Key Productive Things To Do With Saturn In Pisces

pisces woodI feel I’ve neglected Saturn in Pisces, though we all know to Stay In The Boat!  But while writing tomorrow’s newsletter, I realize we have a lull in the action ahead.  Here are some positive things to do with Saturn in Pisces:

  1. Transcend your fear.
  2. Pick ups some type of spiritual discipline. For example, I am studiously avoiding conflict, trying to avoid causing anyone additional pain or problems. I am also cultivating my own soft-heartedness.
  3. Avoid self-undoing by parenting yourself.
  4. Corporal acts of mercy.
  5. Avoid bad karma / consequences.

Notice how none of these things mention hiding under your bed, cowering in fear over what’s going to happen next.  If that’s where you are, I certainly understand, but it’s possible to morph. In fact, I would say that morphing is supported!

If you are suffering and there is nothing you can do about it – hey! I know this happens. Been there myself.  There is still something positive you can do.  You can offer up your suffering to spare others.  “Redemptive suffering”.

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9 thoughts on “Key Productive Things To Do With Saturn In Pisces”

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    Shortcut; Being satisfied with where you are gets you within range of acceptance. Thats the Devine

  2. “If you’re suffering, someone else is spared.” Oh, careful…careful. actually Saturn in Pisces can wake you up to the confusion you have with boundaries and codependent delusions. Saturn comes along in Pisces to wake you up about the mess that Neptune in Pisces may have made.

    1. I think we’re talking about apples and oranges, but it’s my poor writing at fault. I think I’ll edit. This is an important concept.

  3. Classic Saturn in Pisces? I ended up in a psychiatric hospital – long story – but what got me through it and back on my feet and with new understanding was definiately the amazing work of the staff. I was so touched by the genuine care I received, that this brought me to tears and a sincere gratitude that I won’t forget. I spent quality time with the other patients and forged bonds in our joint sufferings. This also brought back my faith in compassinate humanity. I have chiron conjuncting my natal moon and natal Saturn in a 12th house Aries at the moment, (my Sautrn and moon are conjunct natally) and so don’t know if this is that playing out too. Positives all around, especially at crashing the myth that I can’t get ill (Capricorn sun 🙂 )

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