Should I Care About Black Moon Lilith?

Black moon lilithThere’s been some debate in the forums about the validity of Black Moon Lilith, and I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. I do use Black Moon Lilith in my work, albeit selectively. When a client is working with that dark, wild energy I find it to be very helpful.

There’s some confusion about what Black Moon Lilith actually is. In the simplest terms, she is the second focal point of the Moon’s orbit. Years ago, astronomers realized that, if a body has a elliptical orbit, then there must be another focal point beyond the body being orbited. If there wasn’t, the orbit would be perfectly round. So Black Moon Lilith represents that dark, hypothetical point. She is the anti-Moon.

I think that Lilith is the perfect being to symbolize this energy. Just as there is debate about whether the Black Moon even really matters or exists as an astrological concept, so too is there debate about what, if anything Lilith is in mythology. Is she the wind demon residing in the Huluppu tree? Is she the wild thing depicted in the Burney Relief? Is she Adam’s feisty first wife, she who refused to submit? Is she a cautionary tale, an example of what not to be? Or is she a feminist icon, forever wronged and fighting against her oppressors? There’s no consensus, which is as far as I can tell perfectly in line with her nature.

But that energy exists, and denying it is fruitless. Modern astrologers laughed when people asked if Pluto’s being relegated to dwarf planet meant it no longer counted. Of course it does. Plutos energy, that dark underbelly, exists regardless. Instead of denying it, pushing it into hiding, why not name it and work to understand the energy? It is much the same with Lilith. That energy is real. She is dark, she is wild, she is uncontrollable, and she exists.

What are your thoughts on Black Moon Lilith? Is it valid?

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  1. My BML is in Cap, square my 8th house moon in Libra.

    Unfairness or sexual crimes towards the female from authorities (sometimes men, sometimes organizations or CEOs and so on) is a major trigger for my anger. Because BML is close to my Mars as well!

    BML will not let me rest.
    But when I began working with her and Juno (they are close in my chart) I started to find peace within myself in some way. I healed some broken pieces inside.

    Now, I can not say it is easy to find that BML unless she gets triggered. But when I became the successful (business) woman who bought myself a “wedding ring” I didn’t need a man for that anymore. My Juno and BML was happy, and it was through a reader on this blog that I found out that my drive or quest for being in a marriage was mostly due to an big and unrecognized need for feeling accepted.

    But who better to accept and commit to other than me?
    Today, I am committed to ME. To making myself happy and free.
    I might get married someday, but I wish to do it for the love and commitment part, not the acceptance part 🙂

  2. Absolutely valid. BML is a strong archetype in my natal chart, and in the most meaningful relationships of my adult life, and all being activated by transiting Pluto. My Sun is 23 Aries, my ex has BML at 23 Libra, my best friend has BML at 23 Cancer (conjunct my descendant at 24 Cancer), and my lover who I have the most primal, crazy, passionate, logic defying relationship with has BML at 22 Capricorn (conjunct my Ascendant). There are many other astrological factors, but this lover came into my life several years ago when tr. Pluto was trine my BML at 18 Virgo, and my progressed Sun was squaring natal BML.

  3. After the dust settles a bit from the Pluto Saturn conjunction – at the spring equinox – The Black Moon in Aries conjuncts and then passes Chiron – suggesting a renewal and healing of this neglected area of emotional expression.

  4. I find my True Lilith placement more interesting, it’s at 29 degrees Virgo. I think people usually use Mean Lilith. Mine is in Libra. I think there is validity to it either way but finding out about True Lilith really illuminated the energy for me.

  5. My Scorpio boyfriend’s BML/Chiron conjoins my Moon/Venus in Aquarius and opposes our mutual vertices in early Leo. His Cancer Moon sits at the midpoint between my BML and Uranus in my 7th house. We have managed to stay connected in a long-distance relationship for over 6 years in spite of his being married when we met, the subsequent traumatic period of his separation and divorce, and all the stuff we both carry around re: relationships and life in general.

  6. For a male, does B M Lilith count or is she just reflected in the relationships I have? I’ve known a few “wild”(independent?) women, that’s for sure. I do dig Pluto energy, having my Pisces Asc rulers both in the 8th house!

    1. Absolutely, just as Mars still counts for women. Of course, it’s pretty common for men to project that energy – hence the wild women. But I’m convinced that there is value for men in accessing Lilith energy. I was planning to do a series of posts on this topic, and I’ll be sure to address this more fully. 🙂

  7. My BML is in Capricorn conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Juno. I’m not sure what to make of it except that I was fearful of having children and doing irreparable damage to them based on my childhood. I think this probably wouldn’t have really happened but it was a real, solid fear in my past.

    1. I was also 43 when I got married. I think the timing was right and it would have been a disaster if I had married any of the other men I had dated (and I was engaged once before).

  8. Thank you for writing this as this was much needed given so little information is available on lilith.

    I have very strong placements, BML opposite Juno and conjunct sun with 3 degree orb. My ex had his lilith conjunct exact my sun & lilith while opposing my juno by 3 degree.

  9. Hi Midara, I have not delved much into Black Moon Lilith. I think mine is in late Pisces. I do understand that as nice & nurturing I can be, I have my shadow side… I want to stay open to learning & accepting what it is asking for. How do I work on BML? By the way, tomorrow is my birthday…

  10. I would like to do some shadow work and thought that Black Lilith would be a good place to start. She is almost as unfathomable as the 12th house. Thank you for information Midara! I am going to read your second post on her too.

    I have just finished watching the BBC production of “Merlin” (I highly recommend!) and Morgana reminded me of maybe how Black Lilith operates. If you have seen the series Midara, would you care to comment on this?

  11. Black Moon Lilith is an irrefutable force in my life. Now, and in the past few years, the activity has been extra intense (transiting Pluto conjunct Venus/BML/Eros/Merc, progressed BML conj Vertex) prompting me to dive into the history of my past cycles with her.
    Without fail…my BML return at 21 Cap in the 6th house manifests a significant taboo relationship (the taboo could involve infidelity, sexual health issues, or just someone who is off limits for another reason). The conflicts present typically cause me noticeable anxiety and/or depression.
    When BML conjuncts Mars/Aquarius 7th house, I am getting tangled in a love triangle. By the time BML conjoins my 7th house Moon/Neptune septiles (a clear relationship timer for me), I am completing the take of a sexual partner as “the other woman”.
    This past year/two with my progressed Vertex conj BML, I have attracted, and multiple times “bumped into” a host of new lovers, and some sexually charged friends, who are strong BML types: BMLconjSun, BML,conjMC, BMLconjAC, BML trine MC, his BML conj my Chiron. I’m in a batting cage, and the balls are flying a little fast here… 😀
    At the moment its hard for me to believe I was once monogamous for 7 years in a row. I thought I had “changed”. It was just a breather from who I really am, perhaps. I’ve always been craving some kind of ideal sex/love moment, that I feel I’ve never truly had. So, sometimes I start to chase it. I feel I deserve it, and the pursuit has to live separately from relationship commitments. Through the onslaught of 2018/2019 I’ve been building up to independence in attaining that ideal moment. I’ve done a lot of work to improve the condition of my body, especially in my posture. I’ve also been dancing more frequently than ever, on a few occasions almost reaching climax unintentionally on the dance floor?, without anything inappropriate going one. I wasn’t really ready for that at the times and derailed things, but I think its an unavoidable future event that I’m ready to embrace.

  12. Additional about transiting Black Moon Lilith, that is a bit less sexy…

    Researching past transits to my Sun/Moon midpoint (an extra sensitive few degrees for me as Sun is biquintile moon, midpoint is sextile to venus, decile mars, tredecile Jupiter), my notes on these transits have consistently shown that the degrees are an activation point for my talents. When bodies/points conjunct this place, I find or am given ways to use my talents to relate to and/or cooperate with others. I could go on at length, but I’ll just throw you a couple examples: Uranus (natal Sag/5th house) in 2007…I used to make drawings and paintings alone, but during 2007 I began designing 3D art for use festivals and parties, some of the art was created collaboratively. Chiron (natal Taurus/10th house) in 2015/2016…I had been gardening alone, but at this time I pursued a gardening certificate through NYBG, which led to joining a group that began my neighborhoods first community garden. I also grew something else important with another person! My daughter!

    My natal BML is part of a stellium in Cap 6th House: Venus19/BML21/Eros23/Merc25/Juno27. What I noticed about BML transits to my Sun/Moon MP was pretty clear:

    Early spring 93 (5th grade) – I am chosen as the student who will substitute for the main office receptionist during her lunches. I train with the current 6th grader doing this, answering phones, and using an old style switchboard, greeting and directing those who enter the building.

    Jan/Feb 2002 – I begin a telemarketing job, at which I turn out to be stupid good. I worked there 5.5 years, and became what they called a “salesmaster”. Basically I have a listen in phone, and I quietly feed the staff lines live on any call that’s promising.

    Dec 2010 – I begin doing the PR for an annual festival in NYC…and I am still on that organizing committee as the PR manager today.

    Oct 2019 – These projects are so nascent they are still a secret, but no surprise… I began doing something new with an established skill, which involves communicating persuasively to others.

  13. My true lilith is a thing of horror coming alive. My bml is more palatable yet weirder. I don’t care about asteroid lilith in my 7th and that walder something in my 12th, no aspects, can’t seem to find them relevant. I pay attention to the first two.

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