It Helps Not To Live In The Past

the pastSix planets changed signs in March of 2023. Since then, everyone I talk to is highly aware the world is changing in a way that’s irrevocable.

The people who are calling me are anxious to adapt, which I think is smart. If you’re in a bad spot, it will help not to live in the past, seeing as it’s gone.

Yes, that’s stark, but Pluto is in Aquarius. What’s cushy about that?  But it’s possible to take giant step into the future; at the expense of ego, in many cases.

As an example, I’m see people want to save and/or protect their marriages at this time. In the recent past (since Pluto in Libra), it’s not been this way.  Partnering insures you maintain contact with the flesh and blood world which is clearly threatened at this time.

Do you feel you’re keeping up with the changes?

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  1. While I am often swept away into the varying discussions/evidence of the dystopia going on in our world right now, I do have Faith.It IS the thing that is keeping me going.I am working on doing as you suggest, letting the past go.That was then and this is now.What can I do with this glorious,flawed,NOW.? I am having to remake parts of myself, to accept changes that are irrevocable, and to design these elder years in a new way (the old plan fell apart..) and, I can.

    Astrology and faith and my own inborn optimism have given me the tools.Some days I am just too damned tired to use them, but days like today i wake up renewed somehow.. by good dreams I have had, an astrology article that hits home, and/ or a call from a friend.

    Also, time with REAL HUMANS continues to be crucial!

    Thanks for all your info and hard work,Elsa. Appreciate the articles/blogs/newsletters. Astrology is how I organize my world!

  2. So much has changed in the last month, for myself and for both of my adult children. After years of life feeling like a drudgery, things are looking brighter than ever in my recollection. I just moved into my dream home, my son is getting ready to graduate college and accepted an internship making more than 2x his current salary. My daughter remarried after a nightmare first marriage. There’s more to each of these stories, but you get the idea. It’s like a light switch was flipped on.
    I have noticed that I’ve lost interest in social media. Who cares what people on the internet are complaining about? Are they even real people? I’m just enjoying my day to day life, keeping house, watching local events, taking care of my personal business. In other words, I can finally relax my mind.

  3. I am sick of the past…l stayed too long with it and certain people. I let it all go…told them why. One thinks l am joking. I am not. It was not good for me. It was not comforting-it was oppressive.l put up with it out of habit.

    Pluto is less than 10 dgs from the 12th …l have read about that here. But l am always taken to the 12th. I have learnt to live there in the silence and through dreams…
    Saturn will conjunct my Asc. and set off a grand sextile…there have been some strange, unexpected ‘lucky’ things. I don’t expect anything to last… that Tracy Mark’s quote has stuck like ‘Pray to Allah but tie up your camel’ (It is adaptable to any belief system l think)

    1. Good on you to draw a line in the sand!!! 👏👏👏Too often we stay stuck out of habit.

      Enjoy the grand sextile while you can. We must delight in the rare lucky breaks. I especially like your Tracey Marks quote “Pray to Allah but tie up your camel.” People often do one and neglect the other. 😅

  4. Ruler of my the 9th Nep. Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio too conj. MC. I like truth too–if it has to be a bitter pill l will have it.

  5. I still don’t understand the woke ism, but I frequent this tiny coffee shop, and I noticed immediately a man was talking about the snow he experienced, when he took a trip to California and he said the word “Mexicans came to help “and this other dude blew up like he committed a mortal sin And I think I’m going to make some T-shirts that say “no adjectives “as people some really freak out thinking it means a group of people not invited into another group when I see it as descriptive I could get verbose and descriptions ,for me,add like the layers of the descriptive parts and differences. what a freaky little fight going on at 6 o’clock in the morning ,yikes,crazy ,I’m not sure the point ?to argue about words ?that way ?as I don’t think it was derogatory I’m just puzzled “ no adjectives, please ,
    Makes some fight?”

    1. This is something I am dealing with in my life, too. Hard to keep from talking freely, just having casual conversation. No matter what I express, always meaning th o be kind, I
      get into trouble. Even after it’s explained, I don’t understand how anyone is offended. I’m trying to learn to just shut up, which feels very oppressive. But that’s NOW. We are no longer in the past.

  6. What about personal history? I think it’s important to know about it in order to know yourself and be in the world. If you are lost to yourself by not knowing where you’ve been in terms of experiences, then it can only continue to be confusing going forwards.

    1. It’s important to look at your personal history as far what you’ve done that has and hasn’t worked. I may not have made my point, clearly.

      My point is, it’s common people try to recapture some feeling they had in their long ago past… perhaps in a prior relationship? Or in their current relationship – they want to roll back, like a Wal-mart price?

      To do that, you have to deny reality… such as you’re no longer 21, or people just don’t feel the way they used to.

      I’m talking to myself here, too. Life used to be MUCH better. Far more fun. Opportunity everywhere. HAPPINESS seemed to grow on trees! Glee!

      Now? Now we’re in a cellar box, being robbed ’round the clock. If there are people who can’t perceive this, it’s a matter of time. Now we have people telling us we can’t catch rain in a barrel… and so many other things.

      Men and women mistreat each other as a matter of routine. I’m not saying you can’t have a happy life or the life you want, but whatever you want, you’re going to have to manifest it in these conditions, because the other conditions only exist in your imagination or the pining of your heart.

      It’s like having ten dollars and dreaming about when you used to have $100. You’re going to be at a standstill, sinking, until you find a way to deal in the here and now.

      We’re pretty much programmed to bitch and point at others. I’m sorry but this just doesn’t get a person anywhere. It’s so much better to NOT bitch and point at no one. This way you can move.

      1. An extreme version of that seems to be people who live and dress as if in a past era. Like rockabillies. On the surface it appears “fun” and “different”, but it’s rooted in an inability to grieve something. Unexpressed and unexplored grief causes unconscious fixations which keep people stuck in time – it’s like energetic knots in the psyche holding pain. They can also be inherited. For example, when I was a kid, I collected antiques and my whole room looked like a 1930s living room. Well unless it was from a past life, I think I unconsciously inherited this from my kin. I used to love old stuff and hunting in thrift and second-hand stores. Post my analysis, I have no interest in any such activities and find them depressing.

        However, once such grief is felt and released, life is more infused with the present, with no way of avoiding difficult realities, you can’t not see, so it takes on more Saturnian tones. It’s better, but harder, demands more, greater emotional capacities, and joy is found differently. It’s a work in progress, right?!

        1. To add, for me the Saturnian infused reality, which has been intensified and accelerated by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, is easier borne by developing a relation to spirit, a spiritual life or paradigm. In fact it’s essential. I believe that’s where there can be a shift regarding Neptune – to move away from psychic (ego) fantasy towards spiritual (soul) reality, which was once, and still is by the majority, deemed fantastical.

      2. On a long walk yesterday, I had a think about having Pluto transiting my first house (whee!), and remembering circumstances, conditions and mindset from previous Pluto transits. And Elsa, you have opened up a corner of the concept by addressing nostalgia, that fleshes out my thinking a bit more.

        Since I’m apparently in a reinvention phase and, per the reading you did for me, ready to mature out of certain things that either didn’t suit me to begin or no longer serve me…I tapped into nostalgia to discern the the pro/con ways I handled things, aiming to craft a confident and productive reshaping for this next phase. I am grateful for your added insight for this review. 🙏🏻

      3. Maybe I’m just a very odd person. 🤔

        When life deals me a lousy hand, and perhaps the game is rigged, I still look at my hand and wreck my brain thinking of how best to play it.

        Grief over what has passed or might have been, lasts at the most days for me. Then it’s time to roll up our sleeves and fertilise those trees so that they grow happiness again. I have no doubt they can sprout happiness, even if it is an altogether alien fruit to what was there previously. I’m prepared to make such concessions.

        Back in September 2021, before the invasion of Ukraine, before we had rising inflation right around the globe, my curiosity was drawn to how people ate during the Great Depression. I found a blog and it made for riveting reading as the author not only saved money but lost 10kg in the process!!!

        Wow, this is radical, I thought at the time. I was impressed by her ability to kill two birds at once – pushing down weight and bolstering the purse.

        I appreciate that for many, a shrinking purse would make them go in search of ways to stretch their dollar, but for me, this was an interesting world to jump into and explore. I’m always following my Uranian antenna; it has served me well. 😁

  7. This is so good Elsa, and I really appreciate everyone’s input.

    I’ve been all at sea, and needing lots of rest. Losing interest in the outer world and all the words, not so worried about what others are doing, or not doing.

    Don’t have the energy to play the old games, or engage in superficial chit chat. Prefer to quietly withdraw and do my own thing. And it’s not necessarily solitary; even when I’m alone, I feel part of something surging, ebbing and surging gathering. It’s nice when I can let go, Scorpio stellium means it’s not always graceful, but 🤷‍♀️. Once it’s done, it’s done.

    I wonder if Saturn in Pisces is sobering ?

  8. I just landed a job in a nonprofit that I first interviewed at nine months ago!

    The timing seems to be right, especially with the outer planet sign changes.

    Nonprofit is a whole different thing. I’m glad I’m out of for profit animal care. It’s hellish and only getting worse.

    I felt homesick for a bit, but I realized there’s nothing and no one to “go home” to.

    The three remaining parents won’t be here in the next 5 – 10 years. My only sibling will probably move south. Big Cap isn’t as close to his.

    Baby Scorp is coming here for college. Mr. Cap is living with his friends in a big old Victorian, but he too will likely come here.

    There’s no going back. I’m fine with that.

  9. I don’t live in the past, I do long for some things though. I satisfy that with listening to music from my younger years. Pandora is great for that, and it’s free (with ads, just like old radio!).
    It does feel like we’re floating in a sea of uncertainty, more than usual. More unfamiliar territory than just the usual for my last several years. Gender ID stuff, AI stuff, absolutely insane people in leadership positions of major companies and governments. Ya da ya….
    Just my 2 cents. Listen to music. 🎼🎧

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