Joaquin Phoenix – Person Of Interest As Saturn Enters Scorpio

Joaquin Phoenix is undeniably magnetic.  With a stellium in Scorpio conjunct planets (including Pluto) in the late degrees of Libra, he is one to watch over the next 12 months, as Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio, conjuncting his  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus in the process.

He’s also going to be caught up the Uranus Pluto square. It aspects his natal Pluto and while the degree of his Moon is unknown (no birth time, this chart is for noon), it is likely caught up in the square as well.

I suspect he’ll be fine. He’s mature enough to handle himself and Jupiter in Pisces offers a good bit of protection but Saturn is un-aspected and in Cancer, the sign of it’s detriment so I don’t think it will be easy.

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What’s your read on Joaquin?

8 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix – Person Of Interest As Saturn Enters Scorpio”

  1. I have so many strong contacts with him in synastry, I’ve often wondered what it would be like if I ever met him. His Sun is almost directly on top of my DSC so naturally I’m drawn to him. In my opinion, its always hard to tell what’s what with celebrities bc the media is one slippery SOB. Although I guess there’s no doubt he’s going to be experiencing some interesting changes/challenges in his life soon.

  2. Avatar

    Oh he’ll be alright…I hope. xD
    I my self curious (and scared!) about what will happen as my Scorpio Venus and Pluto in 9th house Libra will conjunct Saturn in my 10th house Scorpio. o_o;

  3. He definitely is magnetic. I find myself being simultaneously attracted to and repelled. But there is something very mysterious about him for sure. Yes agree with Caroline…he is hott! Since this will be occurring in his 12th then 1st house maybe his will give up acting. Did he say he was going to quit a couple years back?

  4. And isn’t it when something hits 0 degrees it really makes an impact? His Mars is at 0 degrees. Maybe he will have a major operation and have to give up acting? Just speculation.

    1. You have a Scorpio rising and Mars and Saturn in the sign. 3 or more planets in a sign is is generally considered a stellium so you don’t have one. However, this will be an important transit for you because Saturn will cross your ascendent which is always, always marks a new chapter.

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