Weekly Forecast: April 1-5, 2024 – Mercury Retro, Between The Eclipses

waterMonday afternoon, Mercury stations retrograde in Aries, and the Capricorn Moon squares the Aries Sun. Ruh-roh! Do the work, but expect nothing. If you’re able to handle that, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The Moon goes on to sextile Pisces Saturn and heads into trine with Taurus Jupiter overnight. Aries ruler Mars is in Pisces and heading into conjunction with Capricorn ruler Saturn; so if you can slow your roll and find some chill, you can attune to the sort of wave that brings you blessings.

Venus in Pisces moves ever closer into conjunction with Pisces ruler Neptune (exact on Wednesday). Dream those sweet dreams: let go of the ones that turn bitter or sting. Nostalgia is possible and likely, and we’ll surely think back on a few memories, recent and ancient, with a ripple of attachment.

Tuesday’s Capricorn Moon perfects the trine to Jupiter and goes on to trine Uranus as well. A boosted, earthy mood is primed to follow electric fits of fancy, but timing can make for a comedy of errors when the Moon goes on to square retro Mercury. However, it simultaneously sextiles Venus and Neptune, so do not despair. Hedge your bets. You’ll want to go all in, but take another look around and see if there’s a detail you’re missing or yet to act upon. You may still win if you do.

Wednesday the Moon moves to Aquarius and a conjunction to Pluto. BOOM. But airy. This coincides with the exact Venus-Neptune conjunction. The divine blessing hits in a powerful blast… intense but diffuse. Good, bad, anything is possible on both ends of this. Believe it will be beneficial and you’ll always be right. Comfortable is another story.

On Thursday, the Aquarius Moon sextiles the Sun on the north node in Aries and spends the rest of the day moving into sextile with retro Mercury. Actionable planning means re-planning, even at the best of times. We must move with the current, and that view changes. Look back over what you’ve done as well as what you’ve already planned. It may need some tweaking. Testing out new scenarios is fun! It lends itself to sussing out a special trick they’ll never see coming.

Thursday night, Venus leaves Pisces for Aries and we’re READY TO GO. Aries Venus attaches quickly to the next exciting thing. Agency is valued above all.

Early Friday, the Moon leaves Aquarius for Pisces, spending all day heading into conjunction with Mars (exact by night). We are (again) ready to go, wanting to make a move… but the move will happen in its own sweet time, and not before. That’s frustrating, on one level; but if we can embrace the conditions and divine timing, the wait is part of the thrill.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: April 1-5, 2024 – Mercury Retro, Between The Eclipses”

  1. This weeks forecast was defffinitely worth the wait. I kept checking back for it. Sat very well with me and resonated. Thank you Satori 🙏

    When you said “Good, bad, anything is possible on both ends of this. Believe it will be beneficial and you’ll always be right.”

    That’s been the theme of my week thus far (and we’re only at retro Monday!) The truth (in any form saying or doing) will always be revealed. That’s the ultimate light, way and power. I’m sitting in calm knowing this, no matter what happens around me or at me.

  2. I was intending on a reading but will just watch all this woowoo takes place and see where it all lands, astrologers much of the time say, ” it could go either way” so why bother, see where it all lands.

    1. I agree, Mick. When so much is in motion, we don’t even know what questions to ask!
      (Although I’m considering throwing the I Ching on the day of the eclipse).

  3. This sounds like a pleasure week!

    I couldn’t be happier about the aspects, they all seem nice and a bit more calm than my Easter week was for sure.

    Mars in Pisces is do creative. Me like!

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