Do Transits To A Child’s Chart Affect Their Parents?

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Would you care to look more into important moon/Saturn transits in a child’s chart and to what degree the aspects involved affect the parents? e.g. if transiting Saturn opposes the natal moon in a child’s chart, would this affect the child, or the parents or both?

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It’s common that a person has a Pluto transit to their moon and worries their mother is going to die.  While that’s a possibility, it’s not a probability. It’s entirely possible  a person have this transit and the mother not be affected at all.  If you question this at all, consider that the mother might have died many years prior.

I realize you are talking about a child, presumably in custody of the parents, but I don’t think that matters. The transit belongs to the individual.

Specific to the Saturn moon transit, in a chart of the child, their mother may become depressed in that period. She may be a burden. MAY.

But it’s also possible that the child have their best friend move away, and they are just plain, lonely.  The mother (Moon) might even support (Saturn) the child in this case.  These things have to be looked at case by case.

As for parents being affected by what their children go through, there are a lot of variables and every single one of them count.

For example, is the parent detached, inattentive, preoccupied? If so, they may not be affected at all.

On the other hand, if the parent is enmeshed with the child or of the parent and the child have a lot of contact between their charts, they’ll have more of a shared experience.

Good luck. I hope this helps you sort this out.

If others want to share their experience or opinions, please do!

5 thoughts on “Do Transits To A Child’s Chart Affect Their Parents?”

  1. I have to admit I have looked at my children’s charts trying to see what I could see before, although I have not paid attention to their transits as they are still so young (to me anyway, 11 & 3), and I figured there may not be as much going on. But yeah, I’ve wondered about myself in their charts. I look at their moons and certain houses and wonder how it may apply to me and my relationship with them. Part of me doesn’t really want to know, because it would be so heartbreaking to see negative stuff between them and myself.

  2. My daughter has sun, moon and venus in Capricorn (7th house), so she is (unknowingly) lined up to be spanked by Pluto.

    Pluto is currently 3 degrees away from her moon, and I’d say it has definitely had a strain on our relationship. That or the fact that she’s entering teenagehood and doesn’t like my parenting techniques. I admit that I am a little strict, and project what I wish my parents would have done with me onto her. I’m learning. But I can’t deny that this is harder than I envisioned and that it came too fast 🙁

    It for sure is affecting me. I am holding on tightly to the idea of her still being my baby, and it is breaking my heart that she is growing.

    Also, I have been depressed since we moved here Hawaii, and though I try my best to hide it, it surfaces in the form of negativity and impatience. I’m trying like the Dickens to direct this energy in other ways, but I feel very stuck and isolated (I’m on an island!! Agghh!).

    Sorry for rambling. I miss my baby. Mostly, I am trying to figure out how to get out of this hole so I can be %100 for her as she goes through this triple whammy. After it hits her moon, it will begin hitting her sun/venus (in exact conjunction).

    Lord, help us!

  3. My daughter has Scorpio Moon like me and the Saturn transit was all too much. I was indeed depressed which of course affected her in so many ways. I was home a lot less, trying to make ends meet with the suffocating Saturn shutdown on my finances. When I was home, I was not interested in playing or being active with anything in general. I was so exhausted and down in the dumps. My Saturn return was beating me up left and right. It didn’t help that I fractured a hip early on this year from an accident. I was totally disabled for months. I feel so guilty not being able to take care of her and BE THERE for most of the year. My normal Leo-Sun self would always love to play, take her out to the park, cook extravagant feasts and I’d be so full of energy for her. It was devastating for both Mother and daughter this year. I’m so happy her Scorpio Moon is so understanding. She’d hug me and tell me that I was her favorite person in the whole world and that she’d love me forever. *tears*

  4. I do not expect my mother to be alive when Pluto transits my natal Taurus Moon. In retrospect however, I can say that when it was squared a few years back, there was a definite cooling of our relationship that has gotten better, but will never be what it was previously. I was going through so much else at the time – the Pluto-Moon contact was secondary to me continuing to get a handle on Pluto transiting my Sun.

    Thanks to this topic, I can see where Pluto transiting my son’s Sagittarius Moon at roughly the time I had my daughter is a sign I never before saw of the existential crisis he had about his place in the family.

    That transit would have happened with or without the arrival of his sister. How poorly he handled it all was all on him. This is just another bit of proof to me that he is not adept at handling major transits to his chart.

    I’ll be sure to be mindful of my relationship with mu daughter as Pluto makes contacts with her Moon placement.

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