Capricorn Sense of Humor

Divinely Devilish Miss S“I trust no one, not even myself.”
–Josef Stalin, Capricorn

Capricorn humor is often overlooked. For one thing they’re pretty discerning about when humor is appropriate. Sometimes their dry wit is dismissed as something else because it’s so keen and neat. Jim Carrey is a Capricorn. While his famous brand of humor is not subtle, he does possess an undercurrent of subtle intelligence and control as well as overblown corn and physical humor. Stalin was a Capricorn.* Nixon was a Capricorn. These are men not known for their wit, but look below the surface and you will find many accounts of their understated humor.

This morning I got a reminder for a party I RSVP’d to. My pal is a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Mercury with Mars and Saturn in Libra, so just a friendly reminder! As an aside, with her Libra Mars conjunct Pallas Athena in the second house trining an Aquarian Venus in the fifth, she is an mind-blowingly fabulous artist. With that Venus placement you better believe she throws one hell of a party. Jupiter in aspect to the Cappy Sun makes her wit more audacious.

In any case, her note read: “There will be snacks and finger foods. If you do not eat in front of others please by all means eat before you get here. There will be tons of booze and I will be encouraging you to drink it. Please look cute. I will be capturing sweet and precious moments on my camera for all eternity. No excuses. Will also not share your craziness on film with others unless asked to do so, no worries. You are asked to hang at least one ornament on our tree to help make it pretty. Try not to get so bombed I have to babysit your ass… There’s one in every crowd at every party… Will it be you this year? Sincerely LMAO this am, Xxxx Xxxx”

That is Capricorn humor at its best.

*Wikipedia and the Astro databank give his birthdate as earlier, in Sagittarius. Other accounts such as his official biography put his Sun on the Capricorn cusp. If he’s not a zero degree Capricorn I’ll eat my hat… and his.

What is your sense of humor like? Can you peg the astrology?

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  1. My brother is a Cap and extremely understated. His dry humor usually has me laughing like a hyena while he looks on wryly with a pained look on his face, which makes me laugh harder. πŸ™‚

  2. “Things just seem to come at me at lightning speed out of left field and I can’t stop them before they come out my mouth”

    I soooo relate to this! I have the reputation of a very sharp tongue and it’s true, I did have one for a long time. In my childhood, with a difficult mother and a handicap, it was very necessary for survival! Later in life I’ve tried to damp it down a lot, but I still find myself coming out with the one-liners just because I’ll say anything to get the laugh…

    I’ve known a lot of Caps and they have all been very funny – I think Saturn gives us a sharp sense of the absurdity of life, love and the whole damn thing. It’s not rollicking humour, or slapstick (which I hate), it’s humour about character, situation, and verbal humour. It’s wry, and witty

    It’s as pared down as possible (I find a lot of American humour much too long drawn out, def not a Cappy thing). Quite a lot of comedians are Caps (depressives too, quite often!). Jack Dee is fairly typical (I’ve not watched this clip btw)

  3. my brother, uncle and daughter are Cap Suns and I am a Cap rising… And no one gets our sense of humor except us,because it is kind of wicked.

  4. Other Cap comedians or comedy writers/performers:

    Joey Adams
    Graham Chapman (Monty Python)
    Paul Merton (Have I Got News For You etc)
    Quentin Crisp (humourous gay autobiographer)
    Rowan Atkinson
    Victor Borge
    Jack Benny (Cap Asc)
    Steve Allen
    Alan King
    Ted Danson
    Julia Louis-Drefus
    Andy Kaufmann
    Oliver Hardy

    Apparently (off the web):
    “Rex Bills’ Rulership Book gives the planet Venus as the ruler of comedians. Traditionally, Venus is associated with mirth, cheerfulness and charm. However, most astrologers recognize several rulers of comedy: Jupiter for humor and jollity, Saturn for excellent timing, sarcasm and satire, as well as droll wit, Mercury for cleverness, wit and comedy writing ability…”

    I think Mercury in Cap is certainly one of the indicators for the dry mordant Cappy type humour

  5. I think my Aries Sun/Venus and my Mercury/Mars conjunction are to blame for my wickedly sharp humor. Usually, one liners that lean toward the sarcastic. My Scorpio Rising is often to blame for ‘many a truth told in jest’…

  6. my hubby is a capricorn. he doesn’t joke around all the time (that’s me, with merc-jup in leo and moon in sag) but when he does it’s always these really incisive, brilliant, understated jokes. ones that makes you laugh hysterically and then sit there for the next few minutes thinking about how smart, funny, and well timed it was πŸ˜‰ he chooses his moments.

  7. Im a Cap, 12/31/63. 5:00PM

    “I think Saturn gives us a sharp sense of the absurdity of life, love and the whole damn thing.”

    The aboce comment left by a reader sums it up spot on.

    Most don’t know how to take me at first, I am an independent thinker to the extreme,question the hell out of everything, (including people at times). Been told i show no emotion on the surface, but thats not whats going on underneath, still waters run deep.

    I generally reject society’s methods (madness) in its present forms. (Jiddu krishnamurti). I leave out names and whole sentences assuming that people already know what I mean. Most of the time they do.

    I do help out people alot, and also get screwed alot, working on that though. As far as humor, if I have a couple drinks and get going, I can be a party animal with people that I know.

    My humor is more like the Far Side (Gary Larson)

    Comments? Anyone relate?

    Take Care

  8. That one was hilarious. I like alot of his cartoons, but especially the cows when he makes them out to be people standing up in the fields and talking, lol

    Saw on funny one where the cow was on a riding lawnmower, and had the mower discharge shoot blowing the grass back into its mouth to eat it, lol

  9. I relate Frank! I think you definitely conveyed the essence of cap, at least in my experience; the still waters, leaving out sentences, couple drinks = party animal, loving Gary Larson, helping out a lot and getting screwed…I definitely don’t disagree with any of it, thats for sure.

  10. hi capricorn, i too am a huge fan of GL’s talking cows…one of my faves is when they play knicky knicky nine doors, LOL

    i have Capricorn Moon inconj. chart ruler Jupiter in Gemini. i have a very strong cynical streak that i often silence. i could have you concerned for my mental health (and yours, too) in no time flat.

    Pluto in Sagittarius was a hard transit for humour!

  11. My Capricorn son is hilarious. He manages to be class clown and teacher’s pet at the same time. He has incredible grace for an 8 year old boy.

    I am Gemini with a lot of Virgo and Pluto influences. My sense of humor is subtle and complex. I am highly likely to throw in something really bawdy if the room can handle it. My Aquarius stellium man and I play off each other and perform for the masses – usually his facebook friends.

  12. Avatar

    Moon in Cap, here. Twisted, gallows humor is what usually comes out of my mouth… Heavy on the twisted part. Usually dry and understated. Not many people “get” my brand.

  13. I’m a comedy writer. I have a Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, POF and Mars (at 0 degrees! I conjunct with Stalin, how simply lovely!).

    I’d like to add Kenny Everett and James May – not a comedian per se, I know but a supremely funny man in his quiet way) – in fact there are a lot of Capricorn humourists, not comedians as such but peple who use humour in a quieter way like EM Forster and Cary Grant, for example.

  14. I can do spontaneous, glib one liners, usually bawdy and crude. Mars conjunct Mercury conjunct Venus in Cap…across 8th and 9th H cusp. Sag sun usually take the piss out of myself for a laugh. Can’t actually tell a rehearsed joke at all.
    Both an old boyfriend and I gave each other the Far side calendar for xmas one year, surprised! we gave the same thang to each other.
    Yep. Pluto thru Sag killed any humor…good to laugh again

  15. Gilly, I have a picture of Cary Grant on my bureau. ::le-sigh::

    my Capricorn sister does this thing where you’ll be talking, about something, anything, and she starts to narrow her eyes, you continue, she twists her mouth… then she interupts you with full on haughty, sneery face, “you’re DRUNK.” she only does it once every few years and it always take me off guard. it’s HILARIOUS. she’s an actor in NYC.

  16. Bumping this thread so as not to hog Annalisa’s!

    I just remember one of the funniest Caps I know: Tom Baker, famous for playing Dr Who (in fact for many of us, he WAS Dr Who, and the humour on the role dates from his time, and was mostly his ideas at script conferences, or, increasingly, his ad libs during filming

    A few random clips, though I can’t find the exceptionally funny one I’m looking for:

    Tom being very Saturninely amusing when he published his autoboig (which he did write himself btw):

    Having fun with impersonator Jon Culshaw on Alter Ego:

    Part of a series – it’s all good:

    And two very funny Caps – Tom and Kenny having fun:

  17. my favorite doctor is Sylvester McCoy! a leo with leo rising. but I love all the doctors just on principle. that first interview is GREAT. wished he was an orphan. ::snort::

  18. Lucille Ball, and Jack Benny. I too, am a Capricorn rising. My humor is often behind the mask … it’s that Saturn-Mars in Scorp that tries to hold it down. But the mask is over a Lionnese. So, watch out when the trickster shows. Ha,ha.

  19. Avatar
    pedro san pedro

    Mercury square Saturn… My humor can be very dry and funny, and very sarcastic. I like dry humor… it can be the funniest cause it’s subtle, yet accurately true.

  20. The humour of the Capricorns I know is very dry indeed, and somewhat old-fashioned and predictable.

    Also I was recently looking at Wikipedia’s List of Modern Dictators – there are 201 people on that list. I checked their birth dates to see what sign predominates… Capricorn! And poor Taurus with its bad dictatorial reputation was only in 6/7th statistical position.

    By the by, my mum is a Capricorn… no further comments!

  21. I’m pretty sure my sense of humor is the weird kind that almost no one gets bc I seem to alienate people without realizing it. There I am, thinking I’m part of the group, past my social anxiety and awkwardness, feeling somewhat comfortable and bam, silence, no one makes eye contact, people start to branch off, walk away. I guess I’m THAT person. I think the only people that really get me are my close friends so I’m learning to keep things to myself more when I’m around people I don’t know very well.

  22. Just for the record, Stalin obviously forged his TOB, so that his enemies couldn’t figure him out astrologically. I once tried to find out his TOB and ran into conflicting data. It seems there are at least 7 different times of birth, each of them official. To add to the confusion, the old Russian calendar is way out of synch with the Western one. All that can be said with relative certainty, is that he was born in December or January. Only a Capricorn well versed in astrology could be so devious.

  23. sorry the russian calendar is not out of sync with the western they just celebrate xmas,new years and easter at different times, cyril & methodius didnt change the heavens above russia only contributed to the alphabet. surely archives have not all been tampered with if thats the case what then is certain, I prefer to put him in the same group as augusto pinochet, general franco of spain, vlad the impaler and so forth, capricorns are calculating but not so cruel, stalin killed 16+ million of his OWN people

  24. omg, that invite is funny “Please look cute” πŸ™‚ That doesn’t sound Capricorn to me – I would say something that like and I have no Capricorn
    “babysit your ass” – again something I would say. I think that is the Aquarius coming out.
    The few Capricorns I know are SO serious – they rarely smile – you always feel “tense” around them like you are getting judged for a work review – maybe deep down they are fun in some way – I have just never seen it. They never laugh or let go.

  25. Don’t forget Jason Bateman! He’s so so funny, I think I’m in love with him. I’m always falling for Capricorns. My BF’s a multiple conjunct Cap., with Sun, Merc, NN, Jupiter, and Venus. I’m not looking forward to this upcoming Pluto transit AT ALL!
    I love Andy Kaufman too, but he can be a little annoying. My BF and I were watching his Intergender Wrestling Championship, and I asked him what sign he thought he was. He said Cap, I said Leo with tons of Pluto, and wouldn’t you know – he’s a Cap with Pluto conj. asc. in Leo! I was just so proud of that moment.

  26. The October Revolution took place on October 25. 1917. Here’s a clip of the official Revolution Day parade, which takes place on November 7. That’s the difference between the old calendar and the new calendar.

    As for tampering with archives, that was one of Stalin’s favorite pastimes.

  27. Hey von I know what you mean… That’s exactly my experience with cappy humor.. Nevertheless it’s really witty and intelligent as long as it isn’t directed at me

  28. I’m not one but surrounded by many. Love your one liners guys!
    Someone I know talking about possible plane crash in the mountains before the trip- says to his wife- “well, if we do crash
    I’m eating you…”all with a straght face.
    I was laughing for hours…

  29. Ran into your Cap post, and I am one Capricorn who must have laughter in her life…my own humor tends toward deadpan to earthy (what else?!) I was really taken by the friend you described, along with her invite…from the astrology , description, even the photo, and the fact that she’s a serious artist, I thought she might be an astrological twin…though Saturn in Libra puts her in a different year than mine in Virgo.
    Astrologically, the Saturn-ruled often develop a sense of humor to counteract their own deeply serious nature…Cap kids are often somewhat driven and introverted, and developing a sense of fun (often ‘quirky’)…besides being a Cap,Jim Carrey had a harrowing childhood by anyone’s standards, and is a perfect example of someone who developed a comic ability in spite and because of the Saturnine influence on his character.
    I enjoy your posts, Satori…Thanks!

  30. I love Capricorn humor. Some Scorpios get it… I’m one. We do a similar thing just not as adeptly. I call it the Laugh in the Dark. Some people can’t handle it to the point they don’t even catch it….
    Too bad. Love my goat friends humor.

  31. I am capricorn too, thank goodness. Ever see Anthony Hopkins in chat show interview?, hes very funny. Maggie Smiths one liners in more or less everything – amazing. We rule.

  32. Also here to say bless the shoelaces of others who get it. May you never trip. I mostly like to do it with people who don’t laugh easily. Scorp stelliums, moon square saturn or pluto, sandwich aqua moon and other kindred souls. Seeing them laugh makes my day better. I have a cap moon and rising.

  33. yes!! dry deadpan humour! As a Capricorn Sun, Asc and mercury I dont laugh too often but do love to make people laugh!

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