Jupiter Quincunx Uranus: November 2018

I was checking out a friend’s solar return chart. I noticed that Jupiter was inconjunct (quincunx) Uranus.  This is an incredible marker in a chart. I have this in my natal chart so I’ve had a lot of experience with it.  You can click the tag – Jupiter Uranus

This combination is super (Jupiter, over the top), quirky (Uranus). Just think of the Uranus, the sideways planet, and it’s unusual orbit.  Jupiter amplifies. In real life, I’m telling you, most anything can happen.

Usually what happens is good; though not in a way you might expect or may have planned.  In this case, it’s really going to be odd because while the aspect will be in effect, roughly November 1st – 18th, both Jupiter and Uranus will change signs during that period.

How weird is that?  Very.

The exact inconjunct between Uranus and Jupiter takes place on November 8th. As far as events to consider, there’s the election, two days prior. I’d also keep an eye on the stock market and potential earthquakes (Uranus in Taurus), but this caravan of people headed to the US is the real thing to watch.

However you view that group, they’re Jupiter-ruled in that they are traveling, foreigners.  There’s no telling how this is going to wind up.

On a personal level, you can expect surprises that might truly shock you. I am talking about shocks that leave your jaw on the floor… BUT

But, as soon as you can, look for the silver lining. More often than not, there will be one which leads me to my last remark.

You’re not going to see the benefit if you’re wrapped up in a ball, or casting your eyes, downward.  Look up and/or out, to the future or the horizon in the distance.  That’s where you’ll see the good thing.

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  1. Elsa I did not know you were counting in the inconjuction aspect! Its refreshing! I see how some astrologers disregards it.

    Ime personal experience, atleast luminaries inconjunct heavy planets have a big effect in a natal chart, but some would disagree. I think its tiredsome how some only wanna regard conjunctions, sextiles, trines, squares and oppositions as aspects :/ The other ones are profound too, only harder to describe I guess.

    Can you share more about inconjunctions on your blog? Especially to Pluto? <3 <3 <3

    1. I have a close quincunx between my Sun and Saturn. I’d say that it’s the number one thing in my chart; that thing that ties together the rest of it. That aspect is the key to explaining my problems, my mind-set, my motives, and goals; and as a heterosexual woman, it has even influenced my taste in men since the Sun and Saturn are both masculine planets! Capricorn/Leo blends are just delicious. Proud, loyal, stable and hard working, with a sense of adventure and FUN?

      But I digress! Point is I definitely think you should pay attention to the inconjunct, whether all astrologers agree on it or not, and regardless if Elsa has the time/interest to write more about it 🙂

  2. I have this configuration in my natal chart.

    I have one child, he is biracial. I met his father in college, he had just arrived in the U.S. and moved into the dorm room facing mine. It just so happens that my dad had been in the small southeast Asian village where my son’s father was born and raised. My dad was an officer in the USMC, and had worked with the officials in that small village just a year prior to my sons’ fathers’ birth to help the village become self militarized. My dad received a medal for doing so, my son now has the medal.

    Back when Uranus was transiting Jupiter in my chart for the 3rd and last time, I was expecting a windfall of sorts. I figured it would be financial, and I was very excited. Since the two planets are quincux in my chart, I wondered what that meant for the transit. Instead, I became deathly ill. In December, I started to not be able to hold food down. I started making doctor appointments, but the doctor thought I had an ulcer and just made more appointments. Meanwhile, my conditioned worsened. In late January, early Feb. I stopped eating and no amount of liquid could quench my thirst. I ended up in the emergency room, was given an IV and sent home with more appointments. I got so sick, I was slowly starving to death but I could not keep anything down. Anything I swallowed came right back up and my weight plummeted.

    Luckily, my neighbor took me back to the emergency room. My kidneys were about to fail, the skin on my fingertips was wrinkled like when you soak your hands in water too long and my tongue was parched. They could not draw my blood. I had to beg them to admit me, and it was not until they put a camera down into my body to investigate they finally figured out what was wrong. My stomach had lodged up into my chest and wrapped intestine around my stomach like a rope which cut it off. So, anything going down my throat was not going down into my belly. More twists and turns in the story that I will leave out, but I ended up receiving life saving surgery that I quickly recovered from and I am fine now.

    The surgery they performed was not possible before 1995. I had it done as Uranus was exactly conjunct my Jupiter. I got my windfall, just not the windfall that I was expecting.

  3. Wow! Quite a story Sherry. Glad that you recovered from such a rare medical condition.
    I am looking for some positive changes to occur. But I would rather they occur slowly and so I can process them…Keeping fingers crossed..?

  4. Natal Uranus in Scorpio, Third house. Not to sound crass, but I never imagined that I would be so informed of major news via your blog, it is greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Elsa!I checked my SR and Jupiter is opposite Uranus. And i have my ASC in Gemini and DC in Sagittarius.In my Natal Chart(Placidus) i have Leo Moon/Rising .I have exact conjunct Uranus & Jupiter at O deg. in Libra in my 2nd H. The half part of my 2nd H is in Virgo where Pluto is exact conjunct my S.Node in Virgo 22 deg.What does this mean. I am new to Astrology.Thank you!

  6. Hi again!In my natal chart 28 of Scorpio to 2 of Sag is in my 4thH where my natal Mars is at 2 deg of Sag.In whole sign system it is from my 4th H to 5th where my natal Mars is exact 2 deg of Sag. While 29 deg of Aries to O deg of Taurus in Placidus is in my 9th H where my natal Saturn seats at 9 deg. In whole sign it is from my 9th to 10th H.Thank you!

  7. Tr Jupiter will be exactly conjunct my MC cusp and Tr Uranus will be exactly conjunct my 3H cusp the first week of November. I believe income opportunities will come as well as increasing visibility of my personal relationship. My boyfriend and I have already talked about getting involved as mentors (10H) in our local church (3H).

    An interesting fact to remember about inconjuncts/quinqunxes is this redirecting aspect forces us to compartmentalize our actions into two separate areas because we are dealing with non-reconcilable modalities and elements. Think oil and vinegar. I’ve got my 9H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction quinqunxing my 4H Gemini Mars. I’m great at home projects and I get lost in my astrology studies.

  8. Yes like one of your commenters I have found that Jupiter and Uranus are just as likely to affect health as wealth.
    The trine in particular is associated with inflammation- and that is exactly what I got on the last trine.
    Jupiter-Uranus transit conjunction takes place in my 2nd house so one year I won £10,000 on that aspect. But it doesn’t happen every time, just that once. It takes more than that. When Uranus was conjunct my natal Jupiter nothing happened at all financially If I could point to anything it might have been a period of learning techniques in my work.

  9. i have sesquiquadrate between jup and uranus in SR , and inconjunction between saturn and uranus in natal.dont know what it means though.

  10. I have jupiter at 29 Scorpio 32 conjunct neptune at 0 sag in my 5th. Jupiter return today, jupiter quincunx uranus on cusp of 11th tomorrow..

  11. I have this in my natal chart, Jupiter in Pisces @29 degrees and Uranus in Scorpio @1 degree. And on November 8th, I was in the CampFire in Northern Cal. it started @ around 6:30 a.m. I believe the exact quincunx occurred @ 6:19 that morning…you could definitely say shocking as not only my home and work burnt to the ground, my entire town is gone. My whole life has been literally flipped upside down and inside out.It’s hard to wrap my head around this, but I do believe that good things will come of it. It is the strangest feeling not owning anything other than the clothes on my back, somewhat freeing,certainly shocking. Thank you for your post, I’d love to learn more about this.

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