What Does It Mean If I Have Planets at 0 Degrees?

fool tarotAnother critical degree in astrology as 0 degrees. Where 29 degrees signals an extinction burst as the energy of the planet finishes its lessons, 0 degrees is a breath of fresh air. When a planet is at 0 degrees, everything is light, sparkling, and new. It’s bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and full of wonder. It’s innocent and pure, but also immature and inexperienced. It is The Fool in tarot. To quote a Smashing Pumpkins lyric, it is, “impatient, in love, and aching to be.”

When a planet is at 0 degrees, there is a sense of the whole world in front of it, ready for exploration. But there is also a vulnerability as it encounters new energies for the first time. Like anything in its very first stages of development, there is infinite possibility, but so, so much to learn.

One of my best friends growing up had the Moon at 0 degrees Leo. She was the shiniest person I ever knew. She had a distinctive, bright, colorful sense of style that was completely unrestricted any social norms. Rainbows EVERYWHERE. She was the very embodiment of optimism, and to her the world was full of beauty. But that Moon was also in the 6th house opposing Mars. She was perpetually shocked by the cruelty of the world. The very idea of death or injury seemed to be a surprise to her every time she encountered it, and because of this she had terrible anxiety. Once, seeing a baby bird that had fallen out its nest sent her into a tailspin that lasted for days. I can’t help but wonder how much of what she saw in the bird she also saw in herself.

Another childhood friend of mine had Jupiter at 0 degrees Pisces. He was convinced that he could “find the answer to spirituality”. Despite Jupiter opposing his otherwise discerning Virgo Moon, he had an enormous sense of credulity about him. He was fully willing to consider any and every spiritual idea he came across, giving equal weight to every notion and wholeheartedly inhabiting ideology. He was, naturally, a joy for my urgent 29 degree Jupiter to talk to. But that eager innocence also led him to being caught up in a number of terrible ideas, from a brief stint in a cult to a belief that he could retire at 30 if only he hoarded and invested his wealth properly, which led him to deny his wife and child basic medical necessities in service of his big idea.

That is the inherent risk with 0 degree placements. There is so much enthusiasm and willingness to go wherever the energy leads us. But because the planet is so new to that energy, we simply lack the experience to know how to handle the energy properly. It’s just like being young, when every experience hits so hard and is so intense, overwhelming, and bewildering. A 0 degree planet is meant to explore, to take its knocks, and to get back up and keep going. It’s a whole, wide world out there. Get out and see it!

Do you have planets at 0 degrees? How do you experience them?

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  1. I have no planets at 0°, but know several people who do.
    Your explanations help to get a better idea of how their energies work, and to better understand them.
    Thank you for this info!

  2. I have Jupiter in Cancer at 0 degrees, 10th house. Now I’m wondering if this doesn’t contribute to some naïveté in …..?

  3. My sun/Chiron in the 5th feels a bit like this sometimes.. it’s not at 0 degrees but sometimes it feels like only this part:

    ‘To quote a Smashing Pumpkins lyric, it is, “impatient, in love, and aching to be.”

    When a planet is at 0 degrees, there is a sense of the whole world in front of it, ready for exploration.’

    I roll in with a lot of enthusiasm wanting cool shit to happen but it doesn’t and I get totally disappointed.. would rather hide. It’s hard to explain. My hope fucking kills me sometimes. I realized that my Jupiter sort of makes things hard even though it’s good.. I get very excited and hopeful in the beginning of the day sometimes and burn out or don’t know what to do with it.. I had always been a party cat in a way totally excited but nothing would happen and also I would be so weak at planning fun..

    But the late degrees are tough and when a planet is at 0 it feels like a fresh start. But my north node is at 28 Aries so that’s why.. I feel like such a failure with Jupiter at this degree right now

    1. I think the same principle applies. Of course, as with all the outer planets, interpretation should emphasize house and aspects over sign.

  4. My sun is at 0 Aquarius. It seems I have a better understanding about all the other planets in my chart than my sun. It often seems illusive to me.

  5. “One of my best friends growing up had the Moon at 0 degrees Leo. She was the shiniest person I ever knew. She had a distinctive, bright, colorful sense of style that was completely unrestricted any social norms. Rainbows EVERYWHERE”

    Hah. I have 0 degrees Sag and this is exactly how I dress!

    1. My Mercury is 0 degrees in Aquarius. I relate to having an abundance of enthusiasm and wonder concerning mercurial associations. e.g. Always open to new information and learning, enjoying conversing with new people to get to know their unique story and once again learn. Now I understand where this comes from it makes me smile ?

      1. That’s my Gemini ascendant.. 0 degrees. I looooove meeting and talking to new people from around the world and hearing their life experiences. Venus in Gemini 0 degrees unfortunately, as well. I’ve been naive for the majority of my life up until now.. 32 years old. Eyes are wide open, thanks to an old friend teaching me and explaining how to preserve my innocence and child-like nature for those who deserve it. She taught me the world is an ugly place.?❤️

  6. My husband has his Moon at 0° Gemini. His moods and are very changeable, but they don’t last long; other than that, I have a hard time figuring out how his emotions are, deep down.

    His Gemini Moon is also conjunct his Sun – in 28°, almost 29°, TAURUS! – and that modifies (& complicates!) his Moon considerably. He is very complex, very intelligent. I figure it’s that Taurus influence that has helped keep us together for so long
    (40 years together; the last 26 years of that, married). His Sun-Moon conjunction is also tightly square his Pluto in Leo (

  7. I dated a guy with Leo ASC at 0 degrees.. I always wondered about the significance… how does it apply being the degree of the ASC?

  8. (Oops – continued from my 7:08pm, PST, Wednesday, 11/27/19 email… My Chihuahua decided to send it unfinished & stepped on “SEND.” ? Please see my earlier post in this list tonight ⤴️ above, for the rest.) Anyway :

    …His Sun-Moon conjunction is also tightly square his Pluto in Leo (at 29°48’, retrograde) – just to complicate that 0° Gemini Moon a little more! He’s very smart (as I mentioned), very funny and VERY intense. What his Moon in 0° Gemini indicates beyond what I’ve said here, I wish I knew better!

  9. WOW ! Thanks for addressing this.
    I have 2 planets at 0 degrees. And have wondered alot about it. So I am the Fool, eh?

    I recently purchased the book “Inside Degrees” by Ellias Lonsdale and feel
    so burned, 0 degrees not even addressed in this text, like it doesn’t exist.

    My 0 degree Moon in 7th house Leo, and I AM shiny. BUT opposed by my 23 degree 12H Capricorn SUN and 24 degree 12H Capricorn ASC. I am emotionally innocent. Been blindsighted in relationships repeatedly. Totally the fool. I was so innocent going into them. I still embrace innocence as a gift. I LOVE children and their innocence, I find it inspirational. I also see others innocence when they cannot, and am always counseling others about it. I don’t understand and am shocked to learn everyone does not love me. Even reject me !

    My 0 degree Mars in 12th house Capricorn I am curious about and less in touch with….12th house duh, LOL. I am drawn to ceremony like a moth to flame. I can be incredibly inspiring. So I am a great coach. Started casting charts and reading cards at age 8, started working as a midwife at 17. I understand the energy and necessity of sharing the gift of inspiration. We all need inspiration! I wish to see the gift and the detriment. Please DO TELL me more if you have a sense.

    Thank You

  10. Elizabeth Warren has Sun at 0 cancer conjunct Uranus at 0 cancer.

    Also, Jupiter at 0 Aquarius.

    Also, rising sign 0 Aries.

    Looks like a lot of energy but maybe all over the place.

  11. Does this count for the north nodes too? I have mine at 0 in virgo.

    If so… because the nodes are nearly always in retrograde, does that mean the 0 degrees NN functions as the 29 degrees would in planets?

  12. Huh, fascinating … I have Saturn at 0 Capricorn, standing shiny-new over my chart that has Sun at 19 Cap (hello, current Pluto conjunction!).

    I have lots of cool ideas for system structures, no backup for them beyond conviction … only lately in middle age have I been finding the field experts who have developed the same visions through bitter experience. Hah!

    Adding to that feeling of conviction is a conjunction with Mercury at 29 Sagittarius. The “extinction burst as the energy of the planet finishes its lessons.” Oh Howdy!

  13. 0 degrees Venus in 7th house (double strength) – I have been uber enthusiastic about relationships all my life, but have failed miserably at all of them, until my latest, with my cat (now and recently deceased).

    0 degrees Saturn in Capricorn (again, double strength) – I have been an enthusiastic and hard worker all my life. I really get into my work. Often more than my colleagues.

    And yes, clearly lessons to be learned on both fronts!

  14. 0 Virgo Jupiter in the 8th.
    MMM nice fresh breath of dungeon air.
    Trines Mars 29 Sadge in 12th.
    (What? You’re looking at me like this a bad time to be a Christian or Catholic or something?)

  15. I’ve got Jupiter at 0 in Virgo 7th opposite my Sun in Pisces 1st.

    I’m just learning more about astrology beyond my sun sign. I can say I was a BIG fool in the relationship department for many years. Hard learning has great rewards though.

    1. Have things gotten better for you as you learned your lessons throughout life? Or are we doomed forever? I’m a Venus in Gemini 0 degrees

  16. Sun in gemini at 0 degrees. I have twin moles near my eyes, there goes duality. I just love the sabian symbol for it, a glass bottomed boat reveals under-sea wonders. So fitting especially because my sun is in a water house. Happy about it, if I have a lifetime of learning geminizing then so be it.

  17. Mars in 0’11” in Cancer… I know Mars is falling in Cancer but at that degree what could I expect?

  18. Saturn in Cap at 0 degrees, 10th house, square my North/South Nodes. And, Saturn is my chart ruler, with trines with my Sun & Pluto, and sextiles to my Moon, Neptune, AC and Chiron (whew!)
    I come up with lots of new approaches to ‘fix’ systems at work, love new challenges, and love to create beautiful things that are super functional. I love the inventor aspect, but get board fast after the initial idea actually works and everyone want’s one 🙂

    thanks for the great info on 0 degree planets!

  19. I am a Mercury in Gemini at 0 degrees and in the 8th house. I also have a strong Mercury trine Uranus aspect (0.2 degrees) It is weird. :0

  20. Avatar
    melissa mazza

    I have three planets in 0 degrees,
    sun in Taurus 10th house
    Uranus in Aquarius 7th house
    Pluto in Sagittarius 5th house

    tell me what this means :0 lol

  21. So I pretty much have 0 degrees in my Mercury which is in libra, and my sun is also in libra. And let me tell you having that degree in Mercury is horrible but amazing at the same time. I also have a Leo moon so remember this. But I am so indecisive and actually am so clueless sometimes of what to say it’s so bad that I can be extremely akaward to be around. I also have to sit on certain things for hours to make a decision, I am extremely flaky and am considered fake. But there’s a whole different side of me that is very decisive and so charming and so outgoing magnetic that people gravitate to me and I notice it. I actually sometimes play it to my advantage with certain people. I honestly think it depends on my Leo moon that makes me extremely talkative or aloof, because I’m either one or the other. I’m usually always in a good mood so I’m good in conversations in general but when I don’t get enough mental stimulation with conversations from other likeminded people I get drained of my own ability to be creative and my outgoing personality. I get inspired very easily but then I can also inspire others too.but witty clever people, especially a freind of mine who is a Gemini sun, moon in Scorpio and sag rising. We think so alike we can understand each other without talking. I’ve honestly said too much but my point is this, my libra sun mixed with a Leo moon and Aires rising with a touch of a 0 degrees Mercury is very conflicting to my own identity and I honestly have identity crisis so bad because when I’m alone I can be my true self and let myself go but when I’m with others I have to constantly say exactly what others wnana hear because I’m too scared of judgment and my Leo moon would not help with that either. (Not being able to take criticism) so yeah that’s it.

  22. That’s interesting about your friend with the moon at 0 degree. She reminds me of me. My style is colorful and not at all influenced by societal norms. I’m wide eyed and optimistic about life and just the other day I was watching a documentary where birds where trapped and caught and it sent me into an anxious spiral that lasted at least 24 hours. My friends watched this too and we’re seemingly unaffected. My mars is in 0 while my moon is in 6th house and I have an opposing placement between the two as well.

  23. I have my vertex (0°22′ Scorpio), Jupiter in retrograde (0°28′ Scorpio)…conjunct one another…and Neptune in retrograde (0°10′ Sagittarius)…all together in the 6th house!!!

  24. I’m 0 degrees Cap and I was born in Phoenix Az. So I was born right after the sun symbolically dies in a city named after a fire bird rising from the ashes symbolizing death and rebirth of the Sun. The basketball team is literally named the Phoenix Suns. Read something about it also being the Galactic Center? Anything you can tell me about this?

  25. I was told that having planets at zero in the Cardinal signs means that your chart is in synch with a world chart and this usually indicates that you can play a big role on the world stage.

    If you chose to do so.

  26. My moon is in cancer at 0 degrees and it affects my emotions deeply. I am very influenced by the moon. I am still working out how to work with this energy. My emotions often get the best of me. Thankfully I have a grounding taurus sun. I know that I am quite intuitive maybe even psychic but have yet to figure out how to harness this power

  27. Hi I have my North Node at 0 degrees Capricorn nasally. My solar return chart has Mars conj the South Node, opp the North node at 0 degrees. Can you give me a bit of incite about the meaning of this position, please.

  28. My son got Jupiter rx 0 degree in 4H Pisces.
    And his Lilith is 29 degree in 8H Taurus. Lol
    Is this considered as critical…?

  29. My moon is at 0 degrees Aries (wide conjunction to my sun at 26 Pisces). My Venus is also conjunct Chiron at 10 Taurus. The way I see it, the Universe gave me some stamina to deal with the latter conjunction. I’m also quite beyond empathetic, more in the realm of psychic. This life has mostly been about learning how to like/love myself. It hasn’t been an easy ride but I’m in it for the long game.

  30. My Saturn and Uranus are both in Capricorn and are at 0 degrees. I’m new to this and trying to understand what it means.

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