Jupiter in Capricorn: Controlling The Narrative

Libra Noir has a thread in the forum: Narrative. The concept of “controlling the narrative” came up in the thread. I hear that phrase, daily, these days.

I see “the narrative” as the “story”.   Stories are Jupiter-ruled and they should be true.  I’m just attaching the astrology. We all know the “narrative”, at this point, is a lie. But the idea the narrative is controlled is also a lie!

Capricorn is associated with control but it’s also concerned with failure (and success).  There are benchmarks. Lines.  Definitions. You cross these lines or you reach the goals, whatever they are – or you don’t. I don’t think this has been achieved. I don’t see a single soul, successfully “controlling the narrative”.  If this be the goal, the failure is epic.

Jupiter in Capricorn describes the real story / truth.  The Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction will be sustained for the rest of 2020. This suggests the truth must be excavated. Puked up, even.

You can look at this as it plays out on the world stage, but if you really want to “profit”, ask yourself if you are living a lie.  Because a lot of people are and I can tell you from experience, the more time you spend in the wrong story, the harder it is to right your situation.

What do you have to say about controlling the narrative?

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  1. Narrative. We’re evolving with our art and entertainment, ability to imagine. I read an article earlier about Max Brooks author of World War Z, a zombie story. Got me thinking how the American Empire elevated the Hollywood narrative of the hero and star.

    The narrator has a voice. We’re all learning to speak, narrate our own stories and recognize that others have voices too, as valid as our own. This incubation Covid time can be great for hearing and heeding our own voices.

    The 3 outer planets embody a new dance, signal a universal change in tone. New elements we do not yet * sense * know * ‘form’.

    Saturn time keeper, metronome. Jupiter, expanding consciousness. Pluto, deep drum energy of new stars.
    Our very structures, right to our DNA, are being sung and danced anew.

  2. I totally agree, the narrative cannot be controlled . . And here’s yet another narrative concerning Jupiter and Saturn, one we don’t hear that often, which also backs up what you are saying but comes from a different background. This one comes from mythology. In greek mythology, Saturn is Jupiter’s father, a father who devours his children since he heard a prophecy that one of them would overpower him. Jupiter’s mother tricks Saturn by hiding Jupiter in a cave and giving her husband a rock instead of baby Jupiter. So Jupiter grows up hidden until he becomes strong enough to take the power over by his cruel Saturn father, who, as it turns out, cannot control what will be.
    Now, going back to astrology, Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn, he cannot function properly and his narratives (stories told to make us feel better, see the bigger picture) do not hold when it’s time to face the consequences of our actions (which fits with Capricorn themes). Later on, when this phase is over and making a story out of events, or finding a moral lesson in them, or taking a higher viewpoint becomes possible, then Jupiter comes into the story. But right now it feels like we’re all hitting the ground, doing the work, or realising where we failed to do so . . and Jupiter’s still a baby hidden in a cave with little to no power to buoy us up or give us the bigger picture

    1. Being over protected by parent(s) is not always a good thing. It becomes more like a devouring controlling saturn. And it definitely does not instill confidence.

      Please excuse me, I see the duality in everything lately. I hereby am taking a vacation from thinking.

  3. Dora, that’s beautiful and it feels right on to me. So when does Jupiter come out of the cave? Aquarius is also Saturn ruled, so does that mean he is there until he hits Pisces? If so, it looks like we will be in the midst of swirling narratives for a while yet. Alas, that also seems right, at least today.

    1. well, if we wanna stick to how the myth unfolds, then it goes that while Jupiter was growing up there was a number of things happening to keep him safe and nurture him, among them a group of smaller gods singing and clapping and banging their armor so the baby’s cries couldn’t be heard . . it sounds a bit uranian, especially with Uranus in Taurus . . maybe the trick is to gather (probably online as well?) and cherish whatever camaraderie, beauty and nourishment the moment allows us till the new story comes to the surface . . but who can really tell right? It seems there are too many things happening at once to be actually sure of what’s up ahead and this is just part of the reality out there

      1. Saturn and Jupiter will be moving into square with Uranus. That should push things along maybe? Chop chop!

        1. it’s too bad we can’t upload photos here (or maybe there is a way but I don’t see it?) there’s a great drawing on growing pains I came across today . . chop chop it is!

  4. I am going to parphrase Satori ‘we are all different dreamers in the same dream.’ Many parts and pieces. I think the only way someone can control the narrative is to point a gun in someone’s face. And that is how narrative is controlled in my opinion.

  5. Cappy ,here, yes, is the brass ring the goal, direction ,the why the wheel is so hands on friendly?and the arm that holds that tiny gold(woohoo,I got it) ring to be grabbed
    At times GRABS YOU,wielding you to the door with stairs ouch, ,bounce up bunny and hop on over to the slice of life PIZZA store
    That ring was too big,anyways

  6. You need to become an expert to control the narrative right? Jupiter in Capricorn may have affected the economy as well. Maybe it forces a new system of economic fairness to all of us.

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    the laughing goat

    “… the more time you spend in the wrong story, the harder it is to right your situation.”

    So true.

  8. I am taking this day to do the right thing. It takes courage and it takes strength. And there are no guarantees. But here I go into the future.

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