Mars in Scorpio Square The Moon In Aquarius

leonI have a few people attacking me right now; this is not bothering me. I’m not saying it never has or that it never will again but at the moment, I’m being fed by it because people are just so stupid.

This reminds of my old friend, Leon, a Libra sun with his Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and BML in Scorpio. We were playing cards one time; I was about 19 years old, making him about 26.  There were four of us and I was chirping along, la la la.

“I’m a people person,” I said.

“No you’re not,” Leon said.

“I am!”

“You are not a people person. You like who you like and you ignore everyone else.”

He seemed so sure of what he was saying, I stopped to think about it and truth of his statement came to me with clarity.

I have people writing me who I don’t like. I’ve made this very clear to them but they persist.

Elsa by LeonOne in particular; he’s sent me some analysis of the personality defects or something like that. Motherfucker, I didn’t ask you.

I would not ask this person’s opinion of me because I do not respect them. It seems this would be easy to understand. Would you go to a doctor who you did not respect? Of course not. But let me break this down for you because I think it’s interesting and it keeps coming up.

I am constantly told what I am thinking and how I am feeling.  The people who tell me these things are on another planet.  They make this stuff up in their ass. That’s what my husband would say.

If you’re that curious that you think about me all day and craft your little emails; let me help you out.

I am feeling physical pain.
I am thinking about how I might be able to address it without drugs that would dull my mind.
I am also trying to speed up this website for the benefit of everyone who comes here. You might even say I am obsessed with this right now. That’s it.  When I get these things done, I will work on something else because that’s what I do. I WORK.

But like you, I don’t like you everyone I meet. And like you, I am not required to have conversations with people who don’t interest me.

It’s a rejection. Accept it.  Do you think I’ve never been rejected? Come on! The people writing are rejecting me. Okay!

To be rejected is a gift, because then you know who not to waste your time on.  If you want to keep wasting your time on me, then do it. But I will ignore you.  Just ask, Leon, who caught on to this decades ago. And yes that’s him, pictured.  He provided the picture, telling me that it was the only one of him that I was allowed to use.

Boundaries. No wonder I like, Leon. He’s also creative; the other picture is of me, taken by him,

This blog loads in abut 2 seconds now. Progress.

20 thoughts on “Mars in Scorpio Square The Moon In Aquarius”

  1. PS, I just called my neighbor, Jilly, to tell her I was coming over the explain her personality defects to her and also, let her know what’s wrong with her house and just in general, I wanted to discuss her LACK.

    How can anyone act like that and expect anything but rejection?

    1. That is really messed up that someone would take it upon themselves to do that to you Elsa. If people don’t think you’re the astrologer first then, why don’t they just get lost? Why are they even wasting your and their time??

      Glad to hear your on the mend though, hope you can find away to deal with the post operative pain. CBD?

      1. The pain is not from surgery. I have recovered from that. I just have to build strength to compensate for the severed tendon.

        My problems are structural/spine. Scoliosis and neck problems, both severe. So I will need more surgery.

        But the surgery is very serious… like maybe a year recovery?

        I don’t know. This is what I need to sort. I’m sure it will come clear, eventually. 🙂

  2. Happened to me over the last few days as well. Someone thought it’s necessary to point out what they considered deficiency or wrongness, (not for the first time) so I left (and wondered why I had given them/her another chance to do it). Then I get an invite, pointing out how to overcome a deficiency, or whatever, but there is really nothing to talk about. Walking away can be so freeing! Wow!

  3. anonymoushermit

    Oh my God, that’s so weird to send someone a ‘personality assessment’ of themselves. That is just bizarre!

    :.cue Psycho (1960) music:.

    1. Thank you. Yes! And the mail comes in and I’m mopping the floor or something. Or yesterday, my husband put this large cutting board on the floor… for the dogs. I came around the corner, not knowing it was there. I stepped on it just right, it slid on the tile floor and I slammed into the hard floor in my just operated on hip.

      Oh. My. God. It was traumatic. Just pain and shock. Excruciatingly to stand up. Then I look at my mail and there is an explanation of how unbeknownst to myself, I suck.

      No, I slip!

      Point is, and it’s a big one and not personal to me, if you think you have all this insight into someone you don’t even know, chances are you’re stupid. Seriously, I mean this. Try to see it.

      I have a neighbor visiting right now, I’ve known her for a dozen years. If I glance over a her, I have no clue what’s on her mind!

      If you really wanted to know something real about someone, you’d ask. But instead if you just make it up, you’re masturbating, no more, and no less.

      1. anonymoushermit

        Oh dear,

        be careful Elsa! That injury sounds painful! I hope your husband doesn’t take it personally, it sounds like a genuine accident.

        Heehee! Masturbation. Yes, I think it’s called mental masturbation, or something these days! 🙂

      2. Awww Elsa!!! jeeze mate..You ok?
        I swear by Witch-hazel a natural remedy for bruising buy it at the chemist (in UK) sure US too if you ask… soak cotton wool & lay over bruising (avoid stitches) just around area…leave til all soaked-in & c.wool dry-ish.. speeds healing a treat. X
        As for the Character Assassin: Do they know the 11th Commandment?
        “Thou shall not take Shit from someone who makes stuff-up”
        remind them ‘And Ye shall speak well of anyone who knows themselves better than YOU DO!’

          1. “But instead if you just make it up, you’re masturbating, no more, and no less.”

            And Ye shall be named a Wanker… And so sayeth all of Us

  4. I’ve been having this same experience. Your take on it is perfect. I’m just going to let them spinout like an upside-down winter fly buzzing in the window.

  5. Oh wow, I thought it was just Dutch people being like that…..Do these people happen to have Dutch ancestors?

    Wishing a speedy recovery!

  6. I used to get upset about what people said or their opinion of me, until I learned that the only time it can hurt you is if you care about that other person and their opinion, once you let go of all of that, and an attachment to their crap, then it frees you from giving a ????and gives you peace

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