Jupiter Retrograde: September 4, 2023 – Sudden Reversal Of Fortune

Jupiter retrograde 2023Jupiter will turn retrograde at 15 degrees Taurus on Monday morning, September 4th.  I expect a significant shift with this because as you can see, Jupiter will not be acting alone.

Jupiter will be conjunct the moon and Uranus when it reverses course. Taurus is Venus-ruled. The Taurus stellium squaring Venus when Jupiter reverses is significant. Uranus is always unpredictable but change on the love and money front seem quite likely.

Keep in mind, Venus also rules values.  Taurus is hard goods.  Values of commodities of all kinds can and probably will be upset by this.

There was a time when the value of tulips soared. Or consider a more modern example – Beanie Babies. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  But what you value may also change.

I would not conclude this will be a negative event.  Venus and Jupiter are involved which can offer protection. This event will affect the collective, worldwide. If you have planets in the mid-degrees of Fixed signs, you’re more likely to be personally involved.

I have Venus near these degrees. If anything, I’m excited. Fear isn’t really part of this equation.  This doesn’t mean I won’t get knocked for a loop. It only means I’m going forward with faith.

What do you expect from this?

35 thoughts on “Jupiter Retrograde: September 4, 2023 – Sudden Reversal Of Fortune”

  1. I have Jupiter at 16 Taurus. Labor Day is September 4. Also, our 15th wedding anniversary is September 5.

    Lots going on. This touches almost every planet of mine! Interesting.

  2. Venus will end it’s retrograde around this time too, isn’t that right?

    I think it sounds interesting on paper for sure… Maybe a bit less in reality , LOL! I have 3 very personal planets between 15 and 21 degrees Scorpio, plus Jupiter himself, smack on Venus and the Sun, so everything is possible I guess.

    Especially with Uranus in the max, and my Ascendant in Aquarius.
    This one is going to get personal I think! Venus squaring herself + the 3 other guys during this retrograde has already meant some serious miscommunication issues in my life.

    Should I go into hiding?!
    Probably not, I will probably just hurt myself on the flap of the cave entrance or something like that.
    Pressure cooker, that’s my take on it!

    This would probably give some stop and go vibes, or something of that nature!

  3. My sun is at 21 Taurus ..im
    Broke and live alone so I would like that reversed lol keeping the faith …and Venus going direct will be a relief.

  4. Could the reversal of fortune work in my favor? Jupiter will be conjunct my natal Saturn in Taurus in 4th house. Saturn is the ruler of my chart because I am Capricorn Rising. Jupiter will also oppose my natal Scorpio stellium in 10th house of Venus, Jupiter and Sun.

    1. Yes. I think this is more likely than not. The thing is the banking / stock market is all hanging in mid-air. If I didn’t know that, I would read this as positive.

  5. Why do we value what we value? Is it innate or is it taught? How are we taught our value and self worth?

    I started 3 times to write more about this…now is not the time.

    Everything is being stripped away.

    For me a lot of junk is being cleared psychological and in real terms. Dreams of vomiting.

    1. Well, I know why I had the ‘Vomiting dream’.

      I vomited (verbally) all this unsaid stuff. All at once. Uncensored.
      Overwhelming myself and the other person. I could have said it better: I could have been calmer. Chosen my words better. I was messy.

      I learnt something about my need to ‘fix things’. Trans. Saturn opps Pluto Virgo (6th) con. dcs. Seeing my niece as my ‘other’ but also
      seeing myself in her. Wanting to save her. I can’t. My Sun Taurus 24 3rd hs. sq Moon Leo 6th (grand sq with Jup. Chiron 12) is getting a work out. I can not control things, even if I think I know her best interests. I have to– Let It Go.

      I wrote a lengthier answer (lots of detail) then I lost it all and had to start again here…funny that…

      Short story: When I was 5/6yrs I was given adult responsibilities bse I was capable and clever, even if I was only a girl. It happens on farms. There was a fire. I shoved my two sisters in a cupboard to be safe and ran for help. Then I ran and hid for hours because I thought it was ‘my fault’ and I would be beaten. It wasn’t my fault. Luckily, the fire was caught in time.

      This is not about putting out fires(I think I have been trying to do that) but changing patterns.

      I also have to face certain resentments, and not go over and over things–pawing at old ground. Some people live their whole lives in the past repeating, and recreating it. Repetition compulsion (Jung). I am preparing for Pluto to transit the 12th. Saturn has slipped back there to help.

      I will go into hiding (symbolically) and be ‘unavailable’.

      I will do that so people can understand what their ‘real’ resources are (not imagined White Knights or wins at the Pokies. Or hopes. Wishes. Prayers.) and I will do it for my own wellbeing too. It feels so unnatural to do this. It goes against my training: to be a quiet, amenable, obedient ‘self-sacrificing’ servant.

      I am glad I spewed. I checked in with her to make sure I hadn’t done too much harm. It is ok. I know what was unsaid can’t be unheard. That is enough.

      1. What was ‘unsaid’ can’t be unheard. Freudian slip. Eventhough, I don’t like Freud much. He is part of the problem.

  6. Your positive take on everything astrological is very inspiring. You keep me moving forward with positive vibes most days. Thank you for your take on what’s going on!

  7. The Moon is also in its exaltation in Taurus, so with it being so close to Jupiter and Uranus, and square Venus, it might turn out okay as you say 🙂

  8. I wish I knew what was happening or what I’m missing or how I’m missing.
    These planets have all been transiting almost every planet in my chart – particularly Sun, Moon n Mars yet my life has been one big flat line. No change. Nothing abrupt. No shakeups. No expansion. No elevation. Nothing which would associate with the planets involved.
    Hell Venus has se tiled my own, conjuncted Jupe and conjuncted Pluto…nothing at all.
    Every day before is like da day after.
    My efforts no matter just bring me back home to nothing.
    No kindsa relationships at all.
    Only thing which has happened consistently (so consistent I barely notice it except for the pain n sorrow) is death…oh n probably self inflicted drama as I try desperately to extricate my self from the banality or it all…only to be met by one big NO.
    I wish I could understand this.
    My astrological knowledge n all I’ve learned has not aligned at all with what’s happening in the sky.

    1. Hi LP,
      I dont know the background to your story, but for what it is worth l have been thinking of you. I have felt and lived the way you describe for years… I was sick with not much money. All the usual supports, most people expect, werent there. I dragged myself through it.l remember waiting for something to change too…waiting for others to change. They didnt. Havent. I did. I started writing (Sun 3rd). I grew a garden. It gave me a purpose. (I am a Taurus). It validated me. The planets do not do things. We do things. They are symbolic reflections. Somethings are out of our control but how we respond is our work. What small thing can you make happen? Start with your sun.
      I remember feeling like crap until a woman on this site (l think she was Carribean) wished me a Happy Birthday (My 9th house Jupt. loved that).So l am paying it back. I hope you feel a little better soon.

    2. I can only speak for myself and what I am seeing/experiencing but i do feel astrology is slipping in some ways that i cannot grasp fully. There is such an insane control stronghold that it is steering the ship (and ships) and that is why i don’t see a line-up in both personal and non personal.

        1. I understand what you mean! I just think it’s bigger then obscured Neptune fog, far bigger. What I was referring to above is true real experience and you see it everywhere happening to very large numbers of people. Just one example, what about this genocide taking place? That is not fog that is real.

      1. I wonder if the feeling you are having is partly that we as a “collective” have been through the ringer for awhile. COVID, to start with, then all the aftermath issues we are coping with.

        We are still in this together.

  9. Hello Elsa!

    I have Jupiter retrograde in my birth chart, how will this affect me?

    (I’ve asked the same about Uranus going retrograde in another post, I have many planets retrograde in my birth chart 😉)

    Thank you!

    1. Try asking the question in the forum section of this site. And try to post a picture of your chart (you and blur out any personal info if you want). People will be able to look and give input 😃

  10. I have a Taurus stellium ( Jupiter, Mars and Mercury) all in mid degrees, in the 8th house…. and then at exactly 15% retrograde Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd house.

    Mercury is my chart ruler…. my father is a Scorpio narcissist who is not well though lucky to have survived 80 years.

    My chart has been lit up in the 8th house for a while now. Ironically I’m also a modern day treasure hunter and estate liquidator (8th house), though I’ve backed off of helping others to attack my own warehouse of things…

    I’m madly in love but in a holding pattern dance of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back… 5 steps forward, 2 steps back, then we turn and do it again “2 steps forward….”:-)

    Lost my Mom two years ago after sacrificing to care for her and my father refused to give my brother and I our inheritance. Between that, Covid and a fire in my warehouse, I’ve lost most of my liquidity and continue to divest to stay afloat.

    Many exciting seeds have been planted and are being planted on the professional front…. I feel oddly calm and yet have a sense of something big coming, it’s not a foreboding sense but a feeling that it will come out of nowhere when I least expect it…… Trying to keep my nose to the grindstone yet bored to death with that.

    Anyway; cheers to us all come September 4th, please let us know how you are doing then!

  11. Jupiter retrograde will happen my 4th house (home) and the Uranus conjunction conjuncts my natal 5th house North Node (destiny/heart’s home).
    I’m seeing dynamics changing in our community, values are being influenced from outside sources. Fight or flight responses being triggered.
    Historic injustices uncovered by a huge disaster(Lahaina fires) stirs sleeping giant in a seemingly peaceful home.
    I’m not sure how my feelings and insights will galvanize but the giant is no longer asleep

  12. Good to hear from you Moki. That sleeping giant is awakening here in Canada too. I’ve been listening to podcasts about belonging and not, solitude and the way mainstreams systems are isolating us.
    I moved to be closer to my son and father a week ago. It’s been a decade since my mother passed and it was a milestone with impact.
    Perhaps her spirit pushed my move.

    I’m feeling imbalanced as worried about money and a job: fingers crossed being unemployed will be very short-term. All in all though I intuit that this is the right path. Considering all the changes in the world that are happening, and disasters… I want to be here. Jupiter is in my 11th, and will cross retro back into the 10th. Venus retro into the 1st. I am hoping the connection Sept 4 will support self-esteem with better sense of belonging.

  13. I have natal Venus @ 20 degrees in the 8th. I don’t know the exact dates of Uranus conjunction but I don’t know if I’ve really gone through any or much changes in my values or what I own since it’s been traveling through this 8th house. Looking forward to this day though.

  14. I’ve been an astrologer for over 50 years and I still don’t know the diff between fixed and others… because I don’t care.
    SO, when you mention these qualities you lose me and %75 of your readers.
    Please give us a break and state which signs you speak of if you want to be understood.

    1. This is beyond stupid. Bother me via email and now you are calling me out in public? FIXED, CARDINAL, MUTABLE. You have been an astrologer for FIFTY years and you don’t know this BASIC information?

      You are the problem, dude. How the F you avoid basic info for five decades is unfathomable. Back OFF. Most people don’t want to read four signs listed, every time, because they aren’t a baby.

      Write your own blog!

        1. I have addressed this behind the scenes, politely, more than once! POLITELY!
          But rather than google FIXED signs, this person wants to impose on me to write out the signs, multiple times a day, and make the whole world read through ALL the signs, multiple times a day, rather than take 15 seconds to educate himself.

          People in astrology for one month can rattle off the Fixed signs.

          Now he comes here with his BS – DUDE, you don’t need me. There is AI out there. Go tell it what you want to read; it will serve it to you in just a few seconds. If you don’t like it, make it write it for you again and again until you do, BUT I AM HUMAN so leave me alone!

          1. Weirdo ….can’t you block them from your website and email ..there’s a reason it illegal to harrass someone because nobody should have to put up with that kind of BS

    2. after fifty years, if astro.com isn’t working for you [you do know it exists?], let alone pot shots at practioners, then I would suggest maybe giving astrology a miss, and look into your issues with learned helplessness?

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