Lecture #3 Case Study: Kate Hudson’s Chart

Lecture #3 Viewing a chart with an eye on relationships.

Is there something in your chart that would significantly impact your relationships?

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3 thoughts on “Lecture #3 Case Study: Kate Hudson’s Chart”

  1. wow didnt know this was a jupiter/neptune influence, wanting a “god-like” partner. Even kate hudson’s capricorn moon in detriment didnt really keep her staying; i think that part make her a good worker at what she does. all that jupiterian/neptunian influence.
    i remember reading about Bridget Bardot’s chart. She is Sag rising, libra sun 9th gemini moon and leo mars in 8th house. she was well known for the series of lovers and even famous ones. I was kindof in awe. lol i have a jupiter/neptune influence, and i do feel i can’t do without someone god-like, at least to my wants and needs. but it wasn’t always good when i got them either, in the past. they turned out gross, like kissing frogs. great video! ^^

  2. Saw her in the glass onion movie. I felt a little bad for her. She played kind of a washed influencer role, although she’s gorgeous, dumb as a stump her character was.

  3. Well, I guess I have more of that influence than I thought I did: chart ruler Venus in Pisces square Jupiter and trine Neptune *thoughtfully pouting*

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