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“Oh, that character was light years away from me. I’m not debonair. I’m not suave. I did wear tight pants, though, because I found out that it worked.”
–Robert Conrad

I’m always excited when I put up someone’s chart and find we share planets in a certain sign or house. It’s probably my Leo and is akin to, “I have that shirt! Boy, do you have good taste!” Several of my school friends have nearly identical charts, but different moons or ascendants. That’s pretty common among agemates. As far as the expression of that chart energy goes, I have found more eery synchronicities between myself and non-agemates with whom I share significant chart elements.

I can’t say for sure why that is, but I have a theory. I’d call it differentiation, specialization. Simply put, we’re all individuals and I think while on some level we need conformity we also need to feel unique. Take the case of twins: why are they not the same? I ask a different question, why would they want to be the same? I believe that they take nearly identical energies and specialize to maximize their own unique expression of identity. Even with those whose charts are merely similar, a drive to specialize, to literally make oneself special, creates difference between individuals. It’s a drive that may be as much evolutionary as individual. Differentiation strengthens systems.

Still, it’s fun to seek out the charts of those who carry the same energies we do and to see what they have done with them. My chart shares a freakish amount of similarities with that of Robert Conrad, a TV star from when I was a kid. He always seemed like kind of a cool, badass, something I wouldn’t mind being. My man shares a birthday with Susan Boyle, which is interesting if puzzling. His non birthdate astro-twin is Alec Baldwin, whom he actively despises. Oh well, I guess. I have an amazingly close astro-twin here at ElsaElsa and the similarities are freaky in the most wonderful of ways.

Do you look for similarities between your chart and the charts of others? Do you have a real life or celebrity astro-twin?

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  1. Sharing the day with Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt, I have to look. I have meet so many with my birthday of Dec. 18th… it is like we are meeting for one hell of a great party. maybe in 2012? ha.

  2. gawd, I was SO madly in love with Robert Conrad when I was a girl……….;)

    I, too, look for similarities between my own chart and others’. Amazingly, I found a near-exact astro-twin right here at EE.

  3. I’m facebook friends with my astro-twin. We were born the same day in the same hospital.

    We’re nothing alike! 180 degrees apart on politics, I can’t stand the music that she likes.

    She has pro photos taken of her in model poses. I would DIE before I would have photos like that! LOL Not judging, just saying.

  4. I found an astro twin born on the same day on the Astrotheme database but he’s an American actor, and black, and male – so I don’t see any similarities offhand.

    I did a few compatibility runs just for fun though, and came out as a 95% match for Lord Byron! If only… he’s a fellow Cap btw, and I don’t usually fancy Cap men, good friends though they can be. I’m sure I’d have madly fancied Byron though – ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ – yeah, just my type lololol

  5. I have an astro-twin — we met in eighth grade class but the differences between us seemed much more pronounced than the similarities. The four hours time difference between our births meant slightly different house emphasis, and we were always friendly but never best friends. She gravitated toward extroverted types as friends whereas I chose people more similar to my introvert style (neither one of us could be called extrovert by any measure). We were both interested in writing and language, were both non-athletic, but the men we chose couldn’t have been more different.

    Oddly enough, her first child was born on our shared birthday the year we turned 28. I’ve long since lost touch with her but have wondered from time to time how her life has turned out.

  6. Never found an astro-twin, though I’m super curious. I wonder whether I’d like them or hate them for showing me all my flaws. 😉

  7. Avatar

    I don’t have an astro twin, per se, but there is one actor who is similar to me in his ‘energies’, let’s say…

    There are elements of my chart that are quite similar to Rupert Graves, whom not enough people have heard of, (which means more Rupert for me, yay!).

    I’d wondered why I found him so irresistable, and looked him up.

    Sun’s the same, potentially same rising, Mercury and Venus, same, same amount of air in his chart as mine. Lovely chart reflecting a heck of of a guy.

    For the Water women out there, check him out!

  8. Dennis Quaid is my astro twin chart wise, but not the exact same date or year. We’re both Aries Sun in the 9th, Leo rising, Venus in Taurus on the MC, and Moon in Cancer in the 12th. Rather freaky really. I’ve always had a crush on him too!

  9. I know of two born on the same day and year as me. One sadly drowned a couple years back. I liked him alot , instant chemistry. But we where not to similar.
    In march of this year I met a guy I new in high school. I have always had a crush on him and knew he had one on me back in the day…found out we share birthdates, but my god he was arrogant . I cut contact after 2nd meetup. . He was very much “I am the nice guy, ur the bitch” type. AND he was such a prick towards my friends. Accusing them of being unpolite. My friends are the politest I know. he sucked. I hope I am not like him.

    I’m a fool 2:)

    When I read Susan Boyle cat’s name is pebbles . I got scared . I call my friend that.

  10. My nephew was dating his astro-twin. He asked about the relationship possibilities. “No much” I said, It is like looking in the mirror, both of you have the same faults.”

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