t willing to pause and gather more facts on the issue and consider there could be more than one truth!

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  12. Goodness, Elsa! I have been aware, for as long as I can recall, of the firm determination of some people to ‘talk the party line’ without reflection: They will not consider your side of a picture even for a moment; they belong on a ‘side’, and they will not budge from there. I think of this as the ‘pack-hunter’ instinct. I.e., they will not act/think independently, for fear that if they do, the pack will shun them, and they will be left alone.

    It is no doubt impertinent of me to give you advice. But I cannot resist in this instace: Ignore the pack-hunter who crosses your path; that person lacks the courage to listen and consider, her/his/its commitment is to howl with the pack. You are mega-multiple heads and shoulders above this sort of thing, and everyone except the pack hunter and its pack will act accordingly.

  13. Well,times are unique? These past few years I think of an example someone threw my way,can’t remember
    The exact amount of time but this is the example
    Rats were put in bucket of water to see how long it took to drown?hours,however in the experiment somehow they were given something to hold onto momentarily short into experiment as if they could climb out of water
    The rats lasted Days! Hope gave incredible resource of strength? Amazing how are brains turn hope to increased
    Life time,not sure if I took this pony off the path?

  14. This is a very poignant topic.

    I’ve pondered this for a bit, too.

    I feel many of us have been taught some odd ways of maintaining relationships with others and ourselves.

    I see a lot of untenable agreements between folks. They’re extremely palpable. Our Westernized world is riddled with this, even in our ways of resource exchanges and within the work-place. It’s baked in. Years of marination.

    One thing needed is time, time so that many of us can truly learn some up-coming lessons so that these unclear, selfish, habitual ways of relating to one-another mature.

  15. I love your take on not taking on anything negative that’s being said behind someone’s back I used to badmouth people a lot and decided to quit doing so.
    I remember when someone badmouthed a woman i didn’t know, i expressed empathty for this woman. “Who knows what this woman went through..” was my thought. Not much later i discovered this was my ex-sister-in-law they were talking about!!

    1. I wonder if people aren’t becoming more sophisticated. Some people, anyway.

      My thinking is that we’re a trusting bunch. So we’re out here on the internet, believing everything we’re told or shown. But now the veil is dropping. Most are becoming more and more aware of not only all the evil out there but also, all the brainwashing.

      So if someone approached you with some BS, five or ten years ago, you might take it on. Today, a person may be more discerning.

      It’s progress. I guess it may be spotty. It’s hard to tell.

      Bottom line, if you’ve decided to think independently then someone trying to supply you with an opinion will instantly throw up a red flag.

      It’s best for everyone if these techniques don’t work because as long as they do work, they’ll be utilized.

  16. Libra Moon here, I have pissed off a lot of people because I can’t help but state there is another side and if I can see/feel it I’ll tell them what I think it is. My dad hammered into us, don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see. I always say there is more than one side to a story, the truth lies in the middle. I’ve also been criticized for surrounding myself with people who have different views and beliefs. I feel it helps me see things from different perspectives.

  17. Just came across this apt jewel. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance,it is the illusion of knowledge.” Steven Hawking

    1. I would say this akin to ‘science is NEVER settled’
      …there is always new information coming in…

      When someone tells me …well i believe the science I say ya well science changes on a daily basis it is continuously challenged and must be adjusted and be flexible!

      Think of all the topics out there where you are told
      (deep voice)
      ‘it is what it is, it’s science, the science is settled’

      Nope ~ never!

  18. I’m a lawyer with Mercury and Neptune conjunct on my Libra ascendant, so naturally I can argue both sides of many issues, based on facts. Still, I would never try to argue with someone’s entrenched feelings or far-out, unsubstantiated beliefs. People just don’t change, although they hopefully do evolve. And usually, to evolve they need to get out (or be forced out) of their comfort zones to have new life experiences that challenge their old beliefs.

    1. You make a really good point about the role of feelings and beliefs in conversations with folks who are not willing consider another side of a story. I think many times there is a deeper emotional issue that the topic represents for them, and an unwillingness to explore this. Instead they stand guard behind their side of the story as their shield from the real issue. And, since this involves introspection, I think it says something about us as a society since so many people are unwilling to do this work. I suppose not everyone knows how, and some people don’t have a lot of faith they can handle what they find if they look at themselves.

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