Patty Stanger: Millionaire Matchmaker… and Astrologer!

“Sometimes the best guys are worth waiting for.”
–Patti Stanger

I was just watching Bravo TV’s post Millionaire Matchmaker show of Live featuring Patti Stanger. She was answering questions and fielded one on how young was too young for certain ages to date. She gave some specific age ranges and mentioned there being a concrete reason behind her answers. Patti announced that she was not only a matchmaker but an astrologer, referencing the Saturn return as a lower age cut-off for maturity. Additionally, in her latest Millionaire Matchmaker show she facilitated a chart reading for a client in order to assess his wants and needs.

What a shock! I had to jump right up and hunt down her birth data. According to Wikipedia, Patti was born May 31, 1961, with no birth place listed, but presumably New Jersey, where she grew up.

Patti is a Gemini with either a Sagittarius or Capricorn Moon. I would expect a Sadge Moon, given a few clues she mentioned in the client’s reading as well as her general demeanor. A Sadge Moon would round out her Leo Mars and Aries Venus. She’s one fiery chick and it was such a charge to watch an out-of-the-blue chart reading on a mainstream television show.

It had been a source of talk that Patti had been a professional matchmaker for years but remained single, not surprising given her natal Venus Saturn square with Venus in aspect to Uranus. In 2009, it was reported that she became engaged on her birthday, her solar return, within days of both her Venus and Juno returns (Juno being associated with marriage). What a tasty tidbit!

20 thoughts on “Patty Stanger: Millionaire Matchmaker… and Astrologer!”

  1. No way!!! I knew there was a reason I liked her so much! She is fiery indeed. Doesn’t bite her tongue for anyone, so I’m going to agree with the Sag moon bit. That’s awesome. Patti is a cool chick and seems to know what she’s doing pretty well. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. She’s like the Miss Piggy of matchmakers — except she’s not codependent with her Kermit.

    I’m not completely surprised though — in her book Become your Own Matchmaker she does mention astrology– as an aside.

    (And because I’m obsessive about trivia and tracking down bit of things I can’t remember — I found where she mentions her ascendant in google books)
    Me, a double Gemini with the Moon in Sag, he grew bored of me.

  3. Well this is so funny, I have never heard of this woman before, and just this morning she is being interviewed on my morning news show about her book, and I sign on here, and there she is again!

    I don’t need her advice, (married!), but I did find her enjoyable. And they showed that clip of her telling the 47 year old guy that maybe dating girls 25 and younger is a little (I don’t know, gross, lol!). Fun to know she uses astrology too!

  4. thanks Shakti! I thought she might be Gem rising from something she said on the show. it makes total sense as it puts the Moon in her seventh (projected need for partnering), Mars in the third (Mercury flavored) and her Jupiter Saturn (preacher/teacher) at the top of her chart.

  5. i love this show too! i always thought patti might be a sagittarius – she has a tendency to blurt things out. sometimes i’m sitting there going, well maybe that’s not the best way to help this person…but it’s her way or the highway (and she’s often right!)

  6. LOL!! OMG! I just discovered this show and was amazed at how her matches worked out. Now I know why. One episode she tried to match a guy with a totally different type than he was used to and it worked out well and they were still dating months later! I thought she was an Aries. Very fiery, as you say Venusflytrap, blurts things out. Yeah she throws some zingers out there for sure!

  7. I love Patti! I’ve watched her show since it started because I think she’s not only funny, but spot on about 99% of the time in her reading of people, their energies, their compatibility and their nature. Gemini women can be so much fun. I alway wondered why she was perpetually single (figured it was Venus/Saturn) but she comes from a family of matchmakers so it had to happen eventually. love that she’s an astrologer too!

  8. OK Elsa, I’m riffin’ on you, girl! Thank you Shakti, for that great quote from her book that tells us she is a double Gemini! Sure makes it more fun to watch the show, knowin’ what we know now, eh?

  9. I love this show, too, and was absolutely riveted to see the astrology treated so well when I watched last night! It certainly caught me by surprise! And with her chart no wonder I like her so much!

  10. I’m thrilled to be having Dr. Craig Martin on my show tonight! My first question will likely be something like “Didn’t Patti just SCREAM ‘Gemini’ from across the room the first time you saw her?” 🙂

  11. I think that her Moon is in Capricorn, since it’s not just dating, it’s dating millionaires. The Status Capricorn would go for that. 🙂

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