6 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Shocking Truth Can Set You Free”

  1. Uransus just crossed my IC (4th house-planning a move soon!) and Jupiter is trailing behind in my third. Haven’t heard any astounding “truths” yet, but I will keep my wits about me.

  2. Excellent video Elsa 🙂

    I hope Im in for as many shocking truths as I can handle this year. Leading up till now the water’s been er, a little muddy!



  3. Elsa,

    the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction hits my true north node (end of 10th House) exactly 00 Aries 17!!!

    The infamous T-Square has Uranus (00 Aries 26) opposite Saturn (00 Libra 26)!!!

    Both times hitting my nodes…

    Watcha think?

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