Uranus In Gemini: 2025-2033 – Better Than Now!

Uranus in GeminiI mentioned Uranus in Gemini in the forum yesterday. I mentioned it again in my newsletter today. I didn’t think anything of it.  Jupiter is in Aries and I’m looking for a fresh horizon, I suppose.

In whatever case, I got an email about this. Hey, that’s not until 2025.  So? I thought. “So”, I wrote.

I am not the first astrologer to look ahead but besides that, it got me thinking, exactly why am I thinking about Uranus in Gemini. Well…

The Fixed signs aren’t enjoying the chaos Uranus in Taurus has brought them. Also, generally speaking, people don’t like seeing their incomes disrupted, never mind seeing them disappear in a blink with the stroke of someone’s pen.  People also don’t like seeing their portfolios wiped out or their crypto or whatever.  Will Uranus in Gemini be better. Yes!

For one thing, it will be the Mutables getting hit and these are people who can easily adapt.  The Mercury-ruled signs love interesting information, new ideas and stuff.  They will love this.  I mean, we have Pluto in Capricorn destroying the structure, safety and security in our lives. Our sense of control.  Then you go to work, if you still have a job, only to come home and find your portfolio down by half!  This is not my idea of fun.

Now think about Uranus in Gemini. I see open windows with air flowing through all the musty places. I see brilliant ideas and people who actually CHANGE their mind. Change their thinking. Think independently!  Mentally rebel!

Everything we hear is so damned predicable. Blah, blah, blah and blah.  It’s also manipulative (Pluto) in order to control (Capricorn). I can’t be the only one, ready to move on, especially with Jupiter in Aries.

My intention in bringing this up this week is to say, hey!  There is life after Saturn/Uranus which has been good on a personal level for a lot of people, but pretty disastrous on a collective level.

Why? Because those in the Saturn position (control) do absolutely anything but “the right thing”.

Say what you want? Think what you want? Is anyone else looking forward to Uranus in Gemini?

13 thoughts on “Uranus In Gemini: 2025-2033 – Better Than Now!”

  1. Uranus in Gemini: Revolutionary war, Civil war, and World war ll,

    were all fought. Its a time of war. Its also a time to make money.

    ’nuff said

  2. Gemini is in my 10, with Jupiter conjunction MC. + I have moon in aquarius @6th house, and Pluto in Libra @ 2nd.

    I hope I live to see it

  3. I think we are going to have rapid advances in energy technology when Uranus moves into Gemini. The big fusion tokamak is scheduled to go online for actual tests around then.

    1. Might be metaverse stuff. New ways to communicate. Languages changes.
      You can see this stuff setting up.

      Social media may implode and/or be reinvented.

      It’s weird. I remember the first time I saw a “car phone”, which became a mobile phone. And email which is nearly obsolete at this point.

      People may also detach from these things. Pluto in Aquarius and tracking.

      1. Right! Don’t you think we are due for a big advance? Even it’s just a demo of the possibility of practical use in ten or fifteen years. Just knowing that will be awesome 🙂

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    anthony matzat

    it is interesting everytime in history when uranus moved into gemini,technology,or new ideas related to air went into overdrive,and since mercury oversees gemini as a seasonal point,it seems mercury goes extra fast so will some of us have brainstorms,cause uranus sped up over views,and stuff related to mercury,and how will humans,and stuff in seasonal virgo react,since mercury guides them as well as gemini,but how will my saturn at 0 degrees gemini like it when uranus comes for a visit,and how will seasonal pisces,and sagittarius react,i guess will find out in 3 years.

  5. Avatar
    anthony matzat

    interesting that the last time uranus was in gemini 84 years was around the time the japanese attacked pearl harbor in 1941,isn’t this upcoming uranus in gemini after our 2025 presidential swearing into the whitehouse in d.c.,so could we get airy shock to our government,not saying trump with get in again,but someone with strong airy tones might get in cause uranus might rush them in as air,since uranus will be in gemini,and probably in a 0 degree grand trine of seasonal air,so maybe we should keep a lookout,or could a windstorm represented by uranus in air hit around then,just stuff to ponder.

    1. It could be an alien invasion. The whirlwind often refers to top secret projects involving strange craft. The news has been reporting on a lot of UFO stuff lately.

  6. Looking forward to Uranus in Gemini for some adventure. I am gemini sun, gemini ascendant with ruler mercury conjunction ascendant all square to Saturn/Jupiter and have an Aquarius mc.

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