The Merits Of Delayed Gratification

behind the 8 ballI admit I like to make these contrary arguments. I speak up for denial. I support co-dependency! I have made a case for manipulation, control, and some other things society denigrates and now I want to talk about the merits of delayed gratification.

There isn’t a Capricorn and the world who thinks they are not behind the eight ball in one way or the other so let me tell you the high side of that.

Better to make it slow then find yourself on the stage that you can’t handle. The girl I mentioned in this post – My Hope For Changes In Society With The Influx Of Planets Into Aries is a good example. She is in so far over her head it is painful to watch.

There is something to be said for not hitting the (BIG) stage before you’re ready.  That’s all I want to say.


14 thoughts on “The Merits Of Delayed Gratification”

  1. Oh, there are a lot of merits for delayed gratification — the eventual success tastes much sweeter when I have to really work for it! Although it can be frustrating to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop, to get there, that frustration is only temporary.

    I was in a class discussing lifestyle, and the instructor talked about how we are genetically geared to want meat, but that we had to work for it in the past — get our arrows and spears together, go out and track an animal, sometimes for days, then successfully hit it with our weapons. And THEN, we had to bring it back to the camp. And those staying at home had to sit there and wonder if the hunter would return with meat, and what would be the fallback plan if he/she didn’t? Not anythink like today’s trip to the store where we’d just go get what we want, neatly killed, sliced and diced, and wrapped in sanitary plastic wrap.

    So, to further your arguement, we are genetically designed to accept and use delayed gratification. We may not be used to it, or like it, but there it is. 🙂

  2. I agree on delayed gratification. The “Slow Food” movement is another example. Those of us who grow our own fruits & vegetables know about that. Right now, the broccoli we started from seed in March are just now getting close to having edible heads. Yum!

    Cell phones have contributed greatly too. Even though it is dangerous (& now illegal here) to talk or text while driving, millions do it as a matter of course because they don’t want to wait long enough to at least pull over. Being dead or killing others is a major downside in this case.


  3. Here’s what’s happening for me right now: my heart says yes, my head says no, so I’ve decided to stand still. The immediate consequences don’t suit my ego, but I sense that I’ve got it right.

  4. Maureen – I’ve found that patience helps to reveal the correct path, but it can take time. That’s just me and my own way of doing things.

  5. I think delayed gratification is a concept of hope. Hope that one day the sun will shine over us, the people that are always cleaning behind the ‘stage’.
    What you are saying is beautiful Elsa, but it is like hitting the jackpot. Some people never exit hell and pain, so gratification is not only delayed for them, it is simply denied.
    I have plenty of Capricorn in my chart and I refuse to hope for something that may never come. I’ll take my present as it is and I’ll carry it for as much as I can.
    People born in money, have wealthy lives, people born in hapiness, have happy lives, people born in pain…well they are facing some slim odds. There is a pattern here and only in very few cases that pattern is broken. It’s the rule of the jungle.
    Of course delayed gratification has merits, that is IF it ever happens.

  6. @maureen I <3 those words, that’s it. My heart is telling me to go, my head is telling me no. So I am standing still, no wonder I feel like I am in a rut. My daily mantra is “I am prepaying my dues”

  7. *lol* As for delayed merits:
    I wrote a screenplay – twelve years ago. Sent it to a tv producer, who liked it a lot and tried to get it produced, but somehow..well, didn´t happen. That was nine years ago, and i never tried again.
    In january this year, a friend of mine passed the screenplay to a friend of hers who is a renowned actress over here. She loved it, called me up, we talked about it and she promised to do everything in her powers to get it produced, with her in the leading female role, which she´s extremely fitted for.

    First she forwarded the screenplay to a friend of hers, who incidentally is the actor i had in mind for the main role in the first place. In fact, he had inspired the whole thing, kind of, idea and all. I actually SAW him play the role while i wrote the script…

    Three days ago she sent me an email letting me know he´d read it, loved it, really wants to play the role AND even offered to produce it himself in case nobody else would. I´ll be going to Berlin in July to meet with both of them and talk things over.

    Am i excited? Kind of, but not really. I just feel that the time is right. Now, after twelve years… but even if nothing else comes out of it, getting the merits by real professionals is so rewarding – so i´m just “cool” and curious about what will happen next and how things will turn out.
    How´s that for delayed gratification?

    Transiting Saturn will cross my MC in August.

    Love, Kundrie

    Love, Kundrie

  8. Kundrie–12 years ago Jupiter is where it is now (Jupiter Return) is it not???
    Yay, you!

    I’m all about delayed gratification. I must be, I’ve been working on my Bachelor’s Degree for 14 years this August, LOL

  9. As a Sun Taurus, Moon Leo, Sadge Rising….I am very aware of the end of the age of excess! At least next year is a Jupiter return to Taurus.
    Not that my unemployment insurance will last that long….

  10. Kundrie, congrats!! I was going to say the same about Jupiter. It also really sounds like Jupiter/Uranus – a lightning-quick turn in the action (give or take 12 years..)

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