What Happens When You Die? Is Death Sharp?

sharp knifeDo you think death is sharp? Do you think it might be? Do you think that everyone who dies, drifts there or goes to a bright light?  Or do you think this might be variable?

If you do think it is variable, do you think it varies based on the person who dies, or the manner of death?

Last, where do you get your info?  Can you add astrology?

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  1. I think it is variable based on the person and his/hers belief in the what comes next part. They call giving birth labor, but dying takes work also. Some labors are short and easy and others are long and painful.

  2. I think it is variable. I think it depends on the person’s state at death as well as their belief system.
    I’m new to this way of thinking. I use think once you passed over it was peaceful and all was revealed to you. I now have experienced that is not completely true and the process of what happens once you pass over is very different based on the individual.
    Of course, I haven’t tied it all together yet. But, it has changed my views on A LOT about life. A whole helluva lot.

  3. My friend gave birth to a baby girl last November, 3 weeks after her father died. One way she described it–which also resonates for me–‘it’s always so busy when someone dies.’

    Things to do, places to go, people to see. This of course, is for the living. However I feel that death is busy for the dying, too.

    For me, it’s a culmination point of a life cycle. There is a lot of activity. Saturn in 8th; part of a kite in my chart (Saturn/Neptune/Mars Grand Trine. Pluto is the head of the kite).

  4. I think it depends on the cause of death – a violent death would be my idea of ‘sharp’ (an Aries death?), while some just ‘fade way’ especially those who die in old age (a Saturn death?)

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    When you ask to put the astrology to it, do you mean the astrology of myself and where that thinking comes from or the astrology of the kind of death?

    I’m so sorry I got lost.

  6. mudlike, whatever you make of it. When I asked this I was focused on what happened AFTER a person dies but I don’t think people took it that way. I was considering what a person encountered immediately after they passed. I asked the astrology just in case anyone had a tie to that.

  7. Thanks for clarifying Elsa. I still think it is variable. I have placed a quarter under a few people’s tongue so they could pay the boatman to cross over the river. I have had to shut the door and open all the windows for 24 hours so the spirit can leave through the window and not be stuck in an open door. I have seen twisted contorted faces before during and after death, I have seen a relaxation of the face that gives an angelic appearance as the heart and breathing slows to nothing. I have heard people verbalize a sensation of a pure enveloping warmth, others describe feeling like a rope in a tug of war between two universes, after being resuscitated. So I believe it is variable again based on faith and expectations and acceptance and lack of fear.

  8. i have only been with one person as he passed, my father. he went away peacefully. i admit, i suspect the morphine he was on helped him in his passing. however his dying was long and fretful and i would not wish it on anyone (he had lung disease, and his lungs collapsed over a period of months).

    i personally believe our entry to the afterlife is quick and immediate, like waking up from a dream. i think this is merciful and i believe that god, life, and afterlife is full of love and mercry, that it is for most people a relief from earthly pains. i think a fraction of people who die linger and haunt the earthly realm. they have an energy burden that keeps them moored here.

    i have saturn in the 12th house, not sure how it applies other than the 12th house being that of endings. i don’t have 8th house planets.

  9. I know two people that died and came back. They crossed a river. They said it was the Jordan River.

    They went to heaven and saw people they knew who had died before them.

  10. Laura, yes Daisy does work as a nurse, with the elderly.

    On a forum a few years ago I read of a cop who saw a motorcyclist die – he was decapitated, due an after-accident or some such. He said the brain of this guy was definitely still working for several moments after ‘death’ and his eyes moved to look at the cop, and held his own, registering various emotions or needs. It seems his face had first registered surprise, then a kind of pleading, then something between resignation and acceptance. The cop was totally unnerved by the experience as you can imagine.

    Accounts of near-death experiences are pretty similar, so maybe they do tell a common story. Some physiologists think the frequent accounts of ‘moving towards a white light down a tunnel’ have chemical/physical causes, but how can we know?

  11. There is lightness, the lightness of being unburdened of both your body, and responsibility and heavy emotions.

    And understanding of rightness and order in all things. Not that you get the answers, mind you, but you are aware. Perhaps those would have come later, who knows.

    But for my daughter, I didn’t want to come back…

  12. I’m a strong believer in reincarnation (Jupiter in 12th conjunct ASC) so we may take a break before moving our soul into another physical shell.

  13. think it’s variable. depending on how/why/how the person felt/whether they understood what was happening, what they believe…

    i remember dying a few times. also experienced variations in states of… entities which may have been alive once… that i’ve run into.

    i’ve got pretty much all the other planets in aspect to a personal planet in the 8th. the dead seem to be drawn to me.

  14. Death is too intense of a subject for me. Let me go and soak my face in water for there’s too much intensity in my head, LOL!

  15. I still say variable as well. I’ve experienced people passing over and immediately being met with loved ones, the feeling of warmth and comfort. But, these were people who had accepted that they were dying. They had a set ideation of what that would be like. It was a peaceful transition. I’ve seen this happen even with alzheimer’s patients who had been confused for years. There was a lucidity that came before death that was non comprehensible. They knew they were dying and had accepted it.

    I’ve also experienced confusion when a person dies. The person wasn’t expecting to die that day for whatever reason and when they pass over, they are equally as confused. They don’t know what to expect so their perception is skewed..shocked…sometimes they are fearful immediately after they die and that fear carries over. If the confusion isn’t rectified their experience is vastly different.
    I’ve seen people who have lived horrible and spiteful lives who feared death. They haven’t rectified the things in their life. They panic in death and that panic goes with them. They may be angry. Whatever state their mind is in, it doesn’t go away when they die. If they believe they are going to “hell” that is exactly what they experience. If that makes sense. And if hell means bad entities are chasing them, they are going to be eternally falling, or they are going to be tortuted that is what happens to them in that state.
    Most recently, I’ve experienced that physical pain can be carried over at death. My son had a friend who committed suicide. It was horribly shocking to everyone because he was very young. I called to his spirit after death and he came to me in a matter of milliseconds. Whoosh. Quick. He was horribly horribly confused. He didn’t understand what happened and how he could hear me and everyone. He didn’t know where he was.
    He hanged himself. He kept telling me how much his neck hurt and I could feel it myself! I talked him down. I told him what had happened. I told him the pain was an echo from his former life and he could release it if he could realise and accept what had happened. He thought that his family was angry with him. Particularly one sister, because he could feel these heavy emotions but he couldn’t speak to her. It was like her emotions were influencing how he felt. I told him his emotions in turn could influence how SHE felt. That she wasn’t angry, but hurt and incredibly sad.That he should think of her very intensely reminding himself (and her, at the same time) of their good memories. To think of comfort and peace. When he did that, THAT’s when the warmth of passing over came. The pain left. There was an extreme calmness. He continued to visit and talk to me for about 3 days after his funeral. And then, he was gone.
    I’ve seen people be met by family members immediately prior to passing and they were there to guide them safely to..wherever people go. I’ve seen people see evil presences immediately before they die and those presences remain after death.
    I once was a HUGE proponent of the death penalty. I’m talking less than a few months ago. But after being given these realizations of a person’s state of mind and how it affects them into that next stage, I’m beginning to question it. People with a strong and positive belief system about “heaven” are always peaceful in death. UNLESS, they have overwhelming guilt they may be dealing with and expect to go to “hell”. It’s their perception.

    I think THIS is why religion is so vastly important for some people. THIS is what brings justice when someone has lived an ill and disgusting life. I doesn’t end here. But, if a person is able to find peace within themselves after living such a life, they can and do pass over easily.

    I’ve died, myself. I don’t remember anything but being enveloped in warmth, as if someone was holding me like a baby close to their chest. I don’t remember light, or seeing anyone. Just this feeling.

    Anyway. Sorry for the woo woo dissertation. But, this subject has been at the forefront of my mind since the suicide I spoke about. I’ve spoken to spirits just about my entire life. But, I’m so protected that I didn’t realize how much darkness was really out there after death. I never understood why some people were afraid of spirits, I had never directly encountered one that scary. I knew there was confusion but most of the times I’m dealing with pleasantness. Or, I see the turmoil aided by other spirits (if there has been a horrible accident or something and someone passes over in a confusing way–often there is someone there to help them). I had never experienced someone with pain. That shook my understanding.

    I could go more woo woo and talk to you about specific spirits whose jobs are to be present during death to assist this process. They aren’t family members. But, often they will bring family members or friends with them. It’s their “job” of sorts to ease confusion or fear in someone who has rectified things in their lives but may not fully understand what is happening to them. Some people see these spirits or experience them and immediately become afraid others experience immediate relief. And each reaction stems back to the person’s mental state and belief system and ACTIONS during their life.

  16. My sense is what you experience is variable and is based on whatever pre-existing beliefs you have about the after-life, the degree to which you understand how your thoughts and beliefs interact with reality, and how comfortable and familiar you are with non-physically oriented states (i.e meditation, contemplation, astral states,etc) while alive. 12th house Neptune in Scorpio aspecting Sun/Venus/Mars/Pluto/Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus

  17. I really think it varies with the manner of death, and possibly other things about the life lived.

    I had a NDE and it was sharp as hell! Sudden. I was knocked out cold, and then some, and I have no memories of light or warmth or anything at all. I came back with a lot of spirit though, so there was definitely some edge that I crossed and came back over.

  18. I work in hospitals and I don’t think seeing death frequently qualifies me to say anything but the only “variable” that seems to matter is fear. Fear does awful things to us biochemically and questions like yours can help tremendously because they get people to think about it. I don’t know whose is right but I’ve seen faith in any belief system help simply because death is not knowable and hard to wrap your head around in any circumstances. Personally, I subscribe to a ‘particles of the universe’ ideology. Everything is made of the same stuff. “god” presides over it all. It’s a peaceful thought for me. I also like knowing my 8th house is in Leo & mars is the only tenant. The way I see it, that’s exactly as promising as an 8th house cancer/Saturn combo 🙂 All of that is probably my cap asc & Virgo moon. I have a cancer stellium, including sun. I remember everyone, family members, a few pets. Maybe that’s why it never gets easier . I’m sure I’d quit if it did. I’m glad you brought it up 🙂

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