Leo Square Scorpio – An Endless Dilemma

My daughter and I will meet with producer of this show (Frontline) today and I feel very sorry for her because I can see she is deeply ambivalent around what to do.

We both sense we can get on this show if we want. It is a matter of sussing out what they want and whatever it is we can deliver it because we are freakishly sophisticated on the subject. Consequently we can hit any angle they’re after but even more importantly we can both turn out a sound bite as easy as we can breathe. So we can do this if we want but unfortunately my daughter has a conflict and I am pretty sure whatever she chooses she will be left with some level of regret and un-comfort.

See, she has a 9th house Leo Moon and she would like to be seen, big time. If anyone is mixed up about that, her Moon is also trine Jupiter in Sagittarius so even more inflation. It’s as if she is a natural for this kind of this… broadcast. She also has a 10th house Virgo Mars so a drive to be prominent and communicate and provide a service to the public however…

However she’s a Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct and this is her personal business! Does she want to broadcast her personal business? Not so much. And if she does, will she recoil? I would say this is a given. How could she not recoil? I mean come on. Would you like to discuss your vomit on TV? Why can’t is be her shiny hair, see? Why can’t we just stick to that?

So anyway, off we go. I spoke with this guy on the phone yesterday and had an entirely favorable impression. At this point I am looking forward to meeting him as is my daughter and the soldier?


Well he’s jealous of course. He wrote a song… “Everyone Wants A Coffee Date With My Baby”. He’s pissed.

“No problem, P. I’m just going to need some more shotgun shells is all…”


I am sorry but this is real life.

4 thoughts on “Leo Square Scorpio – An Endless Dilemma”

  1. Having Scorpio myself, I can sympathize; however, I know there are many people out here who would really love the chance to “meet” you and your daughter in this way.

  2. okay, i need the lyrics to the Soldier’s new song, *grin*

    and your girl is smart and sophisticated, so even if she has regrets, i’m sure she’ll make the right choice. even if it comes down to drawing a line down the centre of a piece of paper, and weighing out the pros and cons.

  3. Well, Leo square Scorpio is my life, in a nutshell. I have Scorp Rising, conjunct Neptune, with Moon in Scorp too, and Sun/Venus/Uranus in Leo. Somedays I feel more Leo than Scorp, some days other way around. Broadcasting personal business is a big fat no-no for me, but do I like attention………? Well, Yeah – what a mess, huh?

  4. I like that 10th house virgo mars, to be heard and be of service. That’s so interesting about leo/scorpio square and it’s worse if Jupiter is in sag and those fire houses. wow. the huge dilemma. I like this article. shows what my husband goes through at work ect. he’s got that virgo/scorpio/leo combo too, along with sag.

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