How Can Lance Armstrong Feel No Remorse?

lanceThere’s a new documentary on Lance Armstrong, streaming on Netflix. The man is clearly vicious. I started a thread on the topic – Lance Armstrong.

Several people mentioned wondering how he seemed to feel no remorse. The word “psychopath” is thrown around during the program.

I suppose that’s possible, but facts is, people find ways to justify what they do. And judging by Armstrong’s chart, he was have a particularly easy time of it.

Click to see Lance Armstrong’s chart.

For starters, he’s got a stellium in Virgo that includes for the Sun and Moon. This man is going to see himself as a do-gooder.  He’d feel he’s a do-gooder. A do-gooder (Virgo) on steroids (Pluto).  Because of the cancer thing, see?   He can tell himself, if his empire crashes, cancer patients will suffer.

Secondly, he’s got Mars in Aquarius trining Libra. He cheated but I bet he figured, so did everyone else!  He cheated the best, so what? It’s likely he considered what was doing to be “fair”. Because he threw a lot of money around too. He got the glory, X, Y or Z got $100,000; what’s not fair about that?

Last, he has Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius opposing Saturn. Saturn eventually caught up to him, but in the meantime, it seems no stretch to me that he might feel he is serving the sport of cycling.  The illusion (Jupiter Neptune) he created was good for business, and not just for his business.

So when it all comes down… well I could see him considering himself a victim in the whole thing.  All he was trying to do was help create jobs and help cancer kids.

Your comments?

14 thoughts on “How Can Lance Armstrong Feel No Remorse?”

  1. I think an additional factor is that all the major competitors were doing the same thing. How could he be such a bad guy if he wasn’t the only one doping, yanno?

    1. Yeah, that’s what I think. They’re all cheating, he’s cheating best…and spreading money around and helping cancer…and single moms!

      Very easy for him to justify, I’d think.

      However, he’s really awful. Just..puke.

      My point in writing this was to illustrate how people are strung, independently.

      1. I find everyone’s comments here interesting and basically I agree with most of them.My philosophy of mankind has developed to be that power is truly the most addictive drug of all and manifests in various ways whether it be in sports, politics, families, really any facets of life. When that power is accented with money, (as it usually is,)it becomes a force so powerful that the individual becomes enslaved by the need for more and at some point does realize the need for atonement or continuance of their legacy. Historically you will see these people set up grants, scholarships, humanitarian efforts, etc. in order to promote their legacy. College, Universities, and hospitals all benefit due to these actions late in life if you follow the trails of these people. In most cases, these foundations were never given out of the goodness of their hearts but, in reality, out of fear.

        1. speaking of power. We were re-watching harry potter series, and at the end, harry does something, opposite of what people who love power want.

          1. Ah, yes, but remember who the author is; a woman. Not that I am a feminist, but I do believe women generally will opt for the greater good. That does not exclude the fact that they can be more vicious when their own territories are threatened than any man could ever hope to be. By territories I mean their families primarily or romantic partners.

  2. I find Armstrong’s story interesting compared to those athletes who were suspected and maybe found guilty of using doping, and never recovered from it. Really, I’m not saying these people were better than Armstrong, but they really were distroyed by the shame.

    There was another cyclist, Marco Pantani, who wan both Giro D’Italia e Tour De France in 1998. He was banned from Giro 1999, when he didn’t pass a blood test, and dissolved from that charge in 2003. In 2001, he was found in possesion of insuline during Giro D’Italia, and that finished his career, basically. He died of what was basically an overdose in 2004. If someone wants to check the chart, his birthdate was January 13th, 1970, Cesena, Italy. Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon, Capricorn Mercury Rx and Venus, Mars in Pisces.

    Also, Mika Myllylä, who was Nordic Ski champion. Took one gold, one silver and four bronze medals in Olympics, and two World Championship golds in 50km. He was banned after a major doping scandal in 2001 World Championships, and went downhill really fast with his drinking. He died 2011, and this was ruled an accident. Myllylä was born September 12th, 1969, Oulu, Finland . Virgo Sun, but almost everything else, including Moon, in Libra. Mars in Sadge, which makes a natural outdoor athlete (skiing, cycling, crosscountry running), my Cap Sun/Virgo Moon Mom had this too, and she refused to be doped in the 70’s, when her competition was from DDR.

  3. South Node Leo/9th explains a lot. 😐 “Priest/king,” or “Sacred King,” are the phrases that come readily to mind here. No surprise that he thinks he can do whatever he wants to, and suffer no consequences. That’s a hell of a lot of power aggregated in one person. I like this quote from George Lucas, which sheds light on the mindset: “Power corrupts, and when you’re in charge, you start doing things that you think are right, but they’re actually not.”

  4. Would feeling bad change what he did? No but perhaps could prevent him from making further mistakes..

  5. I have looked at the chart. Virgo Stellium. Cancer brought about the in-depth scientific love-affair with all things Medical. How else could he have manifested the physical attributes of his personal Virgo?
    Oh, sure. He could have done things differently. We all can say that. I’ve never met the man. I’ve cycled!!! But, never at that level. Not even close. When finishing places 1 – 10 are doped… One can feel justified. Human condition. Institutions were created. A legacy lives on. What would one expect from the money that comes from power and notoriety? The Bad and The Good.
    Is Armstrong Bad for Good?? Who knows?

  6. Sorry, but I would call it “self righteous”, thinking he is beyond reproach. I don’t care what his chart says, and how dare you use the greater good to absolve yourself from breaking the code of ethics in the sport. Damn! That ruins it for everyone who raised their humble spirit to a higher place. On this one, I don’t think we can see it as it is, wherever his planets are, it just doesn’t spin, and it does not absolve him. If I see it, I say it; and I don’t need the chart. It’s just not good.

  7. anonymoushermit

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was/is a psychopath. But could it just simply be he’s trying to cover his own butt? I mean, wouldn’t any sane person who gets caught do that?

  8. gosh re reading it, gotta be careful with having virgo, (and armstrong being double virgo &stellium to boot whammy) being a do gooder, and justifying it. I find myself doing that and my husband too does that,we try hard to do good things even for others. (we both have virgo) I dont want to lose sight of the really good things doing for others for power and glory. >_< it's a good thing to have fear (saturn) because gross.

    " They’re all cheating, he’s cheating best…and spreading money around and helping cancer…and single moms!"

    justifying things is a huge temptation & especially at this scale.

    no one is perfect but gosh. from perfection to the most imperfect.

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