Venus Conjunct Pluto – Kiss Of Death

Venus with conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This is one hard core deal.

Venus rules love and money.  Pluto is concerned with power, the shadow of the collective, sex, exchange of energy, death, the unconscious and all things unfathomable. Capricorn is concerned with status and security, reality, integrity and karma.  When you combine these things, you come up with some wicked combinations.

  • The casting couch.
  • Backroom deals by power brokers.
  • A gay politician with a beard (wife).
  • A kept woman.
  • A deal with the devil.
  • BDSM
  • A father raping his daughter.
  • Kiss of death.
  • Till death do us part.
  • Vendetta against a lover
  • Damaged reputation

It’s not all negative but it is all serious.  For example, two (Venus) powerful (Pluto), authoritative (Saturn) people may agree to work together for mutual benefit.  This is good but it still intense because the individuals are radiating power as they make a commitment.  You can make millions under an aspect like this, it’s just going to call up all your skills.

On other fronts, relationships will also end under this aspect. In most cases this will be in both parties best interest.  For example if you’re ate up with a obsession over someone, you’re best off to gain control of it. In other cases, the police or a judge may be involved. The point here is that for many, love and money karma will come home.

Also, whenever Pluto and Venus mix it up, ex-lovers (I call them corpses) tend to show up and with the conjunction in Capricorn, this may be particularly burdensome.  They may come back to settle a debt and if you owe the money, or whatever it is they want, I’d pay it!  On the other hand, if you don’t owe the debt, you may have to defend (Capricorn) against a particularly venomous (Pluto) ex-love (Venus).  If this happens, expect to be bugged out (Pluto) and just learn all you can (Capricorn).

Last, this aspect is also potentially healing.  People who with some psychological sophistication, who do right by others are most likely to pull this off.

This conjunction takes place @ 6 Capricorn. If you have planets or angles of your chart between 2-10 Cardinal, you are sure to be personally affected but everyone is going to have awareness of this at some level.  Check the house in your chart where the conjunction falls for insight.

What do you know about Venus conjunct Pluto?

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88 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Pluto – Kiss Of Death”

  1. Same degrees as the past few years, but more exact to my Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Chiron. Cardinal Cross was ouch! but …December 1st, I’m ready for you! Hit me with your best shot!
    *puts on helmet*

  2. Bang, bang, my mars is 10º Capricorn, trine natal Pluto/ur…and the sun of the composite with mr. current interest is 8ºCap…I´d better head for the nuclear shelter in the basement…

  3. So I gather it’s not the best day to comply with a subpoena to appear for an interview with an Internal Revenue agent? Or would this be a really good time to NOT comply – have your lawyers try to get you out of it by pulling strings? There is A LOT of money to answer for and involves a celebrity of sorts. Any thoughts?

  4. I have NO IDEA what to expect…Venus/Pluto conjuncts my progressed descendent (by 4 degrees), progressed Mercury (natal chart ruler, by 1 degree)and (!)progressed Point of Fortune (exact). I’m really hoping for something fabulous on the relationship front…it’s been a (tough) LONG two years. I hate to say it but it squares progressed Pluto and Mars in the fifth. OUCH. looks like no relief

  5. in my natal chart it’s in my 2nd house. in my relocation chart, it’s in my 9th house and trine my ascendant.

    i will be promoting my next show very hard at that time and i am already seeing my efforts being rewarded on that front. i am forging new professional relationships and i expect to keep working this angle and proving to others that i’m a formidable person on this front.

  6. well i can see that the current political situation in my country (Europe – pre election) has this aspect written all over it ….the damaged reputation of main candidates, the kept wife, vendettas over big money, backroom deals and bodies that are starting to float hmmm …

    In my natal chart on the other hand this aspect will be exact opposition my 6th house Sun …still in the process of looking for a job,damaged reputation…don’t even wanna go there, health is OK – which after past year schenanigans pretty much means i still have a desire to live in this world and i can still breath, my daily routine is totally out of wack though, no structure in day to day life it sucks, guessing the opposition is not gonna be easy 😉

  7. This is happening in my 3rd house, right on my Neptune in Cap. I don’t know how this shall play out but I have this feeling that it shall be about me taking a stand especially where money is concerned. Flatmate owes me half for a utility bill since the end of October and not even boo to a ghost. Pure silence. Its about what I owe people and what they owe me. I’m not stressing though cause I can only do my best and people just have to do the minimum.

  8. It falls in my 7th house. Pluto is there since 2008, and I´m actually learning a lot about my worn out/useless/disempowering patterns in relationships, slowly ackwoleding about the shadow of the colective regarding femenine streotypes, shadow in MY PSHYCHE.
    Really I don´t worry much about how this will manisfest, as I have learned that everything is there to show us something INSIDE OURSELVES so we can GROW. But I´m sure it will have to do with what I have just mentioned.
    I´ll be paying attention.

  9. Just to add: the shadow of the colective in terms of the masculine is being more clear to me to see, and acknowledge.
    I have neptune natally conjunct my Desc, so for someone like me, to have the veil drop it´s actually a REAL BLESSING. Thank you PLUTO again. I love you.(I love your hardcore a**)

  10. Avatar
    alessandra derniat

    this falls opposite my 5 degree cancer ascendant. it also squares my mercury-mars-jupiter-sun stellium in early libra. should make for an interesting few days. oddly enough, i’m not too worried about it. should i be?

  11. I think worry is pointless, alessandra. Just deal with whatever comes up, IF something comes up. Glad you’re feeling good! 🙂

  12. This is gonna be hugely intense. This conjunction hits my natal Veuns Cap 9th House. Bring on the love! and the money!(please).
    Yet there has been a long power struggle with a subordinate female (looking for a better word to describe it..I am her supervisor). She is disobedient, refuses directions and a liar, yet has the support of my colleagues. Go figure. May have to pull my power on her, with integrity, or step down. Feel supported in other quarters with Earth trine hitting my earth trine. complicated!

  13. Nice Elsa, what you wrote instantly made me feel better and it wasn’t about anything I posted. Your fam is lucky to have such an enthusiastic positive force.

  14. I have to be in court midweek, for something that could leave a mark on me for at least 7 years and cost me more money than it already has. Hopefully I won’t be making deals with the devil. Conjunction falls in my first house, loosely opposite my Sun (6º) and Venus (8º) and activating numerous natal midpoints.

  15. Well this is happening in my 6th house, right on top of Vesta, Part of Fortune and my North Node. I’m feeling it. The spiderweb of healing and understanding are happening, didn’t know from where (seemed like grace/venus) so I looked up the transits and whammy… And given I’m a natal 4th house Scorpio Sun, Merc, Venus – I’m going with the psychological sophistication route… because if debts are called now then they will have to put me in debtors prison with all my neighbors.

  16. Oh good. This may be why this morning round 5am my mother moved back to my city and showed up at my house, without warning, asking if I was going to work that morning and oh, was I sleeping? She had a friend in tow too. And I had a sleeping baby in the house as well. Notice the “had” part. Now he’s awake…. great.

    My natal moon? At 9 degrees Cancer. Welcome Pluto opposition. I see you brought back my unmedicated mother to close proximity. We use to live on separate coasts. I miss that arrangement already.

  17. Thank you for telling it like it is! There’s comfort in that for a gal whose natal Ceres/Venus/North Node triple conjunction is 3/4 Capricorn. Can’t say (or won’t? just kidding) that my life story of the past three plus years covers your entire list of VP conjunct nasties, but you’ve hit quite a few—major betrayals-hub (now ex); two close friends; MY MOTHER!and two siblings; assaulted at work by a professional; two years later, the investigation is ongoing while former colleagues leave me holding the bag, with a very badly damaged reputation; I’ve lost my house, all savings; and there’s more…. BUT on the flip side, I am healthy, have written three plays and lots of spoken word poetry; have read a ton of books; know lots now about astrology; and I am off the workaholic grid forever! Just that wee problem of money….. oh yes, this is all happening in my 2nd house.
    Love your blog!

  18. I have both Venus and Pluto in my 9th house – I am getting a steady stream of info from the universe. I have the sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and pluto within those degrees – not sure of the aspects. Natal chart venus is 12 house and pluto is 5th – interesting stuff – thx Elsa as an astrology student I love your posts xoxo

  19. Caroline – I find planets conjunct the IC result in particularly difficult periods. I never look forward to this aspect. The IC seems like the strongest angle in the chart, at least for me. Anyone else experience this?

  20. I too pay a lot of attention to the IC and think of it as the most potent angle — the most intimately connected to my essential nature; my soul and my flow. Currently Neptune is hanging around my IC. Has been for quite some time. Lost my house this past summer. That is a Neptune:IC conjunction effect. Lots of good elements to this Neptune visit on the IC too. A very potent mixed bag.

  21. so intresting! that was one of my favourite years with my husband, we have years that are better than others because there have been years that people we love pass away, like when his grandmother passed on, and many others we know close to us passed. but that 2011 year was one of the best because there were marriages and births and happy tidings, no deaths of close family ect. people were healthier. it’s weird because on that list, kept woman is what people who dont know me probably would call me, because my husband takes care of us. i looked it up and it says Melania Trump is a kept woman. smh. my neighbors and people who know me call me “house mouse” and homebody. What me and Melania trump have in common is we both have capricorn and taurus. lol i’m thinking people say those things because they are jealous, cause i have no idea why.

  22. Ho everybody, this conjunction will be right on my second house cuspid. Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is on my 8th house in Leo. I don’t know what to aspect, while the only concern I have at the moment is regarding my job (my company is reviewing our contracts), and a sense of uncertainty about the future..

  23. Yea. Ole pluto has moved on too.
    I noticed on the forum during this a few intense people showed up my x bro in law called Christmas Eve. Omg. He sounded like a corpse. Had not heard from him in 40 years. My grand daughter was born on the 23 dec. cap rising with Pluto , venus , and mercury rising. Wow. She look unusual . Leo moon. 21 degrees. Seventh house. Bucket chart. Neptune in second.
    Uranus in third. Sun 2 .eleventh house. degrees cap. Double cap. With a Scorpio like mix.

    Daughter had a c section from hell. Being a Scorpio moon , told me all the gory details with Leo sun style. I’m glad that is over.?

      1. Thank you!!!
        Elsa Elsa

        This child will look unusual! Guaranteed
        Pluto venus rising

        I just listened to an old song. Chris rhea , fool if you think it over.
        It makes you happy.

        It flipped the old into a great time. Wrote it for his sister. She heartbroken at seventeen .
        A Pisces. Chris rhea

  24. I posted this over on the updated post for December 2021, wanted to share it here as well; “ I’m actually experiencing this Pluto retrograde conjunct Natal Venus retrograde 2nd house Capricorn in transit, it began Jan 6 actual and ends September 26, 2022, but I was dumped Christmas 2021 as I was coping with her crisis at the time where she was going to go inpatient for the holidays, she spent Christmas Eve with her Ex and I didn’t want to see her Christmas Day because I woke up alone in a bad mood and had to hear about the Ex first thing, just said I didn’t want to see her today and I got dumped, it’s August 8th, I’ve been through hell over this, apologized, begged pleaded, argued, I’ve been on fire in my heart, all I see and hear is sexual, I’m not having sex at all, my transit report says this is supposed to be an amazing experience but I’m dead inside, I also just suffered Mars conjunct Mars 6th House with North Node Conjunct Uranus, I’m not freaking out anymore and I’m overcoming my lower self as I control the strong urges, I did not want to see my 25 year old daughter during this time as my head wasn’t right, after all these months I’m learning and reaching out because what I’ve learned recently picking up Astrology and wow it explains a lot. I’m worried though I’m becoming a woman hater, it feels every woman I talk to anymore hates men or me, I trust my long term friend she’s a Virgo but we’re not intimate, she knows I became insanely jealous, obsessive and completely crushed. I want to kick Pluto out of my 2nd house, it’ll be over by mid 2025, I’m just sick of it anymore. Next house communication and I’m an aspiring writer, I don’t even want to know what Pluto has in store for me there. I just want to say my heart goes out to all of you suffering a Pluto/Venus conjunction, it can be hell.”

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