Neptune – What are Your Dreams Telling You?

Luca Giordano Dream of Solomon
So what?

One aspect of Neptune that I often see mentioned in passing is the association with dreams. But there seems to be a lack of detailed information about what that means. Yes, Neptune rules dreams. But so what?

The so what is that Neptune is our source of connection to the ethereal, where inaccessible knowledge finds its way to us. When Neptune speaks, it’s often in a whisper. Still, we would be well advised to listen.

Neptune’s placement in your chart is no accident. Its location is usually a place in our lives where we don’t have a ton of clarity, and our choices and external conditions usually do little to help. But we’re not destined to confusion. This is an area in which we’re actually privy to special, ethereal, uncommon knowledge. And dreams are Neptune’s vehicle for providing it.

For instance, in my own chart, Neptune is in my jam-packed 8th house.  I have nightmares. In fact, I don’t ever NOT have nightmares. And they all have the same basic plotline. I’m being plagued by some kind of vaguely defined evil, and I have to fight for survival by uncovering the long-hidden knowledge to defeat it. Over time, I’ve discovered that the knowledge I uncover in the dream is always related to whatever psychological work I’m dealing with (or avoiding dealing with) at the time. I of course utilize the other 8th house planets to work with my own psyche as well. But those ethereal bits that come up from the deep are more valuable than anything else I’ve encountered. Neptune provides the key to transcendence.

House placements aren’t the only way to determine how Neptune distributes his gifts. Aspects come into play as well. In the above example, Neptune is trine Mars and Jupiter, hence the theme of heroic battles for knowledge. But it can be even more obvious than that. Take the mother of one of my clients. She has Neptune trine Venus/Chiron and sextile Uranus/Pluto. She once had a dream about one of her children (not my client) being stabbed. Lo and behold, a few months later, a person close to her child was arrested for threatening them with a knife! She had a dream (Neptune) about someone she loves dearly (Venus) being vulnerable (Chiron) to possible sudden (Uranus) death (Pluto). Isn’t astrology amazing?

Neptune by its very nature is subtle and blurry. It can be very easy to discount its effects or even ignore its impact in our charts. But to do that would be denying one of the most beautiful things about being human. Our connection to the divine, however we define it, is one of life’s greatest gifts. Make sure you accept.

How does Neptune speak to you? Can you connect the astrology?


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  1. for a time I didn’t dream, before my dreams were full of me taking transportation and drab activity (12th house Mars).. the sad and bleak dreams come too.. also involving transportation… there are themes that reflect my anxiety

    Today I found myself wondering about fun (I have Sun/chiron in the 5th).. with Neptune squaring my sun i could only do two hours of studying today.. it didn’t feel fun or fulfilling.. I have a fraught relationship with fun.. if Neptune is so escapist maybe it has to do with fun and what we’d rather do than what we’re doing.. I respect flow states and it would be so nice to know what gets me into a flow state.. I know adult life is styled as not being fun.. I see many grim moms at this age I am.. but I know the emotions are much more extreme under the surface of peeling tantrum having toddlers off the floor..
    I seem disconnected from creativity and fun, but a bit frozen.. creaiivity is another great thing.. see so many people working hard on their creative ventures at a young age.. but what drives the hard work and passion.. it has to be a little fun…

  2. I have Mercury conjunct Neptune. In Scorpio.

    Neptune speaks to me the same way I speak to you.


  3. Neptune’s in my first house. I keep a dream journal, or at least try to. I have a lot of stress dreams. People talk to me in my dreams too, people I haven’t talked to in a long time. Sometimes I have precognitive dreams here and there but it’s quite inconsistent.

  4. I really dont know how Neptune speaks to me. In the past a lot and sometimes lately Ive felt like something is just beyond my grasp. I get flashes of understanding, but they seem random and I forget the messages. I do have vivid and emotional dreams and “reality” is also dream like for me. In fact on some level I know that its all in my mind, same as a dream. Very little makes sense to me.

    Sun/Pluto sextile Neptune in Sag in the twefth. Neptune squares Jupiter in ninth.

  5. DarkAquarian

    I’m not sure.

    Capricorn Neptune is conjunct Jupiter in the 6th, trine Taurus Moon, sextile Pluto. I enjoy vast amounts of deep knowledge that can aid me physically, mentally and spiritually. I’ve buried stuff to obtain new knowledge.
    I have much to learn about this. Thanks for the post Midara.

  6. Neptune in the first (sag) I dream every night. I always have been fascinated by dreams. In 8th grade I did a paper on analyzing dreams I even keep a dream journal. I’m also a lucid dreamer so I can control them bc I know I’m dreaming so I go places I want , talk to people, grab that guy and kiss him lol..but recently I have been dreaming about an ex who passed away last year. We stayed close over the years so it was more like losing a best friend. But he is with me in my dreams all the time . Maybe all these aspects with mars in Gemini are hitting my Sag Neptune.

  7. I rarely dream.

    Neptune in Libra in the 10th opposed Mars in Aries in the 4th. And I’m a Pisces!

    Anybody else not dream? What’s the astrology?

  8. Neptune in Libra in 12th, square Venus in 9th.
    These two are doing their own thing by themselves, no other aspects. Their private playground. I’m just looking on, wondering what it’s all about.
    It seems pretty simple, except that I don’t understand.
    My conclusion is that it’s a big screw, but something in there is pretty magic, in another world. Has nothing to do with real life, of course, unless I wake up, every once in a while. (Bonk)

  9. Neptune in 1st house, in Scorpio conjunct Mars and NN.
    Square Moon and Uranus.
    Just last week I had a dream I was hanging out with Queen Elizabeth! We were having a great time. LOL
    I dream A LOT and usually remember parts of them.
    Two occurring (not so nice dreams) are about spiders (shivers) and tidal waves. Although I haven’t had either one in a long time.
    Dreams are great, even the scary ones.

  10. Neptune plays large in my world. He’s in the 9th House Libra, trines my 7th and 8th House Leo stellium and 11th House Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Sag. Dreams speak to me when I’ve gotten too tightly wound, have lost the brakes on a speeding car, forget what’s important; my family shows up to help me out and through. I was ‘trained’ to tell my dreams early on, at the kitchen table, and pay attention to them still.

    1. Wow. Thats interesting. Nept in the 9th here with also lots of dreams about cars! Xcept im not speeding but usually on the passengers seat (no control), and nobody driving or simply cant find the brakes and panicking. I mention lack of control which is consistent with Nept trining my Tau sun in the 1st opposite… guess who… dear Pluto. I cant even begin to describe the type of precog dreaming I have had eith an ex which has these very same aspects even though on different houses… Nept in his 1st btw… Basically I get a cocktail of enabling neptune for my obsession in this relatioship. Or his obsession. Pluto in Scorpio has the upper hand though… which is a nightmarish thing since im a NN in the 1st… maybe I’ll right a novel some day. About passional murder! Hah.

  11. DarkAquarian

    Fact: all people dream. It’s a matter of recalling the dreams or being engaged in them.
    Many with marijuana in their system or other intoxicants may have trouble recalling them. Biology is a vital factor too.

  12. My Scorpio Neptune/Jupiter are exactly conjunct in my 9H. This semi-sextiles my 8H Libra Sun; trines my Aquarius ASC/ sextiles my 7H Virgo Pluto; and quinqunxes my 4H Gemini Mars. This Neptune/Jupiter conjunction intuitively charges my late 1H Pisces Moon.

    That said, my dreams are usually anxiety riddled with situations where I require the assistance of others. I need help but no one is there. I had to grow up fast as a kid and I quickly learned to become self reliant. The dreams reflect my 8H death influences.

  13. Neptune is my ascendant. Everything I do is based on my dreams. I love this aspect! In my youth, my dreams scared me. After my 3rd near-death, my dreams became the school I was attending for the rest of my days. I enjoy the input I get every day, Neptune is my teacher!

  14. anonymoushermit

    My Cappy Moon is extremely scared of Neptune’s dreaminess. Is it a dream, or a nightmare?

    As for Midara, wow, she feels like she’s officially a part of Elsa’s team now! I’m only a temporary writer. It’s nice to have new energy on Elsa Elsa’s blog! I’m so glad her Sun in Leo is using its creativity.

  15. Avatar
    James Slattery

    My Neptune is in the 8th too and I definitely have very dramatic and adventurous dreams. Bed sheets and pillows end up on the floor. Strangely this doesn’t happen when someone accompanies me! Aquarius in the 12th leads to many quirky but subconscious impulses leaving me bewildered as to my motivations sometimes.

  16. ‘ is always related to whatever psychological work I’m dealing with (or avoiding dealing with) at the time’

    I am feeling so much doubt .. it’s reflected in my dreams (I’m having a sun Neptune transit)

  17. My dream world typically shows me the unconscious stuff I’m not willing to admit to (negative feelings, desires, fears, etc.) Thanks, Midara, never thought of Neptune this way! Neptune in my 12th house.

  18. I dream in color. My dreams almost always have means of transportation in them. I am driving a bus, a train, a car, sometimes peacefully sometimes out of control, or I am in them as a passenger. And there is this person from my childhood, she appears in all of my dreams! A pisces sun pisces venus. I’ve never dreamed about someone so often. She’s always there, always. Lemme check something. Yea, her sun is conjunct my sun/moon midpoint in pisces exact.

  19. Last night I dreamt about an unknown cute guy, sitting together on a bench in the middle of a field and he was saying some words to make me gain his trust- apparently it worked because I left for a second and my stuff unsupervised and I don’t do that in real life. Coming back all my stuff was out from the bag, he left my laptop but he took my id. It’s not exact to say he took my id. I found a thick white card instead, looking quite shiny and futuristic (that used to be my actual id but everything on it was erased) and he wrote on it, you’re so emotionally vulnerable I could actually marry you. Identity/neptune in 1st house.

  20. Last night the dream was about someone I like and they asked me to give them a hug to which I happily complied. And they had a fluffy sweater, so it was extra soft and cuddly. Could not see their face really well but heard their voice, the giggles and their innocent laugh. Dreams like these are rare for me.

      1. Haha. I rarely dream romantic fluffy stuff.
        The dream last night was lots of walking, I walked so much with the same guy with fluffy sweater. We got lost in this big city, so many lights, the air was great, not cold, not suffocating. Natal Sagittarius in 12th house and mild restless leg syndrome, I move in my sleep and wake up almost diagonally in the morning.

  21. I dreamed about riding a bike- never learned how to in waking life- and being chased by a snake with its mouth open. The snake had a beautiful coloring greenish brown and shining in the sun, it wasn’t huge or small, it was medium. And it wasn’t a cobra or had bells, that much is recalled. But then I did something peculiar and stopped on the bike in the middle of the street waiting to pass me by? He didn’t come, looked around and there were brown pipes on the ground similar looking to a snake shape but my snake was no more. A woman and kids on the street weren’t alarmed which means only I saw the snake, it was after me. And whatever snake means in a dream, it’s behind my back and it doesn’t come forward for me to confront it or for me to acknowledge-scream about it.

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