Effects Of Venus In Libra Squaring Pluto In Capricorn

old-coupleVenus in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn, exact, early in the morning on September 11th.  There are so many angles here.

For example, I had my hair done yesterday. Venus!
My stylist is a Scorpio with her Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in the sign. Pluto!

She told she’d been looking at death pictures of celebrities recently. She also mentioned her obsession with 9/11. Every year she reviews the horror.  She goes over the pictures and such.

On another level, this aspect will be sure to bring up some corpses. (search the blog / see the video – Step Away From The Corpse)

These are old lovers. People who left you, or that you discarded.  Their bones rattle in your psyche. You reach out and rattle their cage or vice versa.

Healing of a relationship is also possible under this aspect. This is particularly true with Venus being in its home sign, Libra.

The interpretation I Iike best is, “Till Death Do We Part”.  It’s what most of us say when we marry (Venus in Libra). It’s commitment (Capricorn) to the end (Pluto). It holds, regardless of how painful (Pluto) and difficult (Capricorn) the relationship (Venus) may become.

Personally, I appreciate hard core dedication more than I do, flitting off. If you’re like me, you’ll probably tap into something powerful this weekend.  For everyone else, “This too shall pass!”

What does Venus square Pluto mean to you?

photo credit – Stiller Beobachter  Altes Ehepaar – old couple

32 thoughts on “Effects Of Venus In Libra Squaring Pluto In Capricorn”

  1. For me this waning square is about things that deserve to be praised and things that not so much, redefining of what is of REAL value to me. Beauty is only skin deep they say.

  2. Also, there was an old man in the salon…like 80 years old. This is the South, he was shooting the shit.

    “I like X,” he said, naming one of the girls who works in the salon. She wasn’t there. “Now she’s ruin a man. Ruin him!”

    “She’s ruined a lot of men,” someone said.

    “Yep,” he agreed. “I can see it. I’d fall in love with that one and get blown out the saddle.”

    On that, we all laughed. 🙂

  3. I’ve gone into puzzling mode! That’s kind of Plutonian isn’t it?

    Yesterday I found myself reading an article about Kit William’s puzzle book Masquerade … http://www.planetslade.com/masquerade.html the artwork is beautiful, so that’s Venus isn’t it?

    I remember this treasure hunt from my childhood and over the years I’ve returned to it three or four times. Even though I fully understand the puzzle, I just find it fascinating how he created the puzzle, how the solution is layered and so cleverly worked. There was some intrigue and deception around the winner that adds to the mythology. And let’s not forget this was for buried (Pluto) treasure.

    Later on, I was up until 1am last night looking at a website dedicated to Paul Manson’s Maze puzzle book. There is definitely something macabre and creepy about the book, particularly the story … http://www.intotheabyss.net/

  4. “You reach out and rattle their cage or vice versa.” LOL, this is so funny. Love your writing! I will be going to a school reunion after 25 years, talking about rattling each other’s cages! This is so much out of my comfort zone :-/

  5. This aspect will be in my solar return chart. I hope it means healing of a relationship or healing in regarding to relationships. Venus will fall in my solar return 8th house. Sometimes, I still hope my ex and I will heal and get back together, I can’t deny that a small part of me sill wishes for this and mostly because of my daughter and maybe my unrealistic ideals. But, I don’t trust him and I just don’t see how a relationship can function without trust and so I know I must move on. But I can’t seem to fully let go and move on either. It’s an uncomfortable spot. I guess it’s become a corpse, I’m the corpse. I hope I can use this energy to move on.

  6. Being really Plutonian, Double Scorpio (sun and ascendant)and a stellium of four in scorpio, pluto tansiting my natal moon in conjunction right now, natal pluto in libra….think I may stay tucked away in my home. lol I have enough goin on, no need to bring back any past corpses

  7. It’s usually old bones dug up and I tend to see what’s up or on offer to learn. I don’ pass it by EVER! This is pluto and venus for goodness sake, there’s some new deep something to be felt and learned about love, even with old bones ?

  8. OMG – gotta love astrology! On April 20th of this year, Tr Aries Venus squared Tr Capricorn Pluto. On THAT day, I contacted a former boyfriend and we reconciled! Sadly, it was short lived. Today, I’ve started receiving communications from previous potential matches on a dating site. It makes perfect sense this might occur as Retrograde Mercury has reentered my 7th House!

  9. This Venus/Pluto transit is timely to occur on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks – memorializing our lost loved ones.

  10. I’m already “feeling” this. Emo & physical colonics … who needs an enema when we’ve got Uncle Pluto to do the job.

    Expecting real & imagined ghosts of penises past to come a cock-knockin’.

  11. I have Venus/Pluto and have one corpse who pops up at least once a year. I never respond to him- don’t know why he thinks it’s going to change.

    But I want to hear from another person I haven’t spoken to in while so bad. I just yearn for some type of closure or truth. Nothing necessarily romantic, I just want to hear straight talk. But this is impossible because I refuse to unblock them.#problems

  12. Here are more Venus/Pluto problems: I keep them blocked because I don’t trust them. I don’t trust that they won’t hurt me. That they won’t stab me and start slowly twisting the knife inside me. In fact, I expect it. I’m prepared for it. But part of me wishes they would prove me wrong.

    1. Wanting it to be proved wrong. Man oh man I get that. Wanting it to be different than it is. Not wanting to believe it is as it is.

      I would feed those ghosts that come with others but no one ever fed mine. Mine starve to death. Oh well, at least they are dying off.

  13. Avatar

    I have Venus square Pluto natally. To me it means having your deepest needs and desires blocked or cut short over and over and over. And understanding that even the most staggering epiphany won’t always do much in terms of sadness relief or change in circumstances. If it’s not your time, it’s not your time.

  14. I already had a corpse pop up the other day. He texted me. My corpses seem to prefer that mode of commuication. I wasn’t interested then and I’m not interested in him now. I have a new girl in my life who also dated him. She said that he texted her the other night too! I think he was probably just going through his contacts and hitting everyone up. I was polite when I told him no thanks but I guess she told him he’s a sexual predator. I think he is too. I’m starting to like this gal. She’s an Aries. She keeps it so real.

  15. Wow. I too had a “corpse” reach out this evening. Not an ex-lover, gawd no. A boozing, super-ego’ed, salacious, Catholic priest. Yes, you read that correctly, friends … Catholic priests don’t just lust after & pursue young boys.

    I know. Eww, yuck & disgust – exponentialized. I have not had any social contact with this man in almost a year & yet, he persists. He takes WTFery to a whole new level. His natal chart is hair-raising. A low Libra, pathological liar, alcoholic with rage issues, to name a few frighteners. Hmm … what might this mean about what my shadow side attracts?

    Def open for advice on how to eradicate this ecclesiastical hemorrhoid.

  16. Speaking of old bones getting dug up, My heart goes out to the Lakota Natives who were recently violated by having the bones of their revered ancestors dug up by bulldozer! On purpose! So unacceptable. I hope somebody gets sued.

  17. I’m pretty sure I’ve killed AND burned ALLL the corpses. Especially at the last Venus square Uranus and opposition to Pluto back at the end of June. This time Venus will be conjunct my natal Pluto in the 3rd which is being squared by transiting Pluto in the 6th. Ugggh. I can’t afford to have that kind of distraction in my life right now….

    Buuuut, now that I’m thinking of, as Uranus is back to squaring my Mercury in the 12th yet again, I’ve been having loads of dreams about a group of corpses who I used to have nightmares about because they made my life a living hell but this time, I’m only seeing water and not feeling the terror I felt before. Instead, it feels more like a gentle washing away of these people from my psyche. It makes symbolic sense to me anyways since water is my element and is very cleansing and purifying. Jupiter entering my 3rd fits perfectly with a positive (Jupiter) mental (3rd) reset around relationships (Venus/Libra) and community (3rd). Having a natal Pluto in the 3rd brings with it a lot of baggage and feeling like a pariah in one’s community and neighborhood so it feels great to let the Pluto in square transit tear that all false identity away. Don’t get me wrong –the square has outsucked a Dyson 3000 to 1 BUT, it has also been liberating in a lot of ways too.

  18. Our septic stopped, had it dug up– 10 foot deep hole. The 15 year old dog fell in when I wasn’t paying attention. He fell not just in the pit, but went into the septic tank through 12 by 12 inch opening.

    Horrible day. Husband was camping. I called the sheriff–2 deputies and a firefighter somehow rescued the dog. They were amazing. I couldn’t afford the vet, an acquaintance stopped by by chance and said she would pay. Got to the vet, the sheriff’s office had called and offered to help pay. Dog had to be euthanized but I scratched his ears and talked to him while it happened,

    I am devastated but well taken care of. I am crying but believe in the goodness of strangers. Reality is slipping a lot today. I’ll cope. I think I need help though and I’ll probably get it.

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    I really wonder what I was doing when this transit was in motion?! I remember around this time like exactly a week after that things were not working out and Venus and Pluto are in libra in my natal chart and something almost took me out of the world that month… I remember also wondering what it would be like to be a coroner in a large city and have some really famous person or notorious person land on your table unexpectedly in a day’s work. I’m Scorpio sun and the Pluto and Venus are in my 8th. And Capricorn is my empty 12th natally.

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