Saturn & Pluto Conjunction Transiting Descendant Or 7th House – Heartbreak

heartbreak degas paintingI have a late degree Capricorn rising. Readers have witnessed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pain and devastation I suffered recently. I don’t care about this; believe me I don’t.

It’a because Saturn and Pluto energies are featured in my natal chart. I know a lot about loss and pruning for health. What I’ve not discussed is how this transit is affecting people with Cancer rising. At this point, I know I should.

I say this because I am working with a number of people who have late degree Cancer rising.  It’s been this way over the last year and it’s easy to see why. We oppose each other. We balance each other. There’s some kind of equivalence when comes to the burden we’re bearing at this time. Working together, we know we’re not alone.

I spoke with one of these clients this morning, around 5:30 am. We’re both acutely awake, that time in the morning. I want to be clear, the rest of what I write will be referencing this client; he’s a man. I know he won’t care. I don’t want my other clients to feel exposed. I do want them to benefit from this, along with other people in the middle of this transit.

We were talking about heartbreak. A lot of late Cancer risings are going through something like this at this time.  They’re suffering an absolute wipe-out on the love front.  The pain is excruciating and coming via “the other” in their life.

This particular client hit ENDGAME overnight. I suggested he take out the trash.

The trash in this case, is your consolidated (Saturn) loss (Pluto).  The thing / person that is dead or gone is not part of your future.

That last is important because it involves Jupiter.  Jupiter rules the optimistic future. Few know this, but Jupiter is also the trash man of zodiac.

Just think about your garbage. You gather it up; put it at the curb and that’s it.  Jupiter comes along, picks it up and takes it away. What a gift! You never have to see that trash again, okay?  So if you’re suffering, try to work with this.  You’ve got to get through this pain. The reason you’ve got to get through it is this: the future is coming! You surely don’t want to drag your trash, all the way out the horizon that you know exists.

It hurts this bad so you can clearly identify it as garbage. Put that crap out at curb. Do it today. Do it now. Once that trash man comes, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Because I know people will ask, here is this:

The 2020 Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Effect By House

Are you a late Cancer rising? Can you relate to this?

22 thoughts on “Saturn & Pluto Conjunction Transiting Descendant Or 7th House – Heartbreak”

  1. Yes, I can. I too have a late Cancer rising.

    Much was cut: best friend, job/career, business partnership, love for drugs, etc.

    At the time, openly admitting the strain each placed upon me was difficult. You know, crabs run sideways, have a hard shell. Try to be impenetrable.

    My shell was cracked a few year back. Seeing flesh exposed wasn’t fun, but necessary. I discovered other things along the way.

    These transits have been helpful.

    1. I can tell a ultra-positive change in you over this last year. Not that you weren’t okay, already. But you’ve really come alive, in status, which is a byproduct of this transit.

      1. Well, shit, thanks. It’s nice to hear. Many others have retorted the same.

        I certainly don’t shy away from candid critiques either, which has also helped (from the right folks of course).

        I FEEL alive. Ive learned many of my planets are below my horizon.

      2. lets say two people have 16 square aspects, 7 opposed aspects and 11 conjunct aspects. Should these two date. Sun signs are Virgo and Leo.

  2. Moon in Cancer in the first decan, but the sign is full of midpoints and my Sun is exactly quincunx to what happened in Capricorn’s third decan. It has been absolutely devastating since Pluto entered that sign. Absolutely devastating.

    Elsa, receive my condolences, your beloved Dad will always live in your heart.

  3. I’m not Cancer rising.

    But it’s interesting that many who have Cancer Rising in late degrees may also be simultaneously experiencing something new or someone new, a new relationship that is likely part of their future perhaps even for the next 20 years; Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius will also be in the 7th house (an out of sign conjunction to the descendant).

  4. Thanks as reading others hurt makes it less personal defect and more planet slam dance, none of it feels good on inside ,but it’s not my fault
    Sometimes shitty stuff happens to really good people

  5. I’m a cancer rising, mid point..13 degrees. I kept waiting for something..nothing yet.I guess I’m past that point. Then I have Uranus at 28 degrees cancer, so maybe I’ll see something then.

  6. Late cap rising and I love this metaphor. I’ve lost a lot of dreams over the past few years. Sometimes even when you know it’s trash it can be hard to let go (metaphorical trash ok? I’m a Virgo). But calling it trash helps!

  7. I married my first husband while Pluto was transiting my 1st decan Sadgie, 7th house. It was a shitshow. Kicked him out of the house a month before Pluto entered Capricorn. My ASC is 18 Gemini, with my Mars at 24 Cancer, 2nd house. I was the only breadwinner during that marriage, and I was SO DONE with that by the time it ended.

  8. I’m cancer desc, sun, Mars and yes the heartbreak thing is real. It did coincide however, with my partners uranus conjunct moon 7th house transit (taurus stellium) . He was never brave enough to break it off but I felt the distance since that excruciating and painful saturn transits, and we don’t vibe anymore so I kinda made it official.

  9. Hi Elsa, good to read this! I am a late Cancer rising and can relate. I am becoming a burden for my partner myself – the stellium gave me fractured leg last week. We are an old caring couple and I don’t expect trouble here. What I see, is even more deepness on both sides. But the trash thing could play out concerning my job. They are about to define measures to reduce staff since a while, and I feel a quite insecure heading at least 7 weeks of illness!

  10. The Saturn / Pluto conjunction sits exact on my DC at 22*53 Cap. I have been with the same man for 20 years, we have 2 young children. This past year has been challenging, but not devastating. I have developed an attraction to a work colleague though which is distracting, but I don’t want to destroy what I have, so am not entertaining that. There is temptation though. It’s been challenging as I worried my Partner was flirting with another woman which I think is unfounded. Classic projection.

  11. Avatar
    Clifton Greene

    Against your direct recommendation, I sent her a three page hand written letter. Things I would have told her, things I think she needs to know about her, about me, about us. Worst possible scenario is police tell me she’s not interested and to stop or face consequences. That’s better than the silence that will probably continue. I can let it go then, and now am actually hoping to hear nothing…

  12. Avatar
    Clifton Greene

    People wearing masks fearing “the corona virus” are freaks, and people not concerned with Fukushima radiation are idiots.

  13. I knew from last year that my friend won’t get married this year, felt that in my bones as looking at her chart with transits. She’s a cancer rising. But it was more than this conjunction, there were more factors. I didn’t see a whole pandemic being the reason but my gut was so on point back then. Similar when I predicted a birth of someone trying for 6 years, I was off with the time only by 2 months. This pluto/saturn was scarry because it felt it was going to be personal to me but I was forgetting that pluto is generational sweeping us all by the throat.

  14. As a late cancer rising, I was demolished during that time just before the pandemic. At the time it was my Saturn return as well (my Saturn is conjunct my descendent) I had a prolonged dark knight of the soul facing all my childhood traumas as well as being targeted and haunted by things people have done to me at work, adults, parents, strangers everyone. I’ve been recuperating ever since…I’m much better now however I’m still dealing with so so much. Now Pluto is directly conjuncting my descendent in the 7th house. Utterly painful awakenings when it comes to me relationships and lost so many fiends however revived a past friendship. Interesting. So perhaps it’s meant to be.. perhaps Pluto revived it. I have Saturn transiting my 8th house now it’s giving me the reality check and power I need to become my beset self I think. I believe this 8th house transiting Saturn is squaring my 5th house scorpio moon conjunct Pluto. It’s causing me to truly see how shitty people are how they aren’t invested in me like I was in them.. pushing me to see the truth of ppl and how they are users mostly and to let go and invest in me and my future.

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