Jupiter In Capricorn Sense Of Humor

laughingI wonder if you’ve kept your sense of humor with Jupiter in Capricorn. Theoretically, this transit would suppress your jovial personality.  But Capricorn is known for their particular brand of humor.

Their humor is generally considered to be self-deprecating but it’s more complicated than that.

Satori covered this once.  This is a great piece:

Capricorn Sense of Humor

At the moment, Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. I feel this is way too serious to take things seriously, particularly, yourself!

Have you kept your sense of humor with Jupiter in Capricorn? Has it changed at all?

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  1. I have Jupiter in Capricorn, natally! This year was my Jupiter return.

    My read has always been that Jupiter provides hope in times of pressure. I’d say that’s accurate!

    I also love black humor, gallows humor, etc. Sometimes you just have to laugh at how absurdly bad everything is …

  2. Avatar
    Cappy all the way

    I do one liners, and a lot of humour about dying or bad things happening to me. Also, humour with a lot of history references. Few get it. Those that do, chuckle wryly or hoot with laughter. It rarely goes unnoticed. 😀

    Cappy Jupiter conj Venus and Neptune

  3. Jupiter conjuncts my ASC and sextiles my SUN throughout most of 2020. My sense of humor and the way I shine are turning the year upside down in hilarious fashion! My father (a Capricorn Sun) was famous for his tricky humor; had a nickname for everybody and they (the names) lasted longer than most enjoyed. Humor is feeding me lines and telling me jokes my father could well be instigating. If anything my humor is pollinating me, and I get to deal with it:) Ha, Daddy!
    Love the Satori retro piece!!

  4. All the great comedians in recent years especially have a Capricorn moon or Saturn moon.. or something like this

    Louis CK Chris Rock a bunch of others

    Including Richard Pryor
    My favorite

  5. I’ve been going back and re-watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 throughout the lockdown and I’ve been laughing a lot.

  6. Definitely in deep conversation with myself lately, but am managing to believe I am good ;funny most of my time since a child who saved her nickel for milk at school till mostly
    Before this ,excluding now, I have been counting down ( my debt),poof gone
    However I am just dreaming of my
    Few summer events of extreme heat ,lately ,that pair with nakedness next to water or breeze, because it seduces me and has given the corners of my mouth quite an upcurl ,

  7. My dad, Capricorn, has dementia but he also has moments of lucidity. His wife asked him where he wanted his ashes to be scattered. He answered “surprise me”.

  8. Yes. It’s more like sarcasm, inside jokes, and timing. I can also just be blunt and just say a sentence and people still find it funny, even though I wasn’t trying to joke. Capricorn Moon and Rising.

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