Your Progressed Ascendant (And It’s Ruler)

Mars god of warI’m just off the phone with a client whose progressed ascendant will move from Pisces to Aries within a year. I’m a progressed Aries rising. I remember the dramatic shift when it flipped.

When I was a progressed Pisces rising, I went to an astrology conference. A man behind me blew on my neck the whole time, acting like he was doing nothing.  I must have appeared, meek!

As an Aries rising, I’m currently seen as angry and dangerous. It’s pretty funny.

As a progressed Pisces rising, ruler Neptune was conjunct my progressed Mars in Scorpio so my prowess was concealed.

As a progressed Aries rising, ruler Mars has moved away from Neptune. It’s still in Scorpio and everyone knows I’ve got a knife.

I wrote this in 2011; updating in 2019…

I moved across the country. I am now a progressed Taurus rising and sure enough – I’m seen to be as stubborn as a bull!   Ruler, Venus is in Libra. I so love, love and relationships!

Learn out about your progressed chart here.

What signs is your progressed ascendant? How does the chart ruler look in your chart?


51 thoughts on “Your Progressed Ascendant (And It’s Ruler)”

  1. Wow I bet Pisces to Aries is a big shift!

    My progressed ascendant is in the late degrees of Cancer.

    My progressed Moon is in Taurus in the 10th house. Natal Moon in Virgo in the 4th house.

  2. Progressed Asc in 27 Gem, progressed Mercury in a square in Pisces, also trining Saturn.

    In early 2014 the Asc will shift to Cancer, curious how that’s going to work out.

  3. I’m at 29 degrees Cancer currently. I was born with Gemini rising at 28 degrees. I’ve been pretty shy all my life. I can’t imagine what will happen when I move over to Leo sometime next year. Really hoping the shyness lifts and I get comfortable letting my light shine.

        1. I am a natal Aries, but went from progressed Pisces to Aries Asc.; no difference in response to me. However, I was told I have been seen as a change agent in family ( a troublemaker) for bringing astrology, new age, and psychology-co-dependence data to family members. LOL

  4. Progressed ASC in Pisces, yuck, am not a fan of it, but i gotta long way to go with this ASC so I better work with it, ruler Neptune conjunct progressed MC in Sag, must check what Elsa wrote on it, definitly for the couple of years a fog that goes as far as my public image and personality go!!!

  5. Interesting…I just looked up my progressed chart for the first time. Apparently I am 11 degrees Aquarius for my progressed ascendant. I think it makes sense to me 🙂

    A question for anyone who might know the answer: do we retain a certain degree of our natal ascendant qualities when it comes to progressions? I would like to better understand progressions and the roles they play when analyzing my chart. Cool stuff…

    As an aside:just saw that I’m teetering on the edge of a progressed sun in Scorpio. Only one degree or so left to go…. Mwahahahahah. Shall be interesting.

  6. Progressed Ascendant moved to Virgo this year; natally 28 degrees Cancer. I’ve been a messy slob for years, and quite egotistic I can see now, while Leo Asc…having a difficult time adjusting as I can see I would like more organization in my life, and I Don’t Know How to be more organized. Wondering if my depression hasn’t arisen in part from this as my Moon is natally Virgoan which may means my inner nature actually craves the order I’ve never given it. My sun is progressed Sagi and I think that contributes to the easygoing, messy mode too – and that doesn’t turn over for years…ruler Mercury at 24 degrees Sagi right now – I foresee (and hope) that by end of 2015 when Mercury progresses into Capricorn, that will be a more balanced fit (Libra sun natal always seeking equilibrium). 😀

  7. Progressed from 19 Libra to 15 Scorpio, 2 deg (17) from my natal sun with Mars in Pisces and my sun 12 Sadge. More secretive and mysterious. With this forgiving heart and guilt for being angry at people. However the moon is in Aries, flares up and sees red and Mars puts out that fire. But with those elements of 2 waters and 2 fires I steam, you may see smoke out my ears. I also have this overwhelming need to travel, see the world and meet people. Thinking… No wonder I’ve been more blunt than usual. Scorpio, Aries and Sadge all say it as it is, brutally. My natal Libra balance goes one way or the other, say it or shut my trap. Luckily many see the humor. 😀

  8. As of TODAY, my progressed moon moves into Leo, which is also my progressed ascendant. It is conjunct Vesta and will in four degrees conjunct my natal sun. The sun is the first “planet” to rise and it semi-squares my p. moon, squares p. Mars, trines p. Saturn & p. MC and now widely is conjunct Pluto (10 degrees, which will continue to move closer over the next few years).

    It’s interesting because natally my sun trines Mars and squares Saturn. Not sure what it all means.

  9. Oops, I read the title as progressed moon, not ascendant… I was just SO excited about my moon that that’s where my head went!

  10. My Progressed AC is @ 19 degrees Gemini. My Progressed Mercury is conjunct the AC. It also makes a trine with Jupiter and the MC, and a square with Pluto. I’m definitely feeling all in my head.

  11. “some guy behind me blew on my neck the whole time, acting like he was doing nothing.”

    …aw, no respect for a pisces asc. 🙁

  12. Natalia that sounds like fun:)

    My progressed ASC is in early degrees Aquarius. I feel like an Aquarius alright, and I hate being told what to do right now, it’s making me crazy. Saturn transit in my 10th hasn’t helped.

  13. P. Asc in mid-Leo, with p. sun exact on the n. node and square p. Neptune.

    Kinda interesting, since I have a very loose sun-Neptune trine natally. I wonder how this effects my natural fog machine tendencies? I haven’t noticed (unsurprisingly *laughs*).

  14. My ASC is @29 Cap (according to and my Saturn is @29 Leo.

    Prog. Saturn squares prog. Mercury in Scorpio, but sextiles prog. Venus.

    Feeling kind of lost right now. I can feel a tug of war between honoring authority and social rules, and rebelling.

    1. Update: Progressed ASC is now firmly planted in Aquarius. Progressed Uranus in Scorpio, 10th house.

      Let me tell you, it is damn difficult following rules right now. My workplace has been bought out by bigger and bigger corporations, and the corporate mentality is making me bristle, big time. What Kashmiri said about not wanting to follow orders resonates with me now. Hubby was born an Aqua Rising (progressed to Aries)and he throws a fit if anyone tries to make him do anything. Just ask his family. ?

      1. Oops, I misread Kashmiri’s post. She said she hates being told what to do. Yep, sounds like me these days. I don’t what to do about that–start my own business?

  15. 12 deg Virgo.Mercury is in Sag in the 4th,squaring the ASC,opposing the MC and sextiling Jupiter.
    I’ve always appeared as a cold,detached,quiet and nerdy person.It’s a relief to find out that it is because of my prog. rising because I have 28 deg Leo rising and I suspected that the time might be off and that I might, in fact, be a Virgo rising.I love my Leo rising!

  16. Ps : English is my 2nd language

    Hi everyone,

    I’m still new in astrology. How to check my progressed ascendant and it’s ruler? I’m a Sag with ascendant in Pisces with moon in Gemini.

    Thanks in advance

  17. The year my ASC went from natal Gemini to progressed cancer my grandmother passed away. And the roll of family nurturer fell to me.

  18. Progressed ascendant Taurus, trine natal Pluto….could this be why I obsess so much about…nevermind, LOL 🙂 I think it’s prog Venus in Scorpio…in the 7th. Fml. hee-hee. 🙂

  19. Progressed Asc at 20˚ Libra, prog Venus exactly conjunct prog Mercury at 9˚ Aries, opposing my natal Neptune in Libra

    My prog Sun is almost at 29˚ Pisces – the move to Aries will be interesting!

  20. I’ve always been extremely curious about how to read my progressed chart. I know it has played a part in shifts for me (p. Moon and when planets have changed house/sign).

    I am a natal 3Sag and currently have p.ASC at 7SAG conjunct p.Venus on the ASC.

    My p.Jup is 6Virgo currently in 9th house (the Sag house) and getting hit with that Mars Virgo transit. Also, p.Jup is opp p.Mars at 29AQ in 3rd hs, getting hit with Nept/Chiron trans. I’m seeing all of this as a very good thing — or, perhaps, it just all overly optimistic influences.

    Though, I DO wonder what that p.Mars shifting to Pisces will bring….

  21. Progressed Ascendant in Leo. Progressed Ascendant Ruler (in my Progressed Chart, that is) would be the Sun, which is in Scorpio, conjunct both my Progressed and my Natal Pluto. O_o

  22. My ascendant will progress to Pisces this month. I enjoyed moving from Capricorn to Aquarius. For some reason I’m not looking forward to the move from Aquarius to Pisces.

    1. As a natal Aries, I also really enjoyed the move from Cap rising to Aquarius rising. I am not really comfortable with the Pisces rising energy I have now, but have a bit to go before it moves to Aries rising. I have heard though that those with a good deal of water in their charts are more comfortable with the Pisces shift though.

      1. Seems I answered in wrong spot here. I am glad to be in Prog Aries Asc now. The Pisces was very difficult in regard to sensitivity. I became more intuitive and more aware of deception. Lessons in idealism related to personal self/ideas were not seen until I entered Aries Asc. Now I see it very clearly. I am sensing more personal power from these valuable lessons. Watch for idealism. I think that is a big one.

  23. My progressed ASC is currently in Aries. Not sure when I went from Pisces to Aries. But, since I’m Aries Sun in my natal chart, I have to say I rather like me more this way. As for Mars, it’s still in Gemini & mashed up with Venus, like in my natal chart. Though it’s also opposite Jupiter in my progressed chart. Hunting big game, figuratively speaking? Sure, why not? 😉

  24. I am currently a progressed Aquarius. I should really look into it more but I don’t really feel the effects that much.

  25. My prog. asd is in Scorpio and Pluto is conjunct my MC in Leo. I’m definitely more intense and perhaps deeper person than I was with Libra Rising.

  26. My progressed ASC is in Leo and the pr. Sun in Aquarius. Having had pr. Leo ASC for a long time, it is interesting to notice the shift from pr. Sun in Capricorn to Aquarius. A shift from tradition to invention in many ways. When my pr. ASC will shift to Virgo, pr. Sun (old ruler) and pr. Mercury Rx (new ruler) will be exactly conjunct in Aquarius. What a beautiful moment to look forward to!

  27. Hi, I ordered a progressed chart from another website, and it looks just like the sample you have for Angelina Jolie. Anyway, it said my Asc was at 0 Degrees of Gemini, but when I look at it on it still says 29 Taurus, not to change until late November. Just wondering I guess what the software you use is or how there could be those different results? I’m pretty sure we used the same calculations. I’m still very new to astrology! Trying to figure it out, thanks!

  28. Hi has anyone ever had progressed Jupiter conjunct their progressed ascendant and what happened for you?? thanks

  29. I use 2 methods to progress my asc: one degree per year and 28 months per house,
    which puts my asc in 4th house pisces and 9th house Virgo conjunct Saturn. At age 74-75, I am beset with a compound foot sprain (Pisces) and bone/kidney related issues (prog asc conjunct Saturn in 9th house Virgo). I am crutch disabled, cleansing.

  30. Progressed ascendant in aquarius with progressed uranus in 11th. Finally this rising is moving away from saturn conjuncting it and pluto squaring it.

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