Seeking An Honest Opinion

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I read an article yesterday about the reddit sub, r/amiugly.  This is where you go to find out if you’re ugly.

There’s also r/transpassing.  This is where you can go if you want to know if you’re being “clocked”, or if you know you’re not passing, this group will help you to improve.

This morning I had a client who wanted an honest opinion on the compatibility between two charts.  She stressed she really wanted the truth. These examples illustrate the need and/or desire for a sincere, conscientious straightforward opinions. It seems people are sick of happy BS, which really does begin to stink over time.

I admire people who put themselves out there like this. There’s not a lot of choice. It seems your best shot at being told the truth is to ask a stranger.

Can you see this trend? What do you make of it?

9 thoughts on “Seeking An Honest Opinion”

  1. I think the excesses of diversity/equity/inclusion nonsense has muzzled most people and you can’t get anyone to give an possibly unpopular opinion.

  2. Oh…I’ll be honest. What the actual fuck.

    This is pathetic. “I’m quirky and unique. How do I rate?”

    *insert Michael Jordan gif: Stop it. Get some help.”*

    This kind of stuff is completely out of my horizon. And I refuse to play along.

    1. lol! most of them need r/roastme. 🙂
      reddits catchcry is that it IS the internet, and in a sense they’re not wrong, for it also encompasses the totality of all the dodge parts too. The politics. agendas control and all the grey in between. It’s all managed. To an extent. At least [dependant on subs and mods] you can still get to say “Aw look at the chatbots conversing with each other!” as is confirmed by user post history within reddit, and all the associatiated apps that ensure the internet IS forever [not universal, but eternal]. To counter my above, there’s also the results of of the utilising of that poweful tool in r/wallstreetbets etc and Gamestop. As a sociological study, the reddit universe is a massive goldmine! Participating? Another story!

  3. Here is what I make of it – these types of forums are necessary because as a society we have lost so much of our healthy communication skills. Too many people don’t know how to have transparent, honest conversations with others in their life. Too many people don’t know how to have healthy conflict or to move through difficult conversations in a healthy way. So many of us are traumatized and from that trauma is born so many wounds which debilitate our ability to reason, to stay present, and to not fear something as simple as an honest conversation. So, many look to strangers with an objective opinion because they can’t get one from those closest to them. Too many of us don’t know how to separate ourselves from our egos and communicate from compassionate detachment.

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