9 thoughts on “Lecture #7 The Secret To Solving Thrill Of The Chase Problems”

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    Let’s also try to watch this on Youtube for Elsa too, to get her views up… because we adore her! And because this series… is truly awesome. Already learn so much from you… but something about this series is especially dead on for me… keep thinking and smiling about the beautiful story about Eve(ning Star). Thank you so much Elsa P

  2. Thanks Elsa
    This smacks my Mars-Saturn conjugation where I live. For too many years that constricted Mars has led to multiple sicknesses…no place to get traction. Dangerous zone for this old Scorpio
    Slowly but with understanding I’m growing my art business and it’s making a big difference in the dynamics of my marriage.
    “Going after what I want” and not be gaslighted or the gaslighter; channeling the Mars even under Saturn’s thumb (discipline of being the boss of my growing business)
    Interesting insight for a post Scorpio Eclipse flash!

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Nailed it with the 🦂Scorpio Stellium guy who helped women blossom sexually, opening them up so to speak. I have naturally done this with all the GFs I had in my life and I went so far to study and practice Tantra etc. to become the best possible, unforgettable, lover.

    I’ve always felt I could turn it into a business which would make many satisfied — don’t want to use the word ✨Happy✨ because that’s not ✨Happiness✨ — and would make me a mountain of 💰💵money🤑, I know this for a fact from looking at the wallet of a guy I met who does that, even created a school.

    Well, my personality has wanted many things in my ✨Life✨ that my 🕊✨Soul✨🕊 did not allow, which used to frustrate me a lot but since I went SPIRITual it turned upside down and now I don’t do anything that compromises my Mission.

    Plus I’ve learned the SPIRITual reality of 💦Sex🌊, which almost all of Humanity is absolutely ignorant about, and so thanks but no thanks. And I’ve got ☄️Mars in 🦂Scorpio as part of my Stellium plus •Pluto in 👱🏻‍♀️Virgo♍️, along with ⚡️Uranus, sextiling the majority of the Stellium.

    But I simply didn’t come here for that.

    ✨Gratitude 🕊✨ Elsa P, this is I logging off 😺. Looking forward to your next lecture!

    1. 🦂Scorpio Stellium in the 2nd House, by the way, just intensifying it all and translating it instantly into boatloads of 💰💵money🤑, should I have pursued that.

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