Jupiter Trine Uranus – Lucky Break This Week

leo vintage posterThere may be a lot of angst out there, but there is a bright, exciting spot.  Jupiter in Leo is trining Uranus in Aries at this time. Both planets are supported by the Moon and Mercury in Gemini.

Some are going to catch some kind of break with this. They’ll be an opportunity open up.

What kills me is how often people blow off their opportunities.  As if they’ll always be there.

When you mash Jupiter with Uranus, windows open suddenly. However, they don’t stay that way.  This other energy is quite dire. Pluto in Capricorn is not going anywhere soon, so if you do have a chance to better yourself or your circumstances this week, I highly recommend you leap.

Do you tend to squander opportunities? Or are you more likely to maximize their potential?

21 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Uranus – Lucky Break This Week”

  1. I have this aspect in my natal chart Elsa, and ever since you told me it was lucky, you’ve made me look at certain life experiences in a new light.

    The last time this aspect came up for me, something ‘out of the blue’ and lucky did happen (although I can’t remember what that was right at this minute) but I remember it did happen and I did remark about it.

    I did my Solar Return chart (my birthday is next month) and I have this aspect in my SR!

    SO, I am feeling good about this week! (and my SR.)

  2. My MC and Uranus are conjunct, and I also have Uranus at 13 degrees in Sag. This has happened before and I took that luck. I wonder what will come my way this time 🙂

    I did buy a few lotto tickets….

  3. My client’s dying this week. Sometime within hours or a couple of days she’ll be gone. I was curious why she chose me to help her cross over (it feels special…I don’t want to say meant to be, but maybe it was), so I checked her transits, progressions, and solar arcs. I can’t believe you mentioned these planets in this way. Her solar arc Saturn/SN is exactly at 13 Pisces on my *Mercury* opposite her Natal *Moon*. Her solar arc *Jupiter* is exactly conjunct my NN at 29 Gemini (merc ruled). *Uranus* in her solar arcs isn’t far behind jupiter at 27*. Her progressed Venus and *Jupiter* is conjunct my natal Venus. Her progressed true node is exactly opposite my natal Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. There’s more that I found, like T. Pluto is exactly opposite her Natal pluto. But I just couldn’t believe those key planets that stood out…Uranus jupiter mercury and the moon. Seems like she’s giving me a gift…somehow. I dont understand it really, but I hope I can.

      1. She’s going to be okay, I know her soul is going to a better place. It’s just so beautiful…I’m not sure how to describe it. But this post from Elsa was one huge sign. I think I know the gift she’s giving me. I might sound crazy, but my spirit feels this. She used to want a tattoo like mine. I’m just recalling how much she wanted a tattoo like the one I got on my wrist. It’s a swallow. I’m going to write her a letter with a swallow drawn inside to put with her when she’s laid to rest.

  4. Very excellent advice and thanks for the heads up, My daughter is signing her lease sometime this week. YEAH! She is very excited about this as the apartment is right in the area she has been trying to live in for like the last ten years. She is not the only one who is excited we are excited for her and the fact she is getting out on her own again after 4 years. The last 4 years she just for one reason or another mostly her own fault she has not been able to catch a break. This is wonderful news.

  5. Hey, I have this aspect natally, too! See how trines work? I often forget I have such a well-aspected Jupiter. Not too bright! But this post clonks me in the head. I needed that! 😀

  6. I don’t know, maybe I’m speaking too soon but so far things are just quiet. Uranus is trine my sun right now, also in my solar return. Jupiter is conjunct my ascendant and sun currently, not to mention Juno. I’ve had a laser beam focus for awhile now for opportunities but nothing is happening. Even my progressed chart has a lot activity. What should be a fertile time is causing me a lot of angst.

    The new moon was conjunct my natal moon in the 10th and the next few new and full moons will be hitting me so I thought I would be gaining some momentum right now but I just don’t know.

    1. I’m in the exact same boat. I don’t want to jump the gun, but things are eerily quiet. A bit of a nail biter given all I have before me. I’d really like to get to a point of resolution. I read somewhere that transiting planets take on the energy of the signs mode. So fixed planets effects come on late. Cardinal early and so forth.

  7. I’ve been reading, and fumbling with my metaphoric prayer beads, playing with the lesson of lucky breaks. Jupiter is in my natal 11th house, conj Venus. People and ‘exotic’ connections have been my lucky charm; they help break the spell of an all too conservative and deep Scorpio square. BUT, today, I was reminded how my hubby can, and was today, my Jupiter, my opportunity. What I could not do myself, we together can. While I was holed up in the woods, he made the move on a silent Capricorn needing a loving nudge. I LOVE IT WHEN PARTNERSHIPS = lucky breaks!! That Jupiter is sitting onto my natal Pluto in my 7th house. Jupiter is sitting on my hubby’s Pluto in his 11th house. Geez, without this post Elsa I would have missed the opportunity (or not seen it as one).

  8. Hi Elsa,
    Thank you for your enlightening thread. It is not an exact trine yet. Do you still consider it as a trine? Is it okay if I expect a lucky break in the issues related to the houses these planets are transiting in my natal chart (h5 and h9)?
    Thank you.

  9. Transiting Jupiter and Uranus will both be trine my natal Mercury…I just got an invitation to join a committee meeting later this week so that I can get to know my neighbors (Mercury) better. Sounds like I should go. 🙂

  10. I have transit Jupiter in my 8th house and transit Uranus in my 4th house. I think I have an opportunity that I’m taking advantage of currently. I have some paid vacation days that I’m currently using before they expire and I’m using that time off from one job to work more at my other job so I can make more money and get my debts paid off.

  11. There was a post on my facebook page today that read, “I miss the old days”. Not the “good old days”, just the “old days”. I replied that I did not miss the old days, because I did not have a clue I would be where I am today, and that I am currently living my “good old days”.

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