Laughing At Death: Jupiter Trines to the 8th House

This is what it is like to have Jupiter trines to your 8th house. You are just too damned buoyant for one thing.

The soldier and I:

“So how come whenever I feel lousy, you laugh?” I asked. “I’m all morose. I feel horrible, I feel like death, I have my kids here checking my pulse and when I tell you about this you bust out laughing. Why is that?”

He laughed. “Oh, I’m sorry, P. I do worry about you when you feel like that. When you feel, I feel bad and I feel bad for you. However, you’re still funny. You are always funny and you still crack me up.”

“I’m lying in my bed like death and you’re laughing?”

“Well, yeah. I can’t help it. You amuse me to no end. It just doesn’t matter what you’re doing, I’m amused.”

“I see. Well I would be mad but i helps me I guess. I feel horrible and say so. You start laughing at me and you keep laughing at me no matter what I say. Whatever I say, you laugh and laugh some more. Apparently you think all my pain and angst is this funny and then after awhile I start laughing too. Because how bad can it be if you’re laughing about it? It must not be so bad.”

He laughed.

“See? For Godsakes, there’s no sense talking to you unless I want to hear you laugh your head off. You don’t know a morose person when you’re looking at one.”

More laughing…

“I would like to tell you to shut up now and if I do, you’ll think that’s funny, right?”

More snorts and laughing. “Sorry, P. I am SOR-RY!” he said before dissolving into laughter. “But I just can’t help it. I think you’re the shining sun.”

I laughed. “Great. Now I want to kill you. I’m not supposed to shine when lying on my death bed. I’m supposed to be recognized as having a hard time so thanks loads. I just can’t stop you from laughing at me”


“Kill you. I would like to kill you but that’s okay. Other than that I feel pretty good. Better than yesterday and one of the reasons is because you laughed at me so I guess I’ll not call you a name.”

3 thoughts on “Laughing At Death: Jupiter Trines to the 8th House”

  1. I don’t have that trine, but I do have a square – Jupiter sq Uranus in the 8th. So, I tend to laugh at extremely inappropriate times 😛 When life tries to “shake things up” for me, I laugh. 😉

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    Little Miss Hermit

    I have that trine, too! I was the ONLY ONE in the theatre to laugh out loud (Sag rising; I really mean LOUD) when NN was shot at point blank range in “Burn after reading”. The killer’s reaction was simply hilarious to me:-D

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