Wishy Washy Types vs Rigid Type Personalities

wishy washyLibra is generally considered “wishy washy” with Pisces falling in close behind. I have significant Libra. I don’t consider myself wishy washy but it may be because Mars is involved.

Sometimes I pass on expressing an opinion because  know I could argue both sides. If I do make a statement, I rarely back off it.

I apologize if someone claims injury because I never mean harm, plus  this is just good manners. But that’s different then coming out with a different statement to appease someone.

I do like this quality in Pisces though. You can count on Pisces to not have an edge and even if they do have an edge it will be gone by the end of the day if not in next minute or two. This is soothing. Nothing is ever final. But there are others times I really want a hard edge and I mean I want that edge not to budge.

Are you wishy washy… or rigid?

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  1. Toni – I agree with you but I do think Libra is traditionally the sign tagged with this because they go back and forth – refuse to take a side.

    I think Libra does take a side – the losing side, in order to shore it up and create balance.

  2. I am a Libra with a double Pisces (plus Jupiter!) best friend and I do really appreciate how I can never do anything wrong with her. I can call her with just about anything and she will think I’m in the right. Now when I need someone to hold a hard line or argue with me, I call somebody else. But my Pisces best friend will bury a body with me if I asked her to.

  3. Oh this is so easy, lol – rigid, very, very rigid. Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down”, I have always thought that is my theme song, for sure 🙂

  4. Neither. I adapt to whatever the situation calls for. When I make the decision, I live with it, but I am very open to backing out.


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      Hildegarde's Girl

      Wishy washy means “Irresolute or indecisive: Lacking in purpose; weak or ineffective”(thanks Webster)
      Rigid means “unable to bend…stiff, hard, firm, inflexible, unbending, unyielding…not able to be changed or adapted.”
      I think people if given a choice would like to think they are rigid because they feel it implies a decisiveness or strength of determination in comparison.. It also implyies that they are opposites of each other. They arent
      They both can be considered a problem area in the character or nature of a person per Websters definitions. Neither is desirable in the extreme..
      Im a Virgo. I bend if logic dictates. My Virgo is in my 12th house so I do tend to see the big picture so while I choose my battles…I also can be a little too yielding because Pisces is about boundaries or lack of…which can be a blessing and a curse.

  5. Thanks Elsa, but people only will believe what they want to believe. And they all believe Libra is the most indecisive, but the ‘truth’ is that Pisces is the most.

  6. Libra sun, Pisces moon here … who doesn’t think of herself as wishy-washy at all, nor do I think any of my friends or family would say so either. While it’s true that I can see every side to something, and debate with detachment pretty much anything, I think I subscribe to the notion that when Libra actually *makes* a decision, it’s hardcore.

    That said, I can see what Elsa says about Pisces when it comes my emotional spectrum: “nothing is ever final.”

  7. I have a significant amount of Pisces. I always do the thing where someone asks me “do you want something on the pizza?” and I will say no. Then 5 minutes later I’ll yell down and, after the pizza is ordered, say “well, yeah actually I do want some mushrooms on my pizza.” But then again I have Virgo too. I’m going to get that fucking mushroom pizza.

    But still, I would not consider myself wishy-washy. But then, what does your own self-assessment mean? It’s what other people think about you that makes you what you are.

  8. hmmm well I have Mars and Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter and Saturn in Liba and I really don’t think I am wishy washy at all.

    I’m more impulsive. I make decisions pretty fast and follow through…even if they probably weren’t the best…

    maybe this is the uranus square to both my mars and mercury showing itself.

  9. mars in libra > definitely start off wishy-washy, going back and forth and never seeming to make up my mind – but once I do eventually set on something, I keep going, hell or high water 🙂

    “rigidly wishy washy” like Jilly

  10. Jessica, I love this–“Now when I need someone to hold a hard line or argue with me, I call somebody else. But my Pisces best friend will bury a body with me if I asked her to.” SO frickin true for this uber Pisces. Please don’t ask me to debate, but if you need my support, I’ll be there.

    I don’t really consider Pisces “wishy washy” though, I think we believe in something. We just don’t need to pressure everyone else to take our side.

  11. Alicia said: “I don’t really consider Pisces “wishy washy” though, I think we believe in something. We just don’t need to pressure everyone else to take our side.”


  12. I don’t really consider Pisces “wishy washy” though, I think we believe in something. We just don’t need to pressure everyone else to take our side.

    Uh, some Pisces out there are more than happy to pressure and argue.

    Anyway, I don’t think Pisces are that wish-washy, but I think a lot of them are gullible (even the pretty intelligent ones), and want to make others happy or at least cooperate with eachother. At least in my experience.

    As for me, most of my planets and asteroids are in fixed signs, so I’m a bit rigid.

  13. I’ve got Libra Sun and Mercury – and I definitely have the habit of considering issues from as many viewpoints as I possibly can. I’m impatient with the “wishy washy” label as I think this is a good thing – to be able to consider different perspectives and viewpoints – wouldn’t the world be in better shape if this was valued more? maybe a lot of problems are created b/c we Over value those who are bullheaded and loud and certain of themselves!!!!

  14. Libra sun & mercury with pisces moon.

    I am shy at the same flirtatious. Always seeking people’s advise but never take them. I also hate a control freak & a judgemental person.

    I don’t mind taking my time deciding if something/someone is right or wrong for me.

    I analyse every situation, the man in my life, my friends, every decision I make, having babies what are the consequences, I need reasons.

    Is that wishy washy?

  15. So true I’m a pisces and what people dont seem to realized is that we have to believe in something that moves us if not we allow others to make the decisions or not. We just don’t interfere unless we believe its called for.We have to care if not we just choose to be polite and hope it goes away!

  16. Although I’m an Aries Sun, which is supposed to make rash decisions without thinking ahead, I also have a Libra Ascendant(Self Image), Mercury in Pisces(Thinking) and Capricorn Moon(Emotion).

    I think those three elements have kept me out of really big trouble a lot of times.

  17. I have 0 degrees Pisces rising and Chiron at 29 degrees Neptune in Scorpio just past the 9H cusp. I remember my brother accusing me when we were younger of acting different around different people. He said, “You are so fake! For every 100 people you talk to, you present a different face to each of them.” I recall feeling genuinely baffled by his accusation at the time – this wasn’t feeling at all.

    But as I’ve grown older I can see, sadly, that it’s true. I’m always feeling out the landscape when relating to people, presenting pretty much what I feel they find acceptable. I don’t necessarily pretend to be something I’m not, it’s more like I hold certain parts of myself back.

    I really hate this sometimes, because it gets so old – I just wish I could be more likey Aries sister who is so out there, do herself, though sometimes accused of being brash. For anyone who watches the prime time show, “Private Practice,” my favorite character is Charlotte…who is always bold and always Charlotte, like her or not.

  18. Libra can be really wishy washy, but when it comes to choose or giving an opinion because they take care not to hurt anybody.
    I have Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Libra. So in this extent, I can be wishy washy. But when it comes to boundaires, justice and fairness I can be very blunt.

    I also have Pisces and neptune, so I always have some kinda compassion/universal love. In the end, you are forgiven, by the law of love.

    Is that wishy washy? I don´t think so. (mercury in taurus)

  19. To all my Libra friends and family, and there are a bunch of you…..that whole see both sides plus the love (?)or willingness to argue and the desire to run things. Yeah. Tough combo when you get going. And why is it that you all seem to think that a sadge opinion is an invitation to argue? We’re fiery and big and tactless and,,,,, mutable! This sadge HATES to hold a hard line and hates even more to argue. (I will happily debate all day long but arguing? BOO.) My opinion is always there for the taking but holding a hard line and argument bore me or make me feel trapped. Either way I’m miserable and way stressed.

    I have much better luck with Pisces: it’s ok that I never know where they stand. They let me know that they’ll be there for me and that’s what’s important. (Go figure!)

  20. Oh the wishy washy male…Dated a couple of them. Baddd News …The man who will play you like a fiddle, usually the arrogant, smooth talking type. One day they are all lovey dovey and make ya feel like your number one. Then you don’t hear from them in days. Dangle you on a string like you are some friggen puppet. Are they playing you. Damn straight they are.. You know you read all this stuff about feeling secure in a relationship and trust being number one and they are right. Meaning how the hell will these wishy washy a..holes ever expect to have any kind of committed loving relationship with anyone when they don’t even know themselves what they want!! Any smart respectable woman certainly isn’t going to put up with that garbage. Nothing worst than being pulled in different directions always questioning some ones feelings or motives. They almost make a female question themselves as a person…. Is it me, did I do something or say something . Their uncontrolled way of making u feel like crap. The sad part …I think they are oblivious to it. They just assume we are the needy type individuals when in fact they drive the woman to be that way, question herself…that’s when you know its time to dump their wishy washy a**. They will just move along to the next poor victim. Libra man if someone could tell me something positive about them, would love to hear. Had a real tough trusting him besides the wishy washy persona.

  21. Most things wishy washy.
    The things Im really rigid about are things that have to do with my principles. its not every day that those get challenged, but it happens often enough that theyve gotten sharpened down to a fine point. They continually have to prove themselves worthy to me (my principles). Thats the only way Id go against a deeply held principle, was if it started to show its weakness.
    Anything else isn’t significant enough to get too passionate about, at least for me.

  22. I’m a Libra sun, but I ALWAYS take a side – very often it’s the losing side, and very often it’s the most unpopular side. I also make sure that everyone knows it.
    Wishy-washy people piss me off. I have been known to bully people into taking sides OPENLY.
    Just tell me what you think! Will it kill you?

  23. Ha! I can go between many sides all day long. I guess that’s my Mars in Libra, I don’t know. I just see so many shades of grey all day!

    BUT, there are some things I know for sure 🙂

  24. I am the definition of rigid with so much earth in 1st, 8th and 9th.

    And yet, I have Sag moon! Uranus in 12th! I can’t stand being the same as everyone else!

    1. I think it’s an either/or thing with me. Either I’m rigid on something, or wishy-washy. I have watched myself go from hard as rock rigid on certain things to “all of a sudden” totally let go and swim every which about it. And vice versa.

  25. I’m both. Rigid and wishy-washy.

    I know what I like and, if I can, I usually do what I want to do (fixed ascendant, moon and mars in the 8th, mercury and Venus in a fixed sign, mars square sun, sun trine saturn, moon trine pluto.)

    But I’m also a very neptunian Sun in Pisces with Neptune expecting my sun and moon. So I have a wishy-washy, nebulous nature too.

    I’m adaptable too with mutable energy in my chart.

    I’ve hardly been perceived as wishy washy (as I’m quite assertive and people choose to see that more) but my close ones see that side a few times a week as I’m not as disciplined at home (intercepted Pisces in the 4th) as I am at work (Leo MC and Virgo intercepted.)

    Hubby is very fixed (Taurus and leo planets) and earthy so he helps with some of my wishy washy bits.

    He’s the only person in my world who experiences me often as wishy washy. He lives with me so sees more my 4th house behaviour.

    1. Amy S mentioned in this post that Pisces are gullible.

      Yep. It comes with the territory of Pisces. Unfortunately the open boundaries nature of Neptune and Pisces does it.

      At 42 I’ve become much better at recognising when a sob story or flattery, etc. is being used in an (unconscious or conscious) attempt to evoke or elicit a response (emotional or physical) from me.

      I was super super gullible when I was young, despite all my assertiveness and stubborness.

      Boundaries were an alien thing till I went to long-term therapy.

      I also bought myself good books on boundary-setting (Anne Katherine is great.)

      Therapy and the books helped me realise I needed boundaries, or at least helped with learning about my choices regarding whether to hold or not boundaries in certain situations (as neptune/Pisces is unboundaried.)

  26. I looked up wiwshy-washy, wasn’t sure what it means. It seems it’s being ineffectual or weak. I thought it meant someone who can’t make choices, is hesitant.
    So, I don’t know!
    Sometimes my choices are very clear, sometimes not – I hesitate, often on tiny piddly details. (Due to my Merc in Virgo?) In other words, I guess I AM wishy-washy! (Horrible to admit)
    Mars in Libra in 12th, Libra asc.

    1. In a way, being unable or unwilling to make a choice equates to being ineffectual or weak. Hard to be effective or strong if you refuse to decide and act. I’m a Libra and this apparently is one thing people can’t stand about us, lol. (We CAN decide, BTW—we just don’t want to piss people off.)

  27. Well, I’m both rigid and wishy-washy… I’m a Libra Rising with Neptune in my 3 house. Natal Mercury in the 12 house… So, making decisions is for me an issue… hard to deal with, but I’ve noticed: whenever I have to decide something important and BIG, I do it fast. Whenever I have to decide what to dress, what to eat etc small decisions cost me more energy to make them…
    I’m capable to adapt (Virgo Sun, moon and mercury) and to analyze very deep a situation before making a decision, here I can count on Virgo Mercury conjunct Rising.
    When I’m absolutely convinced of something then I’m very rigid: Leo Mars conjunct Rising ruler.

  28. With 4 planets in Taurus, in the 8th house, I’d be described as rigid. But….I am a Libra Rising, so my entire life has been spent easily seeing both sides of any subject (even if I didn’t want to). I don’t consider myself wishy-washy at all, but I can procrastinate because once I make a decision – it is final. I gotta say the word rigid seems negative, but at least people know where I stand.

    As far as Pisces, my other half is a Pisces, so he can take forever to make a damn decision. Knowing a little Astrology has helped me immensely understanding him.

  29. I have a lot of fixed and cardinal energy in my chart so definitely rigid and I stick to my words. I do have a problem with wishy-washy types as I tend to take other people’s words seriously.

  30. I’ve got a 12th house Sun in a 1degree aspect with Neptune that just adds to my Cancer stellium and four other tight Neptune aspects to personal placements. Mr. Leo used to always get REALLY mad at me because he said I had no boundaries. It’s taken me a long time to see that I do, in fact, have boundaries. It’s just how I deal with them being crossed that really irritates him. Of course, he’s a fire stellium, so he’s not happy unless I’m blowing up at my boundaries being crossed, but unless I’m defending my children or (a very dear to heart) underdog, that’s just not my style. If you cross my boundaries, I’m going stick to them, but I’m going to swim away (disengage). If you want to call that wishy-washy, that makes no matter to me; it’s just semantics to me after all.

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