Pluto Transit Square Natal Mercury – Insight, Paranoia & Communication Blackout

swamp thingWhen Pluto transits natal Mercury, the intensity is mind-boggling.  It’s like any other Pluto transit. The effects are deep and it can a long to assimilate what come to the surface.

You’re likely to experience a communication (Mercury) blackout (Pluto). This might happen because you shut down. In other cases, you may be shut out. What you say repulses people – they drop you.

You’ll have a lot of insight, though.  Possibly more than you’d prefer. Perceiving other people’s underpinnings isn’t necessarily pleasant, never mind. encountering your own taboo thoughts.  There’s little relief with this transit and it can manifest as paranoia.

It’s also common to focus on something and read all about it. For example, a person could learn astrology during a Pluto transit to Mercury.  You’re likely to be drawn to darker topics though, and may very well become obsessed.

What happened when Pluto squared your Mercury?

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  1. When Tr Pluto was in my Sag 11H and squaring my 8H Virgo Mercury, intense marriage counseling ensued.

    Tr Pluto in Cap has been trining my 8H Virgo Mercury most of this year. Coupled with the quarantine, I’ve enjoyed indepth, long studies of astrology.

    1. I am feeling the approaching almost mercury rx squaring pluto. Stay with me. Stay with me. I don’t know how to say, you can’t hear me though. I have been thinking about that alot today and I am wondering if the person is a native pluto square mercury. From her age I know that she is pluto in virgo and she is a sadge sun so it is possible her mercury is in sadge. Either way, this is good to read, some are just not capable of hearing. While I don’t know if I can stay, it is good to know it’s not anything personal, she just can’t hear. The thing is if the information I am sharing is to her benefit, she can hear that. She just can’t hear what I need from her. Can’t get blood from a turnip? Or something like that? Indeed timely. Thanks Elsa.

      1. I am curious…I am all the placements you mentioned. What is it you think she can’t hear? Have you had a look at your mercury signs compatibility?

  2. Trying to sell a car under this transit and drive 2000 miles to a job that I cannot get in California. I have been very short with people because I’ve dealt with hundreds of people who want the world for $700 – $1000. They’re not going to get it but they still keep trying.

  3. Oh, pluto square mercury, well I would say I did alot of measuring of my own words. I was re-entering the work force after 10 years, and working for a temp agency that sent me alot of loser jobs, big companies with angry nasty workers that could not wait to pounce. So it was all about survival in silence and yes, shaking my head, and internally laughing at the games going on. I thought it would never end. Following close behind was pluto opp moon. It was time when I would dream about walking down a long haul with peopled prison cells on both sides. The odd thing is I went from feeling locked out by their cell doors, to seeing them as locked into their own prison. A very 12th house feel in that.

  4. I have it natally. Paranoia and imagining the worst is second nature to me. My suspicions get the better of me if I can’t consult someone to give me perspective, so if you’re going through this transit, definitely talk out what you’re thinking with someone you trust.

    There are positives to this aspect too. You can find out almost anything with a little digging.

  5. I have also merc square pluto opp moon. Cap/Virgo/Pisc.

    “I don’t have the you answer to that (demandingly important) question right now, but I will get back to you.”
    *and persistent query*

    “Sorry. If you file a request at the museum front office we will surely look for the artifact.

    Think Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom…


    1. Or Illuminati. That works too for this aspect. Ghost hunting, brain surgeon, telepathy? Understanding quantum physics! Or Don Juan Casteneda

  6. I have natal Pluto conj. Virgo on decs. at one 1 degree virgo Trine Merc. Taurus in the 3rd at 4 degrees…so l feel it creeping up to square now.

    Trans. Pluto will be in my 11th for a while longer before in goes into the 12th.

    The sun/Saturn conj. my natal Chiron at 27 degrees (exact) in the 12th is/was extraordinary.

    Past life memories..karma is real.. my friend, my nephew
    both Gemini (my 4th house) both with their saturn in Taurus conj my Sun at
    24 degrees.

    Activating my grand square…my Grand sextile too and Mystic Retangle too…

    Generational problems coming to light and l have the drawings to prove it– a kind of pyschological/spiritual diary.

    It is frightening for people because what l drew happened…all dated. And
    I have about 200 more l did in the 80s/90s.

    My niece and l are’desigated patient’ Black sheep. The Bad One. The Dark One.

    What would have happen if we all had family therapy way back then when l suggested it? Maybe my niece wouldn’t be where she is now.

    I got away–sort of…

    I understand her pet Dragon now she sees herself as ‘Mother of Dragons’

  7. I have this natally with a wide orb. I am always trying to get to the depth or truth of things. I am also slow to trust due to some difficult experiences, so there is paranoia. It is not a bad placement for an investigator.

  8. Pluto in Aquarius will be squaring my mercury, sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Since I am 67 I am sure this transit will take me out. I have been wondering if this is an Alzheimer’s indicator. I did have 2 uncles that died from it.

    1. I wouldn’t bet on this. Just reading your comment, I got it loud and clear – nope. Not dying. The alzheimers also seems unlikely. These are fears?

  9. I’ve had Pluto squaring my Mercury for a year now with three more to go. Paranoia and darker thoughts have been more prevalent as well as obsessive processing over the endings of some relationships. I’ve felt like a secretive detective at times. It’s been intense and many times when Ive become overwhelmed with dark feelings I’ve had to stop and step outside of myself and say out loud ‘This is Pluto’s work’ to remind myself of the bigger picture. I’ve also had much stronger concentration and focus which is helping me make many changes to my life. My study of astrology is on the rise and the way I’ve been communicating has shifted mostly by holding my tongue to avoid drama. I’ve become a lot quieter and withdrawn while I deeply mull over things in private. My dreams have been intensely lucid & psychic visions are growing daily. I feel as if I’m moving through the depths towards some great shift in my life.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. My sister is currently going through the Pluto Square Mercury transit. She has Mars Square ascendant in her natal chart so communication is a Life Learning lesson for her. Our relationship ended last June over the fact that she was verbally and emotionally abusive to me for the last time. She was not expecting it and was very upset but it was her aggressive communication and vindictive tendencies that are what finally ended it. She has lost several other family member relationships due to her communication style. Hopefully she is mulling this over and making changes.

      1. I can only imagine that Pluto will be a great teacher to your sister, showing her the deeper reflection she needs to make the changes in her communication style and how she percieves things.

  10. ehhh. i have the quincunx, natally. this explains some things…
    i regularly test new people for their tolerance for my blurts. i have to limit my time/shutter my perspective with people who haven’t shown some resilience… (i don’t actually _like_ rattling people who aren’t up for it, usually.) but sometimes stuff still jumps out of my mouth.

    1. I hear that. My mom has Pluto opposing her Ascendant and she likes to test everyone around her to see if they can handle her energy.

  11. Interesting…I had this when I was 11/12 years old. I guess the thing that sticks out the most is a friendship that changed. We were all promoted from elementary school to middle school, to merge with the other middle school. My friend since kindergarten started hanging out with a new group (the cool kids). She tried to help me by saying she could show me ways I could be cool and join them, too. True to my Aquarius sun, I had no idea what she was talking about, and I didn’t really want to. My mother told me that friendships often change over time and that it was ok to still be me and still be there if she wanted to be my friend the way I was. That stuck with me.

    1. That’s really interesting because I have been estranged from my friend group since beginning of 2020. People I’ve been close with for 20 years. It’s been like a huge shock wave of emotion and grief thru my life. Very bereft feelings. I wanted to go deeper with myself and tried facing some issues with these people in hopes we could heal together but instead they all basically denounced me and I’ve been solitary since. I wonder if that’s a Pluto theme…having to learn to survive alone thru the transformation

      1. It may be leah. I’m finishing up Pluto Square Moon through my 12th and first house. When it went into my 12th house I stopped speaking to many family members, lost several friends and sold my business, and just immersed myself in art and healing. It was an incredibly solitary and somewhat lonely time. I learned to finally enjoy the Peace of Solitude after I came to grips with the initial loneliness. Very Pluto transformational.

        1. Wow. Pluto squaring your moon sounds very intense. I fully relate to the need for solitude and privacy. It’s such a deep and raw time, I personally find it hard to relate to anyone at all anymore. I spend pretty much all my time in nature alone now. I just finished my Pluto squaring Pluto a year ago and now back in another Pluto square transit…feels like I’ve been swimming through deep dark waters forever while also navigating thru 5 long Neptune transits…lots of depression and loneliness but so much inspiration through art and music and shows and Reiki. I feel I’ll be an entirely new woman on the other side of all of this.

          Thank you for sharing your Pluto journey 🙏

        2. That reminds me of a butterfly’s transformation from a larvae. You came out beautiful like a butterfly. (Not to say you were ugly before! Just a beautiful thing, like life often is!)

      2. Yes, Pluto is so transformative. And it moves so slowly that what you may feel is more of a grind, like slow crushing and you might not even be able to put your finger on it. When Pluto was conjunct my Mercury and Venus, that was a years-long thing. It wasn’t til a couple of years after it passed that I understood.

        I think the thing is, it can be like quicksand. The more you rebel, the moser it can sink you. You can fight, but it’s a fight that’s better made by looking inward to see what you need to work in, prune, understand, be better rooted, whatever you need. Lots of self-discovery.

        1. Agreed. It was soul crushing in some of the most painful ways. All my childhood shit I thought I had processed came up to smack me in the face again. Hard. This was all while Pluto was also conjunct my Venus as well. Lots of betrayals, too. As you said though I definitely came out of it much stronger and understand all the retrospective parts of it, I just wish it hadn’t been SO hard. Pluto transits are so stinking long, haha. My favorite quote is by Sorren Kierkegaard. He says, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”and that’s Pluto in a nutshell regardless of of transit.

        2. What a perfect response to a Pluto transit. I found I learnt a lot about humility as well as the futility of resistance in my Pluto square. I did fight it for a few years and when I finally succumbed mainly due to exhaustion is when I finally felt the transformation.
          I also got obsessed with the Hades & Persephone story and it weirdly kept showing up in books, songs, art…I really related to Persephone’s journey through the Underworld back into Spring.

          1. Hades and Persephone is one of my favorite Greek stories! One simply can’t resist Pluto. He’ll kick your ass worse if you do! 🙂

            1. One of my favorites too! As my Pluto square hit I discovered this webtoon about Hades and Persephone called Lore Olympus and it’s really been a bright light for me. Funny how something as small as a comic can hold such deep meaning under intense transits.

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