Jupiter Enters Capricorn: Pay Your Dues & Secure Your Future

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Jupiter leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn today. This is an important shift.

Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius. Big, big, more, more.

Jupiter falls in Capricorn. You have to work for your luck.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, windfalls tend to have strings attached. It’s pretty strange. Pay attention, you’ll see what I mean. 

To fare well with this placement, you’ve got to put your time in. You’re expected to pay your dues and work towards a future goal where the payoff might be quite a ways off.

You can compare this to starting at the base of a mountain with a desire to reside atop. You may start out running, but invariably you’ll come up against some impediment. You’re expected to persevere. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like plodding along. If that’s what it takes, you have to do it.

Some people are ready for this. They’ve seen it coming and they’re already engaged. Others want to avoid scaling the wall that is blocking them. I put it in these simple terms so you can see the two paths clearly and choose your way. 
Capricorn tends to delay positive consequences. It often delays negative consequences as well. But in both cases, when the “karma” does hit, the effect is profound and long-lasting.

Do you know where you’re headed?

7 thoughts on “Jupiter Enters Capricorn: Pay Your Dues & Secure Your Future”

  1. Avatar
    Charmaine Desjardin

    Dear Elsa,
    Thank you very much for
    The update with Jupiter now
    In Capricorn as you know
    My Capricorn Sun is in the early degrees being I’m born
    on Christmas Day.
    Is there any more information
    On Christmas Day this year ?
    I’m trying very hard to make
    A move & have had issues with
    Daughters mental illness.
    She’s back in Hospital .
    Please know I have followed
    Your News Letter for Many
    Years & vote you #1 Astrologer.
    God Bless for your sharing
    Your NewsLetter.

  2. Woo-hoo! Happy Jupiter shift! 😀

    I know where I am NOT going, that is certain.

    2019 has been a wild year:

    A breakup

    Family ties discontinued

    Healing family ties with other parts of my family

    Meeting new and really committed boyfriend

    Looking for and getting a new apartment which I am moving into this December

    Getting sick due to long term stress

    and finally

    Quitting my job this November which I thought was a long lasting Saturn-in-Capricorn-mountain-climbing thing in a large giant scale global company …. But it turned out it was a total misfit for me.

    I hindsight, I realized yesterday I took it partly for the prestige, but I was being seduced by the money and name and fame, I said yes. Also, well… You need money. Sometimes you gotta do what you need to do.

    I have Mars in Capricorn – he learned a lot this year about integrity and big egos and big corporations.

    My future lies within a small(er) company, and if I have to work to get there, I am prepared. Saturn will ingress into my Aqua ascendant/1st house next year, and I have no doubt he will make me work for every bit of success.

  3. “When the “karma” does hit, the effect is profound and long-lasting”.

    I’m really trying not to freak out about the “karma aka action”, because it’s coming like a high speed train – the course is set and it’s going to hit very early in Jupiter’s tour of Capricorn (Jupiter conjunct South Node exact on Jan 15th). So I keep telling myself, “it’s Juppy, how bad can it get?.”

    I definitely know what I want and think I know where I am heading, but I haven’t made any plans. I can’t, until the crash and burn happens (Saturn-Pluto).

  4. No, I never will know where I’m headed…
    Even now as I am considering quitting my current job (partly due to my boss sincerely advising me to do so), I don’t know what I will do next. I mean, there will be no shortage of job, but will I fit in? My birthday is approaching, another year passing but I remain blindfolded. I guess if I already found my calling, I would focus solely on it; after all, if there’s one thing that I can be okay at, it is fixating on one thing at a time.

  5. I guess when shaking the crystal ball aka snow globe
    I am in there, feeling dizzy, can I, could I should I will I
    I can say this, I do stay moving (working) I am trying(even though worry seems to drive thru hourly)
    I believe in this little world( though it feels dull)
    And I am awake again ready to layer up Brrrr
    I think a rat has chewed on a screen outside gotta lock the rat out

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