What To Expect With Jupiter In Sagittarius

sagittarius vintage girlI love, LOVE, Jupiter in Sagittarius!  That statement is meant to be inflated and over-the-the top. It’s also happens to be true!

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is associated with truth, seeking and storytelling.  It also represents higher education, broad-mindedness, luck, opportunity, abundance, optimism and generosity.

Have I sold you yet?

If you’re out there reading about too much of a good thing, I’d ignore it,  With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you want to reach as far as can.  AIM HIGH, ALL THE WAY!

This transit begins on November 9th, 2018 and lasts through December 2, 2019. Expect to feel good, be good, get lucky and so forth; especially in  the house where the planet is transiting.

When good fortune falls on you, remember to spread it around.  We badly need a path out of despair (collectively speaking). Jupiter in Sagittarius will provide this.  I try not to envy people who have their natal Jupiter in Sagittarius. It’s hard!

What house(s) with Jupiter in Sagittarius transit in your chart?  Is anyone else champing on their bit?

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  1. My asc, moon and Venus.Is In SAG, I really need a break and my husband does too.I am starting to see his life slipping away , I pray that he has a re bound.He is an aries with a lot of 8th house planets, I believe he can do it!!

    1. ((Opalina)) … sharing my Venus and Jupiter natal in the 11th House with your Sag abundance!

      I’m so glad to be reminded of the Practical Magic coming up just before my Solar Return. I got a whiff of that Sag uplift this morning. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that graphic to depict the post!!!

    2. Opalina, the transit will give you some breathers despite your current situation.

      I’m Scorpio rising so I’ve had the conjunction transit. Now jupiter is in the first house. Despite some personal challenges this year, jupiter in the first has been a nice silver lining.

      The planet trines my sub in Pisces twice and it was lovely. Your hubby’s sun in Aries will get the trine and it will his silver lining.

      All the best!

  2. Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Neptune in Sag 🙂 And Jupiter enters Sag on my birthday 🙂 I’m hoping to gain something, because the only gain with Jupiter in Scorpio was weight gain 😀

  3. I love this too. My father was blessed with this and he often exuded optimism.

    An Amish neighbor has it and he is a very lucky man.

    It hits my 11th house where my POF sits.

  4. (((Opalina)))

    Jupiter is currently transiting my natal Jupiter in 9H. It’s been very good for my research/writing/book (9H). I’ve had a definite breakthrough this week.

    Looking forward to its transit through Sadge as that will cover my 10H (career) and I need help / a miracle in that area.

  5. YAY.. Im hoping it is an awesome transit! I have been waiting for it. My Asc is at 1 and Neptune at 7 and my boyfriends sun and asc are at the end in the late degrees, we have had a lot of problems the pst year or two so Im hoping its our turning point.

  6. Tr Jupiter will cross my midheaven at 28 degrees on Halloween. This could signal work opportunities and/or a change in public recognition. I was unexpectedly approached to do some freelance photography work just yesterday.

    1. really? i thought jupiter in cancer is exalteed. I’ve seen alot of people with this natally that are very lucky.

      i hope good things will turn up soon too. i have alot of fire sun, & fire moon family. ;p

  7. I’m always looking forward to jupiter transiting any house.

    In Sag it will still be in my first house up till the 10th degree of Sag, and then it will be in my 2nd house – really looking forward to that transit!

    It will be in sextile, opposition and tribe with many of my planets – yey.

  8. Jupiter will pass my scorpio rising at 27 degrees in late October. Then start its transit through sagittarius and my first house…so looking forward to this!
    There are things simmering in my life, that will manifest during this transit. Plans coming to frutition..
    Like a birth after a long pregnancy. ..
    Wish for you alle EE- readers something fruitful from this transit!

    1. Cheers, Gretchen, from a fellow 27 Scorpio rising! I have Uranus in Sag. Looking forward to seeing what (hopefully positive) surprises this year brings.

  9. @Opalina, I hope Jupiter sends some good fortune your way. Jupiter trine your husband’s Sun should help your husband a lot.

    Jupiter will exactly conjunct my Sagittarius Sun on Christmas. Oh boy! It will be in my 3rd house, so I expect lots of holiday parties. I’m currently enjoying the Jupiter conjunct my Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. I hope it takes its time because I’m loving this transit.

    Today I had lunch with my husband for his birthday. We went to our favorite local Italian restaurant, he bought our favorite wine and we had such a great time together. Love it!

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Oh I am so hopeful with this transit…
    Jupiter will be crossing my MC and natal Venus in the 10H and trine natal Saturn 2H – I really would love a BIG break from all the drama queens and kings I’ve been experiencing in my places of employment, geez-Louise! A sprinkling of validation/vindication of what I suffered through last year would be magical and healing…

  11. Natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, 3rd House.. Jupiter Return on the very heels of my Second Saturn Return.. Should I expect cosmic fireworks for work well done? 😀

      1. Exciting doesn’t even start to spell it.. I live in the Middle East so this should mean Peace around here.. FINALLY!!!! Thanks for your comment, Allie 🙂

    1. I would consider this configuration a judgement on the spiritual AND physical planes of life. The Universe is at your door wanting to talk…

    2. C…I have similar happening! My second Saturn return (6th house) in January ’19, followed by Jupiter return (5th) in April ’19. I’ll keep an eye out to hear how yours goes 🙂

  12. @Opalina, I hope your hubby gets a lift from Jupiter in Sag. (((Opalina)))

    I gained a bit of weight too with Jupiter in Scorpio but Jupiter in Sag will effect my 1st house as well so I better watch my diet! (Late Asc on Scorpio and in Placidius chart is intercepted by Sag) and will ping my Merc and then my Saturn there too. It will also effect my 12th house (Where my natal Jupiter is) and my 4th by night (Pisces IC) and will ping my BML in my 4th. I better go look this up to see what I expect but sure hope it’s good!!

  13. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Girl

    Sagittarius is in my 3rd and 4th house
    It seems there will be alot of fire spreading with Jupiter in Sag and Uranus in Aries at least the first half of the transit.
    But I have no planets in the next 2 signs. Does that mean no growth or no disruptions? How boring! Lol!

  14. Jupiter will transit Sagittarius in my 8th house. What I read doesn’t seem that positive or at least interesting(!) as its about working through others’ resources? I’m not quite sure to make of it. Any advice from anyone? I’m Virgo Sun, Taurus Ascendant (Placidus; Aries Ascendant if you use Whole House–I’m still trying to figure out which of the house systems are best for me!). Thanks and happy transiting!

    1. What is negative about others’ resources? I would (literally) be homeless and living on the streets right now if it weren’t for some Good Samaritans (Jupiter) sharing their resources with me (8H) such that my cat and I have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. And, as I have a packed 8H, I believe in sharing back, so I am cooking for them, and doing all sorts of other things I can, to reciprocate. There was a time when human beings lived that way all the time: sharing their resources and helping each other out. Add Jupiter’s benevolence to that and wow: I’d count my blessings!

      1. Tango, I absolutely see the value in working through others’ resources–yours is a great example. I’m just not sure what that may look like for me. The slight negative angle I mentioned is because I’ve always been completely self-sufficient so it feels like losing control a bit but I’m open to it!

        1. I hear you on the loss of control. I had been self-sufficient all my life. This has been (and continues to be) a … transformative experience to say the least! 🙂

    1. Why wouldn’t/couldn’t it be?

      It might help EXPAND one’s spirituality, for example.

      Or help you OUT OF all the “bad” things (rightly or wrongly) associated with the 12th house.

      Remembering that “it’s all just energy” and you have free will as to how you will use that energy (in a positive or negative direction), personally I would look forward to the BENEFICIAL possibilities and SUPPORT of a Jupiter transit through my 12th house. (Because I would choose to use it positively.)

    2. NotMyCircus,

      That transit feels like the universe has one’s back, it’s like receiving invisible support while some ideas are being mulled over by the individual.

      Faith of some sort can grow, spirituality can grow just like Tango says.

      It can be a quiet period, introspective at times, but some opportunities start to line up slowly.

      And there is growing intuition/connection with the collective’s unconscious and also with what actions will benefit the unfolding of an individual’s destiny.

      Then once Jupiter nears the ascendant there is more momentum and clarity grows around what opportunities (of the ones mulled over during the transit) are best to pursue and invest in.

      (The above based on my experience from the last two Jupiter transits in the 12th.)

    3. Thanks for the answers! I have heard that Jupiter offers invisible protection while in the 12th but wondered about that.

      By the way, I just looked up…and Jupiter slipped into my 12th house. It’s also there in my solar return.

  15. My Jupiter is in late Scorpio but smack on my 9th house cusp (10′. Does this increase my luck? I could use some right now.

    1. James,

      The Jupiter return initiates a new cycle of growth of personal values, belief systems, and self-belief. Growth happens.

      Your natal Jupiter right on the cusp of the 9th house (of one of two natural houses for Jupiter) should bring some luck and opportunities.

      Even if there are some losses along the way (can happen) the end outcome will be growth and expansion.

      And if Jupiter is well aspected in your chart and your mercury is not being challenged, I’d say temporary optimism and faith in the universe’s abundance during the Jupiter in 9th transit.

      Good luck!

      1. Cris, thanks for leading me to see that I am not only embarking on my Jupiter Return (very late Scorpio in very late 9H) but how it also ties in to being halfway through my Pluto in 12H transit.

        My Mercury was indeed being challenged but is finally being released (has been under prolonged square by t. Pluto).

        Off I go to read about Jupiter Return. Fresh and timely insights are always good!


  16. Transiting my 2nd house, where I have Jupiter in Sadge natally. I don’t know how this will manifest.
    One thing is sure, I do not need more stuff! Maybe this transit could help me manage it better???
    May Jupiter bestow his generosity on everyone at EE!

  17. Could someone help me, I’m totally confused which to look into placidus or wholesign
    Like I have Pisces ascendant now by placidus my Jupiter is in 26 deg Scorpio 9 house, MC Sadge conj moon, so transit Jupiter will be in 9 house only ?

    By whole-sign Sadge is 10 house , MC still there

    So what will b the effect

  18. My Sag stellium daughter will be getting a big boost from this (four planets in Sag, three very tightly conjunct). She had a rough time with Saturn in Sag, then Neptune in Pisces. She has a long distance boyfriend now who treats her like a queen. I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time.

  19. It will be transiting my 10th/MC and Im SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I just keep striking gold career wise and I feel so blessed! I had a good chuckle when I read this post because I had a conversation with my sister about a week ago, laughing at how you just can’t keep a Sadge or anyone with jupiter highly aspected down. Even when someone’s on a mission to knock you down, keep you small or just plain make you feel insecure or bad about yourself, Jupiter just keeps bouncing back and reaching even higher to the sky with a smile. No-one can keep Tigger from bouncing not even Eeyeore! BRING ON JUPITER IN SAG!!! WOOHOO

    1. Hi there are u referring by placidus or whole sign? Even my MC is 19 deg Sarge with moon, out of work can I expect something in this transit? (today I got Jupiter return degrically)

      1. Icarus,

        So it appears you’ve got your jupiter return. Your natal Jupiter in the 9th is a strong position to have. What aspects does it make to other natal planets?

        Jupiter return is an important beginning. A new Jupiter cycle for you – expansion of self-beliefs, belief system, values, principles…

        In the 9th the Jupiter return themes are repeated (double whammy sort -> natal planet Jupiter (a 9th house note) conjuncted by transiting (and collective, in the skies for everybody) Jupiter and it’s happening in your 9th house) so it could well change in a strong way the way you see the world and your role in it. (I’d have a notebook and write down your insights so that you can then decide what insights are worth following. You might have insights regarding which one of your contacts/friends/acquaintances might be of help too as Jupiter return and transits favour ‘beneficial contacts.’)

        Jupiter approaching your MC next spring is important. I like to prepare for transits so I’d recommend reading good literature to see what possibilities are linked to Jupiter transiting the MC and transiting the 10th house. Get ready now, before it happens, and start putting out feelers in the work field.

        Jupiter is very much about timing, being seen as lucky when in fact it’s about the individual being good at the timing they choose to contact people, make decisions, act on things. So jupiter grants opportunities for those who prepare and explore/take risks. Without preparation and exploration/risk taking, it’s simply a nice-feeling period or a period when one can become a bit overly confident, expecting things to come their way.

        Jupiter works best when the individual ‘prepares to have the best timings.’

        So think of Sag MC careers or jobs (also look at your 6th house, its ruler, the aspects the ruler does, and any planets in the 6th house for clues) that you might have experience, aptitude or interest in when thinking about jobs to apply for.

        Depending on the individual, one might approach prospective clients/organisations and offer services (a jupiter thing) one has expanded (jupiter) in.

        Like Elsa suggested, if you put your chart in the forum there will be helpful responses.

        (By the way, I use Placidus – best system to describe how I am yet I have had accurate readings too by good astrologers who use equal house and also whole sign.)

        1. Just realised that the ruler of your MC, jupiter, is the one having the return cycle. This is big.

          It appears your life will be very different by the time transiting Jupiter conjuncts your ascendant in some years. I’ll explain: the time now (jupiter return, jupiter ruling the MC) is about new seeds and ideas, possibly studying further education courses (9th house)to expand your services, expansion of beliefs/values (jupiter return in the 9th), then public actions (MC) regarding those seeds and ideas and those changes you will be making of your public role, then transiting Jupiter in the 11th helping refine personal goals and helpful groups and communities, then the more introspective yet quietly bountiful period of jupiter transiting the 12th and helping you connect with your intuition (12th H) before you put forward key actions around your initiatives in life (1st house.)

          It looks good yet prepare! Teaching, travelling, learning from other cultures, languages, positive outlook, lawyer/law stuff…all that is Sag and supported. Looking into short courses at further education settings might be good – it might help with the job hunting.

          I’ll end now as I could go on forever (moon and mars in gemini) and I don’t like my name repeated all over the right hand bar of the blog, lol.

          1. I thank you for your comprehensive response.

            Well the scene is i am unemployed for 2 years hence was wondering any help from Jupiter transit.

            I remember 12 years back in similar transit, i was promoted in job, and 12 years before that got my first job.

            But but, i was young then now at 48, getting hired is like

            Well you mentioned education, that already happened, i joined a 6 months part time certification course in August, in travel and tourism,an area which iam passionate about (i was a banker earlier). And want to make a career change to.
            I dont know whether it will benefit me, age withstanding.

            I even started travel blogging in June, left it midway 🙁

            As for my chart i am Pisces rising (14deg), sat(r) in 2/taurus,marsvenus 8/Scorpio,jupiter9/Scorpio, neptune moon mc all in sadge 9 house,sun merc(r) 10 capri.pluto uranus square natal sun mer and saturn opposite mars Venus.jupiter conjunction mars venus Neptune.
            I guess Saturn and Pluto transits (from 2010) started the downslide. Anyways. What say.

            1. Sounds like you’ve started your preparation, Icarus.

              Your natal planets in the last quadrant of the chart (10th, 11th, 12th houses) are/will be getting lots of action in the following years – transits wise.

              Transiting neptune on your ascendant now and transiting Saturn soon approaching the last conjunction to your Capricorn mercury (at 10 degrees): this translates in confusion (neptune) around what initiatives to take (1st house) – possibly emphasizing some traits of your pisces rising for good and bad – and this also translates into some hard truths, reality checks, blockages and depressive thoughts/communications (Saturn impacting your mercury.)

              I’d use the last Saturn conjunction to decide which ideas are the more realistic and reachable ones (saturn, realism.)

              You’re having to balance different things in the next years. It’s hard yet have faith (Jupiter, neptune) and follow your most realistic insights and use contacts (all that Jupiter activity at the most elevated part of your chart.) Perhaps the training staff from the course.

              I actually think transiting Saturn in the last quadrant is a good thing although from your post it hasn’t been easy since 2010.

              Saturn transiting in the last quadrant…Last chances, despite hardships (transiting saturn in the 10th, from your post, sounds like it was hard), to define things before saturn cristalises things for you in years when it leaves the 12th transit and enters your 1st house.

              Saturn moving in that quadrant will bring some results to hard work too. Grant Lewi covered Saturn passing through the different quadrants in a book.

              I’ve met people who have stirred their careers – slowly yet steadily – in the 50s. They had realistic dreams and with patience and hard work they re-trained and are slowly making their way up the ladder in their new careers. Older yet happier.

              Good luck!!

              1. Thank you very much.hope the dice which i have set rolling falls to a six:) i was checking my upcoming SR 2018-19, if SR matters that is, natal eight house rises(scorpio sign) ,with a grand trine between SR sun from 2H cap, 6H uranus taurus, and moon in 10 H leo.that good aint it?however moon squares Jupiter placed in 2 house sadge.

  20. In my birth chart I will see Transit Jupiter going through my 12 house. (in which I have my North Node). I am 62 yrs old, if am a Capricorn. I feel so burnt out and tied from the Pluto and Uranus Issues over the past (8 years). Yes. I have been hit hard. Youth energy does not come easily any more. I have not employment. I struggle now to find employment because I am OLD. so the world seem to think.
    How can Jupiter help me, The north Node is not a planet. its a point. So when the Sag house is basically empty what happens in the 12 house generally. Transit Saturn is going to pass over my Natal sun in Capricorn at 14 Deg. while Transit Pluto is passing over my AC also in Capricorn at 20 Deg. (I tied) I lost and I have responsibilities to face. Can not figure life out.

    1. I just had Jupiter go thru my 12th house in Scorpio. If I can think of anything to say of this transit I believe 12th house issues were on my mind A lot. They pressed on my conscience. Things like drinking addictions death etc. I had an urge to go deeper to change. I only drink socially now but growing up I had a lot of addictions. Starting with a parent. Now as a parent I am thinking Of my kids and if they will inherit the gene.

  21. Thank you for this lovely post! In my natal chart, my moon is in Sagittarius in the 6th house. I’ve been looking forward to this transition. Tears of gratitude . . . I am expecting something good. Knowing that this beautiful aspect is on its way has given me so much strength and hope. <3

  22. Honestly, I have that place: 8th house Jupiter/Pluto (Scorpio) conjunction, being the peak of dual T-Squares with Mars and Saturn. And I feel miserable. Aye, I did get lucky from time to time, but I feel hopeless…

      1. I’m searching for this comment I had about Jupiter in Sag.. there were a bunch. Could be on another thread. My mistake then.

    1. This transit is excellent for a Sagittarius moon. Depending on the aspects and house placement of your moon, Jupiter will bring beneficience to that part of your world; as a woman, it will affect you directly, perhaps in the form of improved domestic circumstances, emotional well being etc, perhaps even improved cash flow. Jupiter conjunct moon is a cornucopia of good luck.

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