Don’t Fear the Reaper

reaperNow that all the planets in Capricorn have turned direct, I am hearing a lot of fear. People are afraid of consequences, afraid of loss, afraid of the sword of Damocles falling onto their heads. They’re afraid of being pulled back into the darkness.

I understand. The losses many of us have suffered have been staggering. This year has been bewildering and harsh. Life has irreversibly changed.

But here’s the thing. We’re good at this now. This story has been unfolding for at least a year now, and none of us are amateurs anymore. We have learned, we have grown, and most importantly, we have survived.

We will carry this memory of survival with us for the rest of our lives. We will have the emotional equivalent of muscle memory when it comes to dealing with hardship. We will bear our scars, yes, but we must always remember that scars are tougher than normal skin. Healed bones are stronger at the site of the break than anywhere else. Muscles that carry heavy burdens grow stronger.

For most of us, there will be other difficult transits. Saturn will render his judgements, or Pluto will drag us deep. But with every transit, we get a little better. We remember our previous trips to the underworld and can draw ourselves a map. Yes, we’ll go under, but we’ll also come up and feel the Sun again.

Through our transits, we become skilled travelers of all manner of spiritual terrain. We float on Jupiter’s clouds and eat from Venus’s garden. We fight through Mars’s battlefield and swim through Neptune’s oceans. We stand in Saturn’s court and we plumb Pluto’s depths.

We become more fully ourselves.

So as we come to the final act of this great cardinal play, don’t fear. You’ve become so strong. You’ve come so much farther than you realize. And you will make it through.

How have you fared over the past year? How have you grown?

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  1. Thank you for this beautifully written post. I’ve had a weird year as I’m sure everyone has. Some things happened that I never would have imagined. It hasn’t all been bad. I have experienced loss, for sure. But I’m learning how to handle the losses with stride. And I’m becoming more resilient and better at facing the future, whatever it may bring.

  2. I lost my 90 yr old father last week. He was 90 and had a major surgery which he never recovered from.
    My sister never kept me informed and I had to discover it on my own
    I live on the Opposite side of the country and opted (Due to Covid and my underlying conditions ) to not travel. My sister is holding that against me.
    3 days after my father died she emptied our childhood home and threw all of my parents belongings in a dumpster, keeping whatever was of value. She never even asked me if there was anything I’d like to have to remember them by. So unfair!
    It’s been heartbreaking, frustrating And infuriating all wrapped into one.
    She’s all I have left from our family but we’ve always had Our issues.
    I was hoping this could bring us closer, but closer to her two sons. She hung up on me when I told her that she should have communicated with me about the house sand belongings.
    Not looking forward to the future because there are Major assets to split.
    The relationship feels hopeless and a inheritance needs to be worked out in the near future.
    It’s been hell
    How do I post a photo of my chart here?
    I’d like some insight and words of wisdom

    1. Welcome, Suzi! I’m so sorry. What an awful, heartbreaking situation. If you go to the forums, you can post your chart and people are sure to have some insight for you. <3

  3. Dearest Suzi (above), I feel your pain, it reignited mine. Condolences to you for losing your second parent is heart wrenching enough. However, I can say be ready for anything in these circumstances, especially a long-term battle over assets. I had a similar situation happen in 2007, when my mum passed away, I have two, older sisters and I now live in eastern Europe (they are based in the UK, where we are from). We are still ‘battling’ over the selling of the property – 13 years on. My oldest sister has moved and hasn’t left me any forwarding address or contact details, only a few emails I received last year, through her solicitor! My other sister is in contact but is trying to wing everything her way. I’ve been available and open to both and ready to sell, without games or hold-ups. I’ll spare you all the ridiculous details. My point is that things can get very nasty once there’s distance between you and a lot of money is concerned. I hope your situation can be resolved amicably and without these delays as closure and reconcilation is the most important. I am astounded at our lack of progress, my mother would be so dismayed, she was amazing at treating us all equally. I truly wish you luck Suzi, keeping calm and having a plan helps. I am unwilling to get angry over my situation but it is heart breaking. Good luck Suzi, truly wishing you well.

  4. Hang on Suzi ,”thrown away things”
    Just pretend they are still tucked in a happy home.When someone dies all the good memories flood your thoughts and carve a deeper memory
    Nothing lost and the best moving
    From black and white to HD with panoramic feel and hi cinema sound
    Just love what your Daddy planned
    A set of sisters, when I lost a dear friend and more time to be with her,
    One of my sisters said “ you don’t have to give her back to heaven, she will stay with you till you need her
    Right on your shoulder whispering in your ear” she believes we start in heaven come down to earth and return when we are finished what
    We need to do on earth. He is here
    With you he has eternity to travel the both have pain, be brave, have courage.

  5. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4
    Realizing this may be an esoteric reference to Aesculpius, the great healer of ancient medicine and the origin of the caduceus symbol.
    The Christ in the DNA. True healing.

  6. One of my favorite songs of all time. Blue Oyster Cult.

    I guess you could say I’m used to it by now, but I’m also damn tired of it. I live in California and the gov is saying “no Halloween, no Thanksgiving…he hasn’t gotten around to saying no Christmas. Yet. But it’s coming. {sigh}

    1. I think there is a pandemic going on, isn’t there? At least you got California winter and can celebrate outdoors. Someone stopped over last night and we could only visit a short time in the cold. I am trying to figure out how to move a fire pit closer to the house (down the hill in the back now), so that we can keep warm in the snow around a fire and visit. They will need to call first to let me know they are coming so I can get the fire going. Whatever it takes.

  7. This quarantined year has afforded me an opportunity to really delve into my natal chart as the Cap stellium trined my natal Virgo Mercury and Venus. It’s been an incredible, eye-opening time period and experience.

  8. I just dusted off the scale. I am 8 lbs lighter since the beginning of the year. So I have dumped some weight this year.

    I probably have grown. It is hard to remember. Growth is constant so I would say yes. I was just thinking about the planet moves to Aquarius last night and what the qunicunxes to natal sun jupiter and pof in virgo and the moon and venus in cancer means. Have to research qunicunxes. I get the yod thing, but not sure how that relates to quincunxes.

  9. Thank you very much for such a motivating piece. I am too tired emotionally and mentally to be excited, however this certainly helped to keep my flame going on. Sincere thanks, keep up the great work.

  10. Very well written ! I propose that those needing a lift to check out the official video to Disturbed “The Light”. Print the lyrics first. Caution: IT ROCKS so strap in ! ?

  11. With Pluto’s feet now firmly planted in my natal 3rd house, I am blown away. Perhaps, it is accentuated by the mercury rx in scorpio and the uranus effect there as well. What blows me away is my all of a sudden deep awareness of communication. I mean I have read in many places through the years that everyday communications would take on deep meaning with pluto in the 3rd, but never thought it would be this kind of awareness. And while knowing that over 90% of communication is non verbal, I could not have imagined this awareness.

    In light of what I am experiencing, the growth for me that was so important was pluto opposing my moon and squaring mercury in the early part of capricorn. That 8th house cancer moon felt everything very deeply. I could not carry everyone’s pain, it hurt too much and that was vehmoosed. Pluto square mercury had me on eggshells and thereby increased communication awareness by the very nature of having to pay more attention to what was going on around me.

    I am in awe at the moment.

    1. Dear Notch do tell please… Pluto opposing your moon.
      This transit starts for me next year, natal moon in my
      first house! Thank you xxx
      Btw… My natal Pluto is in my 3rd house enjoyed reading
      your point of view.

      1. Growth came in two ways I think due to the pandemic. Improved time management: no commute time, no packing lunch, no work wardrobe, no extraneous stress from the office environment. Time opened up. Improved resource management: Better produce crop management. And when I need to do a project instead of running out and shopping around for solutions, I turned to what do I already have that can be utilized to complete the project. Creativity opened up.

      2. Wrong comment attached Ms Anna Risingsign. It was meant to be a stand alone. Mercury Rx, what can I say?

        What I am starting to experience with Pluto firmly in the third is most likely second nature to you. You must pick up on all sorts of stuff all the time. I would think you would be an excellent reader of ‘real’ communication going on.

        So you got cancer moon too? Basically I cared too much. That is possible. Others problems. Community issues, too. People would read about me at town hall in the local rag sheet, and tell me you hang in there and fight. However, they did not show up to stand behind me. I was a lone wolf howlin in the void. And hated by the money people. That’s when my local fish n chips guy told me the magic words, ‘you just can’t care that much.’ And I found out that it is not my fate to lead the charge. I do much better in the grapevine. And love it when my words about issues come back to me. So to sum it up, I cared so much I attempted to do something about it, and was not heard because it was not convenient. I find the same thing with the job, management is not going to get done what needs done, and I have always been part of the underground network that does the work, ie we get results. It was about me finding out how I can be most effective. Underground, that brings me back to pluto in the 3rd. Kinduv cool how nobody sees it. Invisible isn’t all bad when I got over others taking credit all the time like they are some kind of magician when I know the work it took to make it happen.

        1. I think ‘real’ communication was off. It is an awareness of all the parts and pieces I am picking up. I am watching myself intercept interpret and respond. It’s a breakdown of communication.

        2. Thank you xxx

          Transit Saturn is soon opposing my moon for the third and final time. So she has a short break before Pluto says his HELLOOOOO? it’s definitely time that I stop caring too much!!!
          Definitely!! I completely understand you there!!!

        3. Yes, made me smile that is exactly how it is with my Pluto! I pick up on everything, especially the unspoken, body language, anything hanging in the air… so to speak.
          I regularly need to recharge and/or cleanse my Aura … showers always help. Walks in nature etc…. thanks for getting it ??

          1. That thought occurred to me last nite. What if it becomes too much. What if I don’t want to know, don’t want to get it. Okay then, that could happen. Thanks.

        4. Avatar
          Anna Risingsign

          Yes dear Notch….
          Cancer moon sister here too xxx

          She definitely has her ins and outs being in Cancer ♋??

  12. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

    I’d much prefer to grow than die! I am more afraid of stagnation than growing pains!

    So, as 2020 draws to an end…. My have I grown, wilder and more crazy than ever anticipated!
    But a year I dug deep and found something of pure treasure on the deepest, darkest place.

  13. “Through our transits, we become skilled travelers of all manner of spiritual terrain. We float on Jupiter’s clouds and eat from Venus’s garden. We fight through Mars’s battlefield and swim through Neptune’s oceans. We stand in Saturn’s court and we plumb Pluto’s depths.

    We become more fully ourselves.”

    That, right there, is astrological poetry… damn girl! <3

  14. Interesting subject! I have been trying to grow Spiritually but still feel *stuck*. I can’t make any decisions to move ahead with what I want to do right now so yes, frustrated. But I do feel my Spiritual journey has helped me deal with things better, so I can accept the situation better. And I also lost weight and have done more exercise.

    So though I have grown I never. thought about the fact I have, only that I have felt stuck, so now I can look back and say “you know what? I have grown!”.

  15. Yes, made me smile that is exactly how it is with my Pluto! I pick up on everything, especially the unspoken, body language, anything hanging in the air… so to speak.
    I regularly need to recharge and/or cleanse my Aura … showers always help. Walks in nature etc…. thanks for getting it ??

  16. Avatar

    Well written and well said, Midara

    I wake up. I breathe. And I try. And I’ve learned. That’s what gets me through.

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